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  • Sholrew
  • Shadow Commander



Astrological Sign Sagittarius December 14


Gender Male Male



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The Nara Order


Ninja Registration


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Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Half-dragon
  • master shadow manipulator

Coming of the Lightning Phoenix Technique

Hiding with Camouflague Technique

Dust Cloud Ignition Technique

Earth Release: Earth Style Wall

Earth Release: Hiding like a Mole Technique

Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning

Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique

Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique

Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work

Fire Release: Mist Blaze Technique

Gate of Shadows

Mystical Palm Technique

Shadow Burst

Shadow Clone Technique

Shadow Gathering Technique

Shadow Field

Shadow Hell Technique

Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique

Shadow Imitation Technique

Shadow Migration

Shadow Neck Bind Technique

Shadow Sewing Technique

Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique

Summoning Technique

Super Explosion Vaccum Sphere

Transformation Technique

Wind Release: Beast Tearing Gale Palm

[Wind Release: Beast Tearing Gale Palm Armor]

Wind Release: Beast Tearing Palm

Wind Release: Blade of Wind

Wind Release: Divine Wind

Wind Release: Great Vaccum Sphere

[Wind Release: Vaccum Sphere Assassin]

Wind Release:Whirlwind Fist


Blade of Shadows

Eye Scope

Sound Filtering Earbuds


Eric Nara is a Sannin from the Village Hidden in the Leaves, better known as Konohagakure, although recently he has defected from the village. Over the years, his affiliations have altered and changed, but for a large portion of his known ninja career, he has been a Leaf shinobi. He is also the currently un-challenged head of the Nara Clan within Konohagakure and former leader to the now disbanded Shadow Force.

Although he is typically found relatively alone or with his mount, Rita the dragon, his skill set and tactics tend to favor a support or assassination role, making him suitable for team and stealth missions. A proud parent, Eric Nara is also the self-proclaimed "standard" for his rank.

His abilities include Wind, Fire, and Earth release, his mastery in highest to lowest order, with his shadow manipulation falling somewhere between Wind and Fire releases. He is also knowledgeable of genjutsu, but chooses not to carry it in his personal arsenal due to the nature of his battle style. As a half-dragon, he also is rarely seen in his dragon form, the cause a secret known to a few dragons and himself, hidden from others due to the sensitive nature of it.

Finally, he has a policy concerning the techniques in his arsenal; he must at the least understand how they work. While this means that, while he can perform a technique, if he does not understand how it works, he will not employ it. This slows his growth, but ensures that his ability to teach and change the techniques he does have are proficient when need be.

Zone Reference Information     , in regards to summons. List of jutsu below


Eric Nara is a somewhat cautious and shrewd individual, always searching for the cause: the cause behind actions, behind jutsu, behind nature itself sometimes. As a result, he is constantly in a mode of thought, and speaking his mind comes almost naturally, save for certain persons and superiors. He tends to be light-hearted, even in battle, though the injury of potential death of an ally can drastically change this to a cold, solemn attitude that is bent on destruction.

Emotionally stable, the shinobi also attempts to uphold a certain code of ethnics at all times, not just for himself, but for those around him as well. He attempts to take a sort of guiding role at times, since in his age he has expereinced quite the lot. He also has a somewhat perverted side, although few have seen evidence of this.

In recent times, however, the man, while retaining a somewhat shrewd personality, has become a little more lax in his attempts at monitoring the actions of those around him, particularly his friends. He also tends to shift from a happier tone to a flight-and-fight sort of demeanor.

Despite his reputation, the man is not very keen on fighting, and his tendency to avoid getting into fights, if it can be helped, can be seen through his relatively compromising attitude.

While the line is generally the lives of himself and his dragon companions, Eric does uphold a certain level of dignity for his home village. Sometimes he can be found commenting on it in a metaphorical sort of way, although his reverence for the leadership was greatly diminished with time. In a situation of inferior numbers or percieved quality, the man is more likely to take flight, fighting only if necessary to escape.

History: Background

Early: Eric Nara was conceived in an area of relative peace between the various realms. However, by the time he was actually born, the realm became enthralled with warring states and clans, each competing for a slice of their world. Eric was born within Fire Country to two loving parents in a modest home in a modest town, far from the conflict and far from the chaos. As a result, in his earliest years, he was a relatively naiive child, unknowing of the
Anime FireCountryVillage

What Eric's hometwon looked like

interwoven conflicts that complicated his world. However, his father was a Nara Clan member, and as such had to respond to various calls to arms when his clan was in the need of it, so he was mostly raised early on by his mother. This early experience has caused a certain respect and obedience to women, which would have great influence later in life.

First Complication: By the age of 5, Eric was a quickly growing boy. However, his parents both held and kept a secret they both could never share with any of the residence, with fear that their religious preferences would drive them out. Far worse occurred when the town was ravaged and attacked by the very creatures that the townspeople worshipped: dragons. With their only son, the two parents fled, but soon realized that together they would be easily tracked. Eric’s father volunteered himself to distract the dragons while they continued to flee. Despite protests by Eric and his mother, it did them little good, as time was of the essence. Understanding better than Eric, the mother snatched up her child and fled, as the first rays of dawn gave their Nara father the chance he had been hoping to defend one last time his family.

His father would never be heard from again. His mangled form would be later found by Eric’s mother and discreetly buried. She would not tell Eric of his father’s demise, or more importantly of how he looked in death until much later, fearing that it would scar him to learn at such a tender age. Knowing fully well why the dragons attacked the town, Eric’s mother considered taking the child to Konoha; but with recent events, it would be easier to stay under the radar in a clan. Siwon, a clan that dubbed themselelves “shinobi in the world of naruto”, became the answer.

History: "Shinobilegends"

The ninja is born: Siwon was a ninja establishment, so it was inevitable for Eric to be caught up in the ninja way of life. Ripe for academy age, he joined their training program, sparring with friends from other clans and even his own clan. Eric’s mother, after speaking with the leaders of Siwon, said one last good-bye to Eric before leaving. Heart-broken, the young shinobi vowed to uncover the secrets that slowly seemed to be haunting his present. Monthly he would keep in contact with his mother, and even every now and again be visisted. But it only made it harder to accept that she was not to be around for long. Female domination, however, was only just beginning for the shinobi. Still a fledgling by most standards, the ninja was no born prodigy, and as such had some difficulty getting the hang of a Nara’s most interesting tool: strategy. Odd as it may have seemed, it was hard to concoct a plan beforehand, and his skills in manipulating shadows were feeble, as he had had little training in the aspect, since there were no clanmates in the town to aide with this. Here he encountered a kunoichi who dubbed herself “kyuubigirl”. Her name was certainly not derived from nothing, as her appearance and fighting style resembled a fox’s. Spar after spar, the shinobi was constantly bested by her, frustrating him. It wouldn’t become long before the shinobi’s second major influence came to light: a rival.

Friendly Rivalries: As hard of a concept as it was, the shinobi soon found that he had more than a few figures to face off with as he grew older and more experienced. When he finally managed to, for the first time, best Kyuubigirl, he was rather accomplished and overjoyed. However, soon, a rival better known as Nathan Stamper would enter into the picture, and a friendship would form of sorts. Eric refined his battle style with this shinobi, who’s name would be linked to a legendary Sannin of Konoha, though it is improbable that there was any


Eric's family "roots" among the "leaves".

relation. Another man by the name of Fifty (now Rare) also entered the picture around this time. While to say that the two were friends or even acquaintances in this age would be stretching dollars into nickels and vice versa, Eric’s encounter with this future legendary shinobi introduced him to a bigger picture than Siwon: Konohagakure. The realization that there were larger ninja villages astounded the shinobi, particularly because the village possessed the clan that held his surname of Nara. With introductions out of the way, Eric quickly became acquainted with one of the clan members, who claimed to know of Eric’s father. Apparently he had two sisters, one half Uchiha and the other similar to him in many categories. So Eric seeked her out. To his surprise, she was a ninja-for-hire skilled in genjutsu and shadow manipulation. He soon enlisted her to help acquantice him with the Nara Clan techniques. While in the village, Eric encountered a yellow-haired man. While the encounter was mostly a sighting, the shinobi of sights would later become the successor to the Hokage of the time, Gyrururu. Returning to Siwon, the shinobi brought with him a fire that was inevitably seen as a desire to join the ranks of Konoha. He eventually become well-versed with the leader of the town, as he slowly was becoming one of the more accomplished members of the clan.

Rita the Dragon: Eric inquired one day of one of his seniors of how he could possibly acquire a mount. He desired one greatly, since after all, he seeked a sort of companionship that came along only with having someone, or in some cases something, always there by your side. He was given an answer that many had been doing since they first stepped into the realm; walk into the forest and see what you meet. Eric, of course, had been through forests a lot, as he was after all in Fire Country. So the teenager strolled out into the forest, blindly following the advice intended to direct him towards a conventional partner. Conventional was far from what he got. While wandering in the forest, he stumbled upon a small, probably young dragon, who seemed to be attempting to creep up on him. Certainly the two had similar mindsets, for in the end they both pounced at the same time. The encounter led to a bump of heads, and before long, Eric managed to restrain the dragon with his shadow possession technique. When it began to speak, Eric found out two things; it was a “she”, and “she” had intentions of delivering him to her father. Eric neither believed the dragon nor liked the sound of it. So using his shadow possession technique, he “convinced” the dragon to follow him all the way back to Siwon. The two soon developed a relationship Eric hadn’t experienced in quite the while. When the dragon was hungry, he would fetch


Eric's encounter with Rita in the forest had been almost fated.

her food; when she was thirsty, he would draw the water. Eric didn’t seem to mind, as, after all, since he was interacting with one of the creatures that his old home had worshipped. On one of her visits, his mother had different opinions, expressing incredible disdain for the presence of the dragon. Eric and his mother had their first major disagreement, and, since he was after all old enough to be a fresh Chunin-leveled shinobi, then his mother had no jurisdiction over what he would call as a mount. Although fearing for Eric’s safety, his mother let it go, realizing that it was better that he stuck with Siwon than to wander off on his own out of anger or resentment. Eventually the dragon expressed to him her name, being “Rita”, and much to his own surprise, the young dragon was incredibly witty for her age, constrewing a contract to allow him to summon her. Eric signed, but he unwittingly also handed over a few other things in the process, one of them being his right to “own” her in a sense. While he never had that before, he now certainly was not entitled to it now. The night after the contact was signed in blood, Rita vanished into the night, not to be seen for quite some time by Eric.

Siwon Dies: Eric continued furthering his career as a PvPer within Siwon, mindful of his targets. However, there came a time when an epidemic began spreading through Siwon. Little by little, members dropped off like flies, many dead, many disbanding out of terror of the disease. Eric strangely enough was unaffected: his mother, whom was bed-ridden on this last visit, was not so fortunate. In her last moments, she explained to Eric all that he was and, more importantly, why things had ended up the way they had. Just old enough to leave out on his own, Eric accepted the explanation before heading out to get more water. By the time he returned, his mother was gone; only a calm, smiling face the only reminder upon her sickly face that there once was life within. Disraught at the breakup of his “clan” and more importantly his home’s crumbling stature, he took charge of the

Fierce DragonIcon

In a blur, the sunny times met darkness

clan, attempting to bring it back to a former sense of glory and strength. Ultimately he failed. After burying his mother in both memory and body, he encountered a threat strange yet familiar to him; dragons. They swarmed the establishment, wrecking havoc on the weakened community, wiping from the face of the earth the renments of what Eric called home. Desparate, Eric attempted to fight them off with a double-edged sword that resembled leadership within the organization; The Blade of Shadows. Given to him when he had taken charge, it had been forged by one of the finest blacksmiths of the Siwon community prior to the plague. Eric fought well, but was defeated yet again. Sensing a pattern, Eric attempted to detonate a flurry of explosive tags, intent on taking himself and the dragons out. However, one of the dragons, quickly realizing the threat, immobilized him with a giant foot, exerting chakra pressure great enough to suppress Eric’s own chakra.

Will of Fire is kindled in another furnace: Ultimately, it seemed as if death was the only option left for the shinobi. The dragon prepared to finish him off when suddenly another dragon intervened. It declared that none were to lay a hand on Eric; unless they wanted to go through her first. The other dragons took her at her word, but soon enough were immobilized by a stretched shadow. Lo and behold, it was Rita and his sister, Erica, who had conviently came to rescue him. The dragons threatened to kill the group collectively, but Rita negotiated


Official Joining of Konohagakure

otherwise, instead saying that they could finish off whoever was left without Eric’s resistance. Eric protested, but his life hang on his agreement. Since he still lives, the choice he made should be rather clear at this point. Upon returning to the Leaf village with Erica, it all came full circle. In order to fully utilize the extent of his abilities, Erica managed to Eric introduced into the Leaf shinobi system as a Chunin. He would later improve this rank to become Jounin. The two soon paired up as a team, with Rita as their third. Together, the trio would make the best of what they could, Eric completing his Nara clan training and anti-genjutsu training with Erica, while learning some of the ways of his much larger mount, who had grown considerably in size since their last encounter. Oddly enough, Eric doesn’t seem to have brought up why Rita and Erica were in the area in the first place. As time went on, Eric grew accustomed to being a Leaf shinobi, and as such, devoted himself when the time came for him to prove his loyalty. The village was at war with the Mist, the Leaf’s participation largely a result of the Sand. Nevertheless, it soon came to fruitation that Eric earned many stripes for his PvP efforts for the war, although in many aspects it went un-recognized, as many had their own books to check off.

First Love and a Son: During the war, Eric realized that whether he liked it or not, fighting with Rita was far easier than fighting without her in many circumstances. This would later prove to be detrimental to Eric’s skills overall as a shinobi, but his experience and knowledge from surviving more fights aided greatly in the cause. He encountered a kunoichi by the name of Johanna, and within due time, the two became very well acquainted with each other. Before long, the two were on the verge of marrying, when Rita advised against it, since the ongoing war would probably interfere with their ability to see each other. That didn’t step Eric from going nearly a step beneath, and much to Rita’s dismay, Johanna would bore him a son. They named him Jestar “Holrew” Nara, and after a quick spar, it was decided that the child would reside with Eric. Begrudgingly, Johanna made Eric promise to allow Jestar to fluently know about his mother and their lineage. However, the demands of war called him away much of the time, so he was unable to fulfill this promise until much later. It was also during the war that he first began attempting to use his dragon forme in battle; however, it was quite the discouraged thing to do, and Eric refrained from bringing up that side of his history for quite a while.

Post_War Eric and the Shadow Force: From here, the history begins to condense and blur somewhat together. When the war ended, Eric was devastated to find that his country had lost, especially when they did after all have greater numbers. Considering the war was essentially who could kill the most, he would later logistically admit

ANBU Eric Remastered

Commander Eric

that the nature of the war created a disadvantage in the first place. However, it was too late to apologize, and with Konoha’s relevance as Capital was removed, Suna lost one of its shops to the Mist. As time went on, Eric seeked excitement, and so, with Erica and Rita by his side, he formed the Shadow Force. It was intended to be an assassination group, but it eventually became an organized task for “clan”, similar to Siwon’s function before its decimation. As Commander, Eric became engaged in many battles, increasing his experience and knowledge over time, particularly in Futon and Katon. Afgter some time, the Commander faced an opposing leader and was defeated. It had been said that he had been killed in that battle, and that Jestar was now formally orphaned, the whereabouts of his mother a mystery at the time of Eric’s defeat.

Recovery: Eric and Rita both had been severely injured by the molten dragon and its master. Their respective injuries prevented them to return all the way back to Konohagakure. As their injuries healed, their trained their minds, focusing only midly on their body as they increased their chakra pool and usage. It was also a time of great connection for the two, as they had plenty of time to chat and rely on each other for survival. While Eric reflected over his life up till this point, he at the same time wondered what the future held, as supposedly they were both dead to the world. Nevertheless, their complete recovery would take some time to complete, during which Eric explored moreso than before his dragon self, daring to stay in the form for prolonged periods of time. It was during this recovery time that he uncovered the secrets to his lineage, and with that secret, realized that he had ultimately brought both of his parents to doom, and many of their friends. He attempted to receive news of Erica; there were none to be spoken of, not in the least bit, regarding Erica Nara.

History: Recent Events

The Shinobi Returns: The affiliations of Eric, upon deeming himself and Rita capable of returning to the shinobi world, wandered into the Sound domain. While he had certainly attacked his share of Sound ninja in the past, there were plenty of reasons why going directly back to Konoha seemed like a bad idea. For one, he didn’t want to have to face Jestar. Secondly, he didn’t want to be attacked, in the occasion his absence were taken for anything but a time of recovery. At the same time, he committed an even greater crime than his original by joining within the ranks of the Sound. He managed to get re-accustomed to the swing of being a shinobi while amongst these forces, while at the same time making a new acquantinceship, Trev Uchiha. Jestar, howe

EricNara Tommi

Eric Nara returns to the leaf... With some persuasion on the part of the Fourth Hokage, Tomi.

ver, found his way to the Sound Village. Or better yet, it would seem as if Eric found his way back to the leaf village. Either way, the two meeting quickly increased the complexity of the situation, and before long, Eric, beset by a yellow-haired shinobi of sorts who he painfully learned was the new Hokage, was given a choice. Leaf or death, either literal or of the sort that he would forget anything related to his ninja career, which was most of his life. Faced with such odds, Eric agreed to return to the Leaf forces on a formal note, somewhat wary of the reasoning behind such relative benevolence. Once again apart of the forces, he and Jestar together formed a sort of duo, with Rita on the side, as Eric has vowed to become stronger, as to defend his village and child with a new vigor. He also strives to protect Rita, who has continuously been with him in the times of turmoil and grief.

Master of the Wind- Eric, upon returning, immediately went back to work, knowing that in a new time and age, he needed to play catch up, as many of his former equals had suddenly become far stronger, to the point where it seemed he was quite behind. Comparatively he was, and to help remedy that, Eric began working on his strongest elemental affinity; Futon. Because there were so many Katon users, it seemed for awhile that he would have quite the time actually using Futon, especially in spars against fellow leaf shinobi. However, it became apparent that he was also noteably slower than many shinobi went it came down to delivering finishing blows. To suffice, Eric worked with his skill in Futon to eventually invent his own version of the envied wind armor, the

VaccuumSphere WindBullet

Assassain's Vaccuum Sphere

counterpart to the lightning armor. Many had their own versions, and some versions arguably are much more effective. But Eric’s version employs the usage of the tearing beast claw’s strength of using actual air to form much of the sustence of the technique. This would allow Eric to greatly augument the power of the technique and create one of the greatest defenses for his immediate person, when given the time that is: the beast tearing wind claw armor. Along with this, he fully developed the wind bullets into the perfect sniper wind bullet, the vaccum sphere assassain. This was to be his ultimate assassain’s card, one to be done when someone needed to be eliminated with speed and precision. He received an eye scope to help compliment the need for aim at increasingly far-off distances. He also modified the wind bullet to the point where the technique could be incredibly versatile, from many foes to just a few. Along with this, his understanding of wind styles would also help compliment his usage of others to create combination techniques, his creativity the limit in battle for what he could jointly create in a battle.

The Gate of Shadows- The gate of shadows had been poorly developed during the recovery period, although its importance as a potential Nara Clan secret technique didn’t emerge until this point. It had to be made more practical, where Eric could actually maneuver the battlefield with it. With some minor assistance from the Tomi and guidance from a book on fuinjutsu, he successfully refined the gate of shadows to the point where he could use it to “migrate” through designated shadows. Conviently, it would work similarly to hiraishin, save for it somewhat slower speed, but be scarcely used in its shadow migration form. However, the gate of shadows, now that Eric had experimented with its many purposes, has evolved into a powerful defense, offense, and transportation technique that truly has evolved the Nara Clan Shadow into something that can compete within the realm of the many clans. Hopefully, this introduction will allow the Nara Clan to grow within the Leaf Village, but there was no telling.

The Jōnin Exams

Eric and his Chunin Team were just one of many teams whom had applied for the Jonin Exams. Representing the leaf was himself, Uetto Senju, and Taraka Uchiha. In round one, Eric and his team was faced off against Styx, who, along with his Chunins, introduced Eric to the power of Amegakure shinobi. It was quite the match in the desert, being forced to enter his dragon state and even summon his dragon mount Rita, and utilize his most powerful wind style in existance, using it to effectively win the match. The next round was scheduled for a duel between his team and another Konoha Team's, Uetto's, but by some luck or curse, Uetto was unable to participate, and thus, he by defacto advanced to the next round, having already won one round. Taraka, for mysterious reasons to Eric, dropped out in this round also, along with many other participants; in the end, it came down to just two, himself and ShadowFire Hyuuga.

The battle was one of epic proportions, fought on a level far higher than Jonin for the majority of the round.

Link:,            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (First 3 pages)

Upon returning to the village, the group was glad that none of the group were seriously injured, if not greatly exhausted. Eric was in the hospital for nearly two weeks due to his over-exertions, but the fact that his Chunin ended up okay greatly benefitted him in the end. He recieved no promotion, as he was already a Jonin, but his comrades recieved commemorations for their actions during the Exams as a whole. Without them, he certainly would not have come back. In the end, Team Eric was decided as the winner, despite the fight itself ending in a draw, and Team Eric recieved a grand reward. However, Eric himself also recieved a reward as leader and primary testee, of which he hadn't claimed as of yet.

Wind Saber: After sparring with Jestar, Eric came to the realization that, even against his son in a friendly fight, in a solo fight, he was hard-pressed for a victory. While firing a wind bullet at his son earlier in the match probably would have solved things quickly, it would have defeated the purpose of the excercise, however. So, Eric worked on perfecting the code to a technique of his own that could potentially seal the deal of a fight.

He succeeded. While on a training session in Sunagakure, Eric recieved a rescue mission. Excitedly the shinobi went forth to complete this quest; however, he soon found that between illusions and barrier traps, his enemy was in no way surprised by their arrival. After dispelling the genjutsu and saving his team, including the injured Chunin, from being blown to pieces, the jounin chased after the rogue ninja, leaving Rita to air-lift the injured. Excerpt from SL mission "From the Jaws of Death"

Since he had already compressed and shaped the wind around him, now all he needed to do was put it in a focal point and start spinning it, where the blades of wind would become sharper and sharper till the point (c) (20h) <火> Nara Eric            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? that they could get no sharper and no finer. With the plan formulated, he concentrated much of his "extra" (the "wings of the dragon shape and the additonal "head" space and tail) towards his two palms, facing each other vertically. He would (c) (19h58m) <火> Nara Eric            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? spin the mixture rapidly with his Futon, by this point the enemy having charged up their chidori. Finally, with the blades of wind unified, greatly sharpened, and fine pointed, Eric placed this combination over his Futon coated right hand, it (c)now taking on a white chakra color as it adopted the appearance of a saber. The rapid spinning would make the sound of thousands of shuriken and kunai clashing against each other constantly, quite irritating in fact to the casual listener, and (c) (19h56m) <火> Nara Eric            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? by this point his enemy would be charging towards him. With not much momentum on his own side, Eric would, as the shinobi came within striking range, thrust his right palm forward and outward to release the high cutting wind, by this point the (c) (19h55m) <火> Nara Eric            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? enemy shinobi lunging and thus at near point-blank-range. The cutting wind would be released similarly to the whirlwind fist, releasing a white, "hurricane" of horiztonally spinning, white Futon chakra wind towards the shinobi, not only likely (c) (19h53m) <火> Nara Eric            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? cutting him nigh through and through, but also slicing through his armor with ease, tearing and ripping the shinobi to nigh shreds. Becuase of the their distance and the dedication of the lightning cutter, it was unlikely that his enemy would (c) (19h53m) <火> Nara Eric            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? have the time to dodge. (19h51m) <火> Nara Eric            ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (Fūton: Senpūken; Wind Release:Whirlwind Fist Obviously greatly enhanced version.

He dubbed the technique the wind saber. Ironically enough, the technique nigh cut through his wind augumentation, luckily the damage only cutting lightly his right hand. His perfected form of this technique would later come in the versatile form of the True Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique and the many variations that would eventually come along with it.

Dragon Fire and the Nara Clan Juinjutsu - As time went on, Eric soon saw the need for a different and
Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire Emblem

somewhat stricter arsenal. His foes, when captured, often times relied on time and sheer force to escape his clutches, something that people were surprisingly good at doing. As a result, Eric began working on the development of a special compound that would enhance and supplement his fire style techniques, intent on dubbing it "Dragon Fire".

At the same time, it also resulted in his desire to create a juinjutsu for his clan; they had plenty of Ninjutsu techniques, space-time ninjutsu even, and possessed a reasnoable number of "capture and restraint" techniques. However, he felt that in the changing realm and the need for stronger restraint, the ultimate form of control, in the form of curse techniques, was required. Requring help in his aspect, he would seek out Chika (Known as Jonin Chika) in order to aide him in this pursuit. Eventually, he would even come to ask Rares of his opinion, of which he would explain the basic principle behind juinjutsu, it's incredible relation to fuinjutsu, and more importantly, guide him towards how to create one. However, his offer with Chika still valid, Eric would travel to Chika's lair of sorts, a strange facility where Chika offered further elaboration on Juinjutsu.

The shinobi's offer was eventually declined, and of course (as the cost would be some of his Clan's techniques),
Nara Symbol

Work for Nara Clan

Eric would then build off of what he learned from Rares in order to complete the techniques he had been working on, effectively creating a Nara Clan jujutsu and juinjutsu, both in the process, dubbed Cursed Shadow manipulation and Shadow Curse Manipulation respectively.

Eric promised to take his son to Sunagakure after Jestar's less than thrilling evaluation results. However, he had business to attend to within Kumogakure as well. Upon sending Jestar and Alucard (a new Nara introduced shortly after the creation of the juinjutsu and jujutsu) To Sunagakure, himself and Rita went to Kumogakure. They were stopped at the gates, however, and eventually linked up with Jestar and Alucard in Sunagakure.

A relatively minor incident regarding a bombing put Sunagakure on high alert. During his stay, Eric recruited Ignis Silver "Moonfire" to make a glass sculpture of himself and Rita. Once completed, the Nara transported the statue back home, just in time to arrive for a balloon fight that Jestar had organized on Eric's behalf.

Konoha Defense Arc - After that, for the most part, the Nara relaxed, until one night, alarms rang. Both Rita and Eric hurried to the gates to find the forces of Iwagakure, lead by the new Tschukage, Bocchiere, and rapidly rushed to defend their village. The fighting invovled Bocchiere and his revived zombies: Kamui, the first Hokage, Taumaster, a former Otokage, Hidesamu, both the former Tschikage and a former teacher to Eric, and a few other figures Eric did not recognize in the slightest. Nevertheless, atop the gates, Eric, along wtih his comrades, attempted to lure their enemies into a well contrived trap involving the use of the gate's incredibly large shadow. Although in the end the trap failed to capture the quarries, Eric managed to curse Bocchiere and his company, allowing him to manipulate their shadows in the future, pending they did not remove it via extraordinary means.
Bocchiere VS Konohagakure

Bocchiere vs Konohagakure

Eric and Rita, by the end of the fight, were both exhausted and injured respectively, but they had managed to help Konoha defend its borders. Shortly afterwards, Eric was proclaimed the last of the Sannin trio, ironically enough the oldest among the two and the only non-Uchiha of the "group".

History: "New Alliances"

Eric headed off to Sunagakure next, accompanied (or should you say, he accompanied) by Darkshinobi. While there, Eric participated in a Sand Worm hunt; due to the rather primitive nature of how to hunt the creatures, Eric was forced to rely on his wit and physical attributes. As a result, his dragon form emerged, in full audience to

Sand Worm

Kayenta and a small group of sand shinobi, as he helped tackle the massive beast. Dark did not participate in the hunt, but Eric was quite sure that he would have enjoyed it. When he returned to Sunagakure, Eric recieved news that there was a new leader to the Inuzuka clan; Sunuato, a former leaf shinobi who defected for various reasons, including the fact that he had a distinct lack of other Inuzuka in the village. Empthazing with this, the Nara offered his fledling (in size) clan as potential starter 'allies'. While politically this didn't mean much, as already
Inuzuka Symbol

pact with Inuzuka

Konoha was allied with Sunagakure, socially, it opened up a door of possibilities, for both the Nara and the Inuzuka, in theory. Nevertheless, the Nara made sure to have a written, documented agreement, to ensure that the 'pact' would be clear-cut to both parties. Of course amendable at any time at the agreement of either party, the individual scrolls would serve as reminders to both of what they have agreed to attempt to do.

As could be expected of a Sannin, Eric continued to train and attempt to improve himself; one thing that the shinobi had been putting off for a long time was getting a secondary summon. Rita was incredibly useful, but she sometimes took just too much chakra to summon in battle if he had not already brought her with him to the battlfield.  A more cost effective summon is what Eric has in mind, though, upon arriving in the Sand Dragon Oasis, he finds, in the early mornings of the day, an empty oasis. Not troubled by this, the Nara camps with his long-time companion, and the two awaited the arrival of the dragons.

During this venture they encountered Pyro, who's addition to the team greatly enhanced the 'scorch' capabiltiies of the group, the pun quite intended. Now with a secondary summon, Eric worked to inrease his abilities with Pyro, though his relationship and familiarity with Rita would trump almost any sort of  training that he could do with Pyro. Nonetheless, the duo are very compatible tehcnique-wise, wind and scorch release usually a good combination anyways.

Eric was called on to go with the other two Sannin, Kirk and Nathan, to travel to Iwagakure. The intent was to cause some damage to their rivals, among other reasons. However, even though Eric captured a single shinobi, he failed to retrieve Samaheda, as the mission objectives changed dramatically, and Kirk and Nathan both changed tracks. Returning to Konoha, the Nara found it dramatically different than how it had been before, with a large tower being the most obvious of the changes. The sky had changed coloration as well.

Fearing for the safety of his clan, he retrieved the youngest of his clan and fled, seeking refuge in Sunagakure. He left behind some of the shinobi Nara members, many of whom were gatekeeprers by nature, and to lead them, Strythio. With his clan safely in the boundaries of Sunagakure, the Nara can focus on the more pertinent things involving the newest situation that Konoha found itself in.

History: "First months of the Rokudaime Hokage"

The Nara Clan was among the last of the large groups of Leaf shinobi to return to Konoha after Yumei abandoned his project. The first order of business was to rebuild the ruined parts of the village. The Nara Hideout, though it secrets had been kept safe under its destruction, still needed to be rebuilt. However, since there were hardly many Nara around, their numbers seemingly decreasing even further after this, the need to rebuild the hideout was overshadowed by the need to select a new Hokage.

Eric had no desire for there to be another Hokage with as much power as the previous had; he preferred for the position to take an almost ceremonial position, and proposed a somewhat complex new form of government for the village. His thrirst for revolution seemed not to be equally shared among his counterparts, and it eventually came down to an election for the new Hokage.

Granted, this was not a village-wide event, many voters cast in their votes. The three major candidates that emerged were also the three Sannin; Eric Nara, Uetto "Kirk" Senju, and Nathan "Stamper" Uchiha. At first, it seemed as if the election was very much going against Nathan, as Eric and Kirk were very close to a tie. However, for reasons that Eric speculates included his son's vote being cast for Uetto, Uetto very soon began getting a considerable lead over his competitors. Nathan also began gaining more votes, getting back in the running much to Eric's personal dismay.

What ended in nearly a landslide was the victory of Uetto Senju. Proclaimed the new Rokudaime Hokage very shortly after this election, Eric sulkenly returned to attempting to rebuild and strengthen his wittled clan. Separate branches slowly have begun showing themselves, and although this is somewhat disturbing, Eric doesn't have much qualms about their existance. The more the merrier he says, and his branch had techniques that he knew the others would not be getting without his personal permission.

Things seem rather quiet, and under the blanket of seeming peace, Eric retreated to his own self-training, seeking out knowledge of poisons and venoms in order to enhance his arsenal. In order to do this, the man had to seek out another who was more versed in these arts; perhaps wanting to spend some time away from Konoha, the Nara went to the greenhouse of Sunagakure for assistance.

There he met a man that went by the name of Kaisigi Omi, who took Eric under his wing to learn the arts of poison. Unfortunately, Eric was only able to gain a limited amount of knowlege before shoving off for the Otogakure Tournament, held in Otogakure, with a festival supposedly pre-setting it.

History: Defection Once again

Sometime after the Sound tournament, a series of events followed. Eric became the host of Kokuo, the five tailed beast, and learned a shocking truth regarding the higher ups in his very own village. Having acquired knowledge and beginning some of the lessons of senjutsu, Eric regretably decided that something had to give. What he decided to give was a hard lesson; after consulting his clanmates about it, Eric finalized his decision to leave Konohagakure.

What prompted his leaving this time? The first time, he was merely missing in action, but this time, he was leaving on a political note. The arrangement for Nathan to become Hokage after Kirk greatly upsetted the man, as he felt betrayed in that very act. Additionally, competition for the tailed beast had grown internal, and eventually, Eric decided that it was high time to distance himself from the very things that he had been holding dear.

Despite this decision, however, he retains his forehead protector, and he hasn't officially severed all ties; nevertheless, he still doesn't intend on returning to Konoha. Seeking refuge, the man encountered an old friend; Kayenta, in the strangest of all places.

She seemed to be once again in Sunagakure, however, it was halloween; and she planned on making a trip somewheres. Obviously interested, Eric inquired as to whether he could join or not, and in joining the festitvities with Pyro and Rita, Eric accepted that he needed to find a new affiliation if he was going to avoid stalemate.

Well, perhaps out of coincidence or fate, Kayenta had been quite willing to accept him into Kinjoutenka; an organization of sorts that, although still very much new, seemed incredibly large in numbers. Though their goals were unclear as of yet, Eric felt that this would allow him to shape their goals as well as his own.

After the overall festivities were overall, including a singing opera tour in Konoha, Eric returned to a more low profile gig, here and there fighting like he used to before returning Konoha. Eventually, he found himself once again on the path towards Otogakure, although a strange thing occured on his way there.

History: Village hidden in the silent forest

On his way to Otogakure, Eric encountered a rather strange fellow. Although tense at first, the two eventually became temporary travel companions, as they both sought a way through the new forest that had sprung up sometime in the recent past.

Undeterred by a forest, his home turf, Eric continued his travels to Otogakure. Upon getting there, he was greeted somewhat cordially; he chatted absent-mindedly with Trev before heading back to his chambers. As he had left his dragon compaions behind, as to not give the impression of attack, the man had left himself particularly vulrenable.

Upon returning to his room after having a discussion with his clanmates regarding the clan techniques, Eric was surprised to be greeted by the former First Hokage, Kamui. The greeting was nothing short of outright hostile, and before the man knew it, he was engaged in a battle for his very life. Originally ignorant to their intentions, by the time the man escaped the village gates, he became aware that they were after the tailed beast.

With no time to summon his dragon compaions, Eric was forced to continue fleeing, losing many of his basic shinobi tools in the process. By the time he got back to the edge of the forest, only Pyro remained where instructed; this in itself bode ill, but with no time to try to delve into why Rita was absent, Eric and Pyro engaged in a short fight with Kamui and Trev.

By the time the fight was over, Pyro had been injured, the Blade of Shadows was lost to his enemies, and Eric just barely escaped with the lives of his party members intact.

History: There are Two kinds of Sand Worms

This close encounter led Eric to take shelter in Kinjoutenka for some time, not eager to needlessly risk his life again so soon. However, he couldn't stay cooped up in the village for too long; though he had aided in a transportation system, and power had been moderatedly established, there was no doubt in his mind that eventually he would bring danger to the fledging village.

Out of interest in protecting it, Eric set out once again with both Rita and Pyro, this time to Sunagakure. The man was certain that the reception here would be much more posotive; indeed, he was greeted at the gates and not attacked. However, as he was bartering for sand worms in the market, Rita and Kayenta stumbled upon a live sandworm mere feet away from the village.

They reacted quickly, and by the time Eric and Pyro arrived on the scene, Kayenta, Rita, and some man named Warren had already dealt with the threat. Relieved, Eric attempted to piece together a reasoning for this strange occurance when Pyro began dining on the worm.

Displeased by this gesture, Kayenta made it a point that Pyro had stolen what was rightfully her kill. While it could be debated considering the rules of the desert, Rita was more than eager to try to make good on it, much to Eric and Pyro's detriment. The two of them were then tasked with hunting down sandworms while Rita and Kayenta went about their... business in Amegakure.

So the pair split off to their relative locations, one in pursuit of sandworm, the other in pursuit of diplomacy.

History: The Akatsuki and Iwagakure

Some time after this Eric would end up joining The Akatsuki, his former enemy Bocchiere leading them, and become a part of the organization's forces in Iwagakure.

As the organization came close to fully realizing its goal, Bocchiere ended up abandoning Iwagakure and the organization; this caused a breakdown in its power (by having "vassal" jinchurikii) as many of its most powerful members either left, died, or otherwise went missing. This left Eric to, once again, be passed over for leadership in favor of a man named Mushizo, an Aburame.

An Aburame, rare enough as it was, that seemed to be entirely composed of insects. Interested in protecting Neala, a resident of the village and one of the few remaining members of the Nara clan, Eric stayed in the organization and the village, trying to do his best to balance the interests of the rival factions without forcing a confrontation. This included setting up a meeting between Neala and Mushizo (which went so well the Titanic looked like a success by comparison) and attempting to promote a "one Iwagakure".

But like the Jedi and the Sith, the predator and the prey, compromise was not to be had. In frustration at Eric's non-confrontational approach, Neala request a private meeting, to which Eric obliged, taking them both to his pocket dimension. After a brief clash of words, Neala attacked him with a spout of lava. Despite the circumstances, Eric managed to teleport Neala away and survive the attack, losing his pride and an arm in the process.

History: The Flickering Grey and the Revitilization Jutsu

(174d9h) <||||> Nara Eric awoke on the floor of his own shadow realm, cramped and slightly disturbed. How long had he been out? How had the village project been carrying on without him? All valid, but unanswerable questions, the man thought as he rose to a sitting position. Rubbing at his head with his right hand, (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric the man shook his head in confusion. Had Neala went out of her to bring him into the Shadow Realm just to, attack him? It did not seem to add up, did not seem to compute. Well, he would have to find her and ask her; he had been an idiot not to level 1 cure her firt, for even had his level 2 (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric taken root, it still did not have the tracking abilities of the first. She could not have gotten too far. As Eric began thinking on this, his gaze casually rested to his left shoulder, where there should have been a limb attached. He had been out for so long, it seemed that his body had (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric decided to stop bothering telling him that he had charred bits at his shoulder. Of coure, the more pertinent absence of an arm registered at this time, and a sort of panic came over the man. "No, no no no..." HIs arm did not just vanish, and the only one who could have been remotely (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric responsible for this kind of injury. Though he might could deny it, the man had to be rational; if it looked like a spider bite, then chances were, it was a spider bite, lest one got those confused with mosquito bites. "Calm down Eric, that later." The verb had been lost as the man (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric began hyperventilating, imaginging already that he had lost the ability to summon for an unforseen amount of time. "You can fix this. You got jutsu for this." Eric then resorted to pacing, for a few minute his brain shutting down as the weight of his situation began to bear down on (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric The rat seal, the summoning technique, most of his elemental ninjutsu, if his arsenal had been hampered by the last time he had been seriously injured neary a decade ago when he at least had both arms, then surely now was the time for him to lose his mind. Surely now was the time for him to (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric shadow migrate Rita here at once. No, that was a stupid idea; even Rita could not regrow limbs, even with the sage mode dragon reincarnation technique. Then again, Eric had never actually seen her use the technique, so maybe it did, though just going by the name alone he would have to guess (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric that it was more a life saving technique than anything else. He hadn't even used the jutsu before; no need to risk it then. Feeling some of his rationale returning, Eric sat back down. Okay, so Neala was definitely not here anymore; the fact that he wan't dead suggested that strongely, not (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric to mention that he could have sensed her if she were. So, going over his options, in order to heal himself, he needed to enter sage mode. Check, he could do that by returning. He would have to start with the cells, and he had a jutsu for that... which required two hands for handseals. "For (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric the love of Naruto-" It was times like these where he really missed being a Leaf ninja, or at least having Bocchiere around. Knowing his former leader he would probably have his arm back within the hour, no doubt riddled with enough attached strings to literally control his body with just (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric the arm strings. The apprehension for getting Mushizo to help him manfieted iteslf with a shiver down his spine. That would not do at all. Speaking of which, Mushizo would probably become aware of his condition shortly upon him returning to Iwagakure; if the Shodaime did decide to act up, (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric with just one arm he would be of limited use anyways. As if this usage of the word "use" had some sort of trigger attached, Eric's shoulder began throbbing, causing the man to grasp at in in pain. Well, he still had his writing hand. His other option was to once again go limping back to his (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric village of origin and exchanging his services for his career. Now THAT at this point would be selling his soul, not that he had a deep grudge against Hokage Nathan at this point; it was Uetto that so deeply hurt him. HIs mind returning to that, it took him off of the pain in his arm for a (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric moment to allow him to wallow in the irony of it all. Not getting selected for Hokage, when he was clearly a viable candidate, and had partially thrown away his own original chance by voting for Kirk, had been contributing factors to his latest defection; and yet, when Bocchiere vanished, he (c)

(174d8h) <||||> Nara Eric gave the position to someone Eric, quite frankly, had felt at the time was not nearly as qualified for the position! As if losing an arm had given him a painful reminder of the $!#@blocking, Eric gritted his teeth and rose back to his feet. The Nara always got shafted when it came to matters (c)

(174d7h) <||||> Nara Eric of this sort unless it was with their own. Shaking his head, Eric began pacing again. He needed to get back on track; his third option was... was... Well, he had to have a third option somewhere down the road. An option that, in some ways, would make the monster in him grow a little more (c)

(174d7h) <||||> Nara Eric self aware. Dissmissing that option for now, Eric decided that he would for now rest. He needed to weight his options some more anyways, and he was always a good thinker while pacing. And so, the man would wander and rest at intervals, but never stop thinking on his current situation.

(169d8h) <||||> Nara Eric it had been some time since Eric had sat down to weigh hi soptions; options weighed, he made up his mind on what he needed to do. Wordlessly he vanished into the darkness, returning to the real world to a place that he once calllled home. That, to an extent, he still called home.

Eric ended up returning to one of the forests of Fire Country. There, he would head to a labratory that he had not visited in quite some time, not since he had been there with Drago and Rita. Her father had been pleased to see it, but not as pleased to find that it had at the time gone fairly unused. Since then Eric had periodically used it.

It was no surprise that Eric would make this his headquarters for a few days, purposely delaying any return to Iwagakure. All the while the man would hunt, forage, and fight like he had during his recovery years, with the noteable exception of not having Rita with him. As lonely as it was, it gave him time to think, and more importantly, time to figure a way to remedy his lack of an arm situation.

It would require returning to the stump:

(166d16h) <||||> Nara Eric home sweet, home perhaps? Arriving from the tree stump, entryway, Eric walked into the labratory that had once housed his parents, and himself, and that had been infrequently visited in the development of various techniques; both Nara and otherwise. The latest technique in development, the (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric true clone technique, was the reason Eric was here. Recalling an ealrier need to be in sage mode, Eric would stand still for a few moments, gathering in natural energy around him. After a minute or so he would enter sage mode, and proceed walking to a large scroll almost the size of his entire (C

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric body. Even as his sage dragon form began to take shape, that missing limb still proved to be a most troublessome burden as the man attempted to open the scroll. Eventually settling on kicking it to the ground and ripping the sticky closer off with his right hand, the scroll unrolled to reveal (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric a large, ornate circle with a blood stain on it. Taking a deep breath, Eric would read over the various text that he had written quite the while ago, detailing what it was he was staring at. It was a large technique formula of sorts, intended on abstracting away some of the most complex (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric details of the aforementioned jutsu. It merely contained instructions on stem cell growth; the rest was Yang release in a nutshell. Of course, it required sage mode and his yang dragon transformation to be used in nigh tandem, and a concentration exceeding that of his physical extraction (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric technique. To put it shortly, Eric would need to concentrate solely on this to even get it started, time being another thing that he was somewhat short on. However, to rush this would have catastrophic results; he did not want two right arms, or worse, to give himself cancer from excessive (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric cell growth. Both were warnings attached on the label for this jutsu; the final two components for completion, a need and a focusing factor to concentrate the jutsu for the needed precesion were all that were left up to Eric. Eric scratched at his head with his right index finger. Was (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric the circle NOT the concentration factor? Taking a closer look, and thinking, it occured to him that, if the circle contained a sample of his DNA, I.E a blood sample, perhaps with some germ cells added in in the slightly discolored portions of the mix, then he would probably need to create (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric a place for the chakra and the DNA to come together at the point of regeneration. Since he did not really have the time to create a brand new technique, the man began thinking on how he could use one of his previous techniques to facilitate this process. Using his free hand the man would (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric unroll more of the scroll, until he had sufficient blank space for working. Surigng chakra to his right hand, Eric closed his eyes in concentration. If he could use his shadow curse level 2 to disrupt the physical energy usage of a body, then he could also use it as a failsafe of sorts; he (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric could activate to stop the technique should everything go completely and utterly wrong. Pressing his palm gently to an empty space on the far side fo the scroll, the mark would appear on the scroll. To concentrate the physical energy, he would need a variant of his physical energy seal; this (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric would keep the flow of physical energy concentrated. Drawing out and imbuing chakra into a large, circular seal, Eric would create an altered version of his physical energy seal. Rather than storing the energy within the scroll as would normally be intended with this kind of procedure, he (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric directed it to instead channel and circulate it in the area of the seal. He had drawn it to be large enough to encmpass his shoulder, the first point he would need to begin regeneration. Connecting this to his earlier constructed failsafe, Eric now had the mechanism for physcial energy (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric regulation. Combining this with the earlier instructions and DNA, to the naked eye it would seem like the technique was complete. But there was an important caveat, one that a more keen observor would likely take note of. The DNA and such from before, last acquired long before Eric had even (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric finished shadow migration, would only grant him his arm back; all of the muscle memory he had acquired inbetween would be lost in the process. Granted, losing some muscle memory was inevitable without having his old arm to use (courtesy of that traitor's usage of lava, Eric seethed) but that (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric much loss was simply unacceptable. He needed at the very least his basics. Shifting back to the beginning of the technique, where the circle and the DNA had been, Eric frowned. In order to get fresh DNA, he was going to have to add it himself, and within an enviornment that was far less (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric contamination prone, and with a new seal that would prevent further contanimantion. While he could probably just open up a wound on his right arm for the blood portion, to get the germ cells would require more intimate material that Eric neither had on hand nor was really in the mood for. (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric "Damn you Neala... The very least you could have done was use fire. Even some charred bits would be slightly more useful than nothing!" Eric air slammed his fist, his left hand missing to open palm catch it to make teh characterisstic skin on skin noise that would accompany this rant. (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric Even now, likely countries apart, she mocked him. It would take hours for him to get fresh DNA on the figurative plate; he would have to make do with what he had. Shifting back to the middle of his intricate seal, Eric lay down, placing his shoulder near the edge of the concentration circle (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric Taking a few deep breaths, Eric began to concentrate his chakra, using his free hand to make one handed seals. Noww, for a one handed seal expert, a few handseals and the jutsu would initiate, but Eric was used to primarily two handed seals. Just making one handed seals to mold his chakra (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric took roughly 10 minutes before he had molded his chakras enough to initiate the technique. A searing, burning pain nearly broke the man's concentration, but it's fairly swift subsiding granted enough relief to proceed. Bits of smoke, akin to steam, would emit in small streams along his (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric shoulder, the jutsu's initiation beginning. Of course, as this was his first time performing this particular technique and he, again, did not want to trigger any of the warnings from earlier, the man took his time; precariously, mind numbing, he took his precious time ensuring that every (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric tissue aligned itself just right. Using his right arm, laying down his body for reference, the need to mentally mirror image it instead of just having it right in front of him suggested that a focused in mirror would have been exceptionally helpful; Eric bore this in mind for next time. (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric this grueling task continued for what felt like years, the man not even noticing that the DNA splatter seal portion also steaming as the technique proceeded. In truth, only about 20 hours would pass before Eric had regenerated his arm. Panting and sweating profusely, Eric, out of sage (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric mode and exhausted, looked to his restored limb, at first with a smile, then with a frown. Naturally, he had overlooked the most important part of his arm, in that he had not yet restored the hand; its intricate sensory and fine motor control projecting to be about another several hours. (c)

(166d15h) <||||> Nara Eric the man was starving, almost quite literally, and were it not for the release of his own physical energy seal located near his heart, the man might would have had to completely stop just to recuperate. Nonetheless, his mind needed a break even if his body could go through the last hurdle. (c)

(166d14h) <||||> Nara Eric Eric fell asleep before he even realized he was drifting, awaking another 6 hours later to a darkened lab, his relative motionlessness having invited the lights to turn out. Moving his left arm upward, the lights returned, and Eric returned to his work. For his hand, the many bones and the (c)

(166d14h) <||||> Nara Eric delicate nature of the need for fine motor control alone would have caused Eric considerable delay, but having already gone through this technique once in his recent past, he could chop off some of the extra time and only require about 4 more hours to complete the job. For a total of 30 hours (c)

(166d14h) <||||> Nara Eric of jutsu time, with 6 of those being used to rest. Even as such, he had been required to enter sage mode once again and leave it, so at the end of those hours he once again was sleeping; but since he had already exhausted his natural energy seal, he slept for considerably longer, and upon (c)

(166d14h) <||||> Nara Eric waking would have the intricate desire, need really, to hunt for sustenence. But that was only after rolling back up the scroll, hydrating himself thooroughly, and changing his dress. He only had Leaf nin attire here, so for now that would be what he would don as he heads back up the stump (c) (166d14h) <||||> Nara Eric that he came from.

Of course, even with his arm back, the man was forced to once again train back the muscle memory of his arm. While training in solutide for weeks, he would regain some of his previous memory, but his left arm would still be noticeably (for a shinobilegend) slower to the draw than his right. His time alone had provided him time to think, to contemplate, about the various things that he had done.

Yes, Neala had betrayed him. But, that was karmic for his betrayal of Konoha, for his betrayal of himself. It was during this time that he would hear news of the death of Uetto Senju; wishing to pay respects to the only man who had set out to bring him back to Iwagakure, Eric set aside his molding cowardice and self-preservation to travel directly to Konoha.

Uetto's Funeral and the Hunt for Uzumaki Yujo

Upon arriving in Konoha, Eric noticed a particularly large gathering for Uetto's funeral, from traditional allies of Konoha to traditional enemies. A select few were gathered together in particular to dicuss Uetto's will. Much to Eric's surprise he would recieve Uetto's headband, a relic that the man had very much treasured, the very symbol of Uetto's consistent commitment to Konohagakure. Touched by this and spending some more time in the village in contemplation, Eric vowed to hunt down and kill Uetto's killer, Uzumaki Yujo.

Of course, knowing that if someone had been capable of defeating Uetto it was unlikely that Eric could defeat such an individual on his own, Eric would set out to create a sort of hunting party, a team if you will. He would start by having a conversation with Kite Hyuuga, the latest Hokage, in order to gather as much information and resources as possible against the common enemy. Not surprisingly, Rani Echizen and Itachi Uchiha were added to his hunting party team, the former also having a dragon companion named Karie and the latter having gone on a mission or two with Eric back when he was still a Leaf shinobi (the 2nd go around). They set out for Uzushiogakure expecting to find information on Yujo, or even the man himself in hiding.

They journeyed through Fire Country (Itachi and Eric on board a toad summoned by the former and Rani on board Karie) crossed the Great Naruto Bridge (Eric and Karie flew in order to get some exercise in. This is also where Eric's transformation was revealed to Rani and Itachi), and finally entered the Land of Waves, where they would set sail aboard the Enterprise after some negotiations were carried out. The following is regarding Eric's appearance throughout the remainder of the arc; his full appearance not mentioned very often being the reason it alone is focused on prior to the negotiations here:

It as this thought that caused Eric to recall that if he was going to be hanging around with Leaf ninja and pretend to be affiliated still with the Leaf, some sort of quick identification would be most useful. While his own headband might would suffice (c) (139d4h) <TNO> Nara Eric for the keen eye, Eric felt that he would need to overdo it somewhat. He still had Rita's old, well, symbol and band (calling it a forehead protector would be ludicrious as she wore it about her forearm, which would require one much larger and thicker than the usual). With these in mind, (c) (139d4h) <TNO> Nara Eric Eric's mind focused back on the task at hand, pulling from his shadow a rather large village band (much gold had been spent to get one large enough). Practicing dexterity while in the air, Eric tied the large forehead protector with the Leaf symbol on it to his upper right arm. He would also (c) 139d4h) <TNO> Nara Eric withdraw a crystal and two more headbands, that being his old one and his inheritence from Kirk, the Senju's old headband. The crystal glow brightly, forming into a pair of gauntlets each with the leaf forehead protectors incorporated onto the tops. Making sure that he could still perform (c)( (139d4h) <TNO> Nara Eric handsigns, Eric smirked when he looked at his new gauntlets. They ere made entirely of crystal, and on the bottoms had the gentle glow of the neutral color crystal, a sign that for now he was not using any of its powers. But there would come a time, soon Eric imagined, when he would need to (c) (139d4h) <TNO> Nara Eric use them. This bit of preparation complete in the air (likely to Karie's witnessing) Eric flew around a bit more to get used to the slightly heavier front part of his body, the wind and air about him reminding him of the good ole' days. (139d4h) <TNO> Nara Eric * when I say bottoms I mean the palm side. These gauntlets do not just cover the wrist, but also extend out to make sharp extensions over the fingers and such, kind of resembling crystalline melee attachment for the wrist to claw tips. Sorry if that is still a kind of vague description of what (c) (139d4h) <TNO> Nara Eric I mean. They resemble a fully covering version of the Metal Gauntlets that the Demon Brotheres from the canon have, where the headbands' metal plates are visible at the portion covering the top of the hand. There we go

The following is an excerpt from these negotiations, bearing in mind that Eric is pretending to be a dragon companion of Rani's:

(133d8h) <TNO> Nara Eric The guards nodded towards Phantom, his credentials checking out. One of the guards would then turn his attention back towards the group. "Well, if you're headed out, this man here could give you a ride, though I imagine many of his vessells would have your dragon summons stored below deck (c) (133d8h) <TNO> Nara Eric with the cargo. Your other alternative is to catch The Enterprise before it sets off; she can be seen in the harbor, over there." The guard pointed, But Eric's attention was on the sudden arrival of Phantom. What was he doing here? Didn't he still have a massacre or something to get to? (c) (133d8h) <TNO> Nara Eric while this alone wass evidence of Eric's fading memory of the speicifcs of the funeral, he visibly roused at what he interpreted as a backhanded comment towards himself and Karie. He would refrain from saying anything, mostly because he wanted to maintain his cover (not knowing it unecesary (c) (133d8h) <TNO> Nara Eric before Phantom), which protesting about being summoned to be ridden would certainly put into question. Eric extended his wings. "Well what are we waiting for? We had best make sure that ship sticks around a bit longer, in case you two want to peruse our other options." (133d8h) <TNO> Nara Eric (c) Eric would not quite wait for the response and fly up and off towards The Enterprise in order to flag it down, just in case.

(133d1h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi noted the ninja as he passed by. His eyes alighted on the documentation that he had in hand. He noted the Senju crest and thought perhaps this could be an ally. Regardless he didn't have time to worry about this as the ship they had decided upon was starting out to sea. As Eric passed overhead+ (133d1h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi he nodded to the guard. "Thank you for your help." He walked off distracted wondering why this ninja with the Senju seal was headed towards the dock. He turned to Rani and asked. "Do you know this ninja? He bears the Senju crest, but is he loyal to Konoha or should we be wary? He seems to + (133d1h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi know about Eric and Karie. I don't know if we should trust him, but I don't think we have time to waste."He looked out towards the Enterprise as it had just about set sail and breaking into a run he ran past the sailors on the dock. He gathered some chakra in his feet as he passed by the ninja+ (133d1h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi bearing the Senju crest. As he passed by, he looked back briefly at the ninja and jumped from the peer. He landed as if he was weightless sending out a small ripple from where he had landed. He set off with haste towards the Enterprise following closely behind Eric he soared above him.

(132d10h) <炎> Echizen Rani would notice Phantom simply walk by them and raise an eyebrow. "Phantom you should know that us summoners don't always ride our summons for long periods of time." He would then nod his head to Itachi before he took off. Karie would take off after Eric and fly over head. As the guards would* (132d10h) <炎> Echizen Rani allow them to go by he would just walk past them and take notice of everything inside the village. Then finally he would arrive at the ship after everyone else.

(128d14h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay It didn't take a genius to notice the shinobi and dragons were heading straight towards The Enterprise. The Captain held up a hand, to quiet the scramblings and fearful cries of the civilian crew members. There was something about the situation that told him the dragons, specifically, were not + (128d14h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay intending on destroying them and the ship. Though, everybody, including him, were cautious as they approached. "Daichi, please them if they approach the ship." The First Mate nodded and stood at the stairway to the ship, walking down at least halfway. He slipped his hands behind his back + (128d13h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay and stood at ease. Toshimaru remained at the railing to await their potential visitors.

(127d23h) <TNO> Nara Eric would, once his presence had appropiately caught the attention of the crew, wheel down ot the docks. Once landing, he would spread his wings wide, for a moment forgetting his position as summoner and not team leader. (127d23h) <TNO> Nara Eric (c) (127d23h) <TNO> Nara Eric "Ahoy sea lovers! We seek passage to Uzushiogakure regarding matters of quit ethe importance. We were told, and can see for ourselves, that your vessel may fit all of our party; two dragons and two men. The two men have an appropiate payment for such a journey!" At this point recalling (c) (127d23h) <TNO> Nara Eric his position, Eric would fold his wings back to his sides and stand somehat to the side so that Rani and Itachi could be seen by the boatsman. A part of Eric was tempted to simply take the ship by force, but while he could count perhaps a dozen creww members, such an action would no doubt (c) (127d23h) <TNO> Nara Eric send the wrong message. So that thought had onlly been brief, and only a inkling from his eagerness to get underway. Skipping the pleasantires had a habit of resulting in a distinct lack of pleasantries.

(127d20h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi walked towards the boatsmen and took his place beside the large dragon, Eric. "Hello. My name is Itachi, a ninja from the leaf. My companions and I are on a mission to Uzushiogakure and are in need of transport. I notice that your ship is large enough to provide passage for us and we are happy+ (127d19h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi to provide payment for your efforts."Itachi reached down into his wallet to provide payment for the captain should he agree. "Our mission is of the utmost importance to the security of our great nations and we would like to make haste towards our final destination. We are ready to leave at+ (127d19h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi your earliest convenience." Itachi withdrew his hand and offered it to the captain. "Do we have a deal?"

(127d13h) <炎> Echizen Rani would finally reach the ship that the others had arrived at earlier. He would bop Eric on the head slightly to show that Eric was his dragon and then look back at the seaman that Itachi was talking to and nod his head in the appropriate times. Meanwhile Karie would snicker at Rani bopping ERic* (127d13h) <炎> Echizen Rani on his head knowing that Eric wouldn't forget it for awhile.

(126d8h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay Daichi had been ordered to please them if they approached, and since they were directly in front of him, he would do so. Acting in his basest instincts of survival, the leanly built swashbuckler cast his gaze from the money the Uchiha was offering towards the two dragons some ways behind him. + (126d8h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay He was surprised to find the other human, bop the only vocal dragon on the head. It was a testament to his own power and alpha status to be able to to control such a savage beast. That man was clearly someone he didn't want to provoke, neither the man in front of him, not seeing an ounce of + (126d8h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay fear in the man's eyes. He lifted a hand, not yet accepting the money. "The Enterprise is a large ship indeed, but she is setting course towards the island of Water Country. We will have to inform the Captain of your wishes, it is not my job to do so. Please follow me." The First Mate + (126d8h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay turned and ascended up the flight of stairs. Between the time it took for him to reach his captain behind the wheel, he cast calculating looks towards the dragons, mentally doing the same below deck. They had room below deck, but they would have to stay with either their food or the merchandise + (126d8h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay both options had a way of turning bad whilst on the waves of the ocean. It all depended on the Captain, who was watching them as they approached. "These men and dragons wish for passage." As they all heard from the disguised Nara. "Uzushiogakure is a bit out of the ways, a dangerous place + (126d8h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay if the rumors are true about what's going on over there." He looked towards the dragons, having the same thoughts as his First Mate, regarding the room below deck. He cast his eyes towards the Uchiha, who seemed to be leading the mission from his position in front of his comrades. "What + (126d8h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay sort of business do you have in Uzushio, if you don't mind me asking?" He had to think about the safety of his crew members first, despite the situation they found themselves in.

(125d11h) <TNO> Nara Eric would growl at Rani, but otherwise not snap at him; a part of him did want to, just to play vicsious dragon for a moment, but the more rational part of him refrained. He was outnumbered quite badly if it came to a fight started with such a relatively benign gesture. Eric in turn did not (c) (125d11h) <TNO> Nara Eric comment on the "dangerous place" part. He would in fact stay right where he was and not follow the lot on board, not wanting to have to navigate his feet around not stepping on sailors. Flattened sailors made for bad raps.

(124d12h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi followed Daichi up the plank onto the ship, and as he walked, his gaze turned to look about the deck for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. By his nature, Itachi was a cautious man. His gaze looked for signs that might indicate hostile intent or anything that might compromise the mission+

(124d12h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi that they had been given. As he reached the Captain, he bowed his head slightly as a sign of respect. "Sir, we are seeking passage to Uzushio in regards to a death within our country. While our mission is not to seek revenge, we are seeking to gather information before making any such actions.+ (124d12h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi I would not want to put your crew out of its way by any means. Our mission is solely reconnaissance based. Our contact is located in the city, and I believe that is all you need to know." Itachi was afraid that revealing such a portion might compromise the mission; however, he saw no+ (124d12h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi viable alternatives as time was of the essence in meeting with their contact, and if they were unable to get a vessel, it would put them at a distinct disadvantage. Travel by dragon was by no means a safe form of travel as all of the unwanted attention might garner recognition by the enemies of+ (124d12h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi Konoha. "As I have said Captain, we are more than willing to pay for your time and vessel. We will go as far as possible if you are unable to enter Uzushio's waters. It is indeed a dangerous place if the rumors are true, and we do not want to endanger lives." With that he bowed courteously+ (124d12h) <炎> Uchiha Itachi and took a step back showing respect to the Captain and hopefully garnering some understanding and sense of good will for his compatriots (especially the dragons) which many people feared. His intention was to leave the crew with a sense of ease about taking such powerful beasts on their vessel.

(124d9h) <炎> Echizen Rani would just wait at the plank with the dragons not wanting to step on Itachis' fine workmanship. He would at least go back to Karie and scratch underneath her chin and after a few strokes she would lick him like an oversize dog would lick its master and then they would hug each other. He then* (124d9h) <炎> Echizen Rani would take out a few morsels of raw meat that he had sealed away and toss one up into the air for Karie to go up and eat and one over Erics' head for him to eat. Not knowing if Eric gets the entire dragon rush as normal dragons do when it comes to food he would toss a smaller portion.

(122d9h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay Tohimaru looked towards his First Mate, the two of them each giving off the same look of contemplation. Though it may have seemed like a simple look to Itachi, being the only person in the discussions, it was actually a complete debate on the matter. They were weighing the pros and cons, said + (122d9h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay cons only truly being eaten by the dragons, while the pros were only really money. It turned into how much money was worth it? They didn't really see Rani feeding his dragon, so they wondered if they had enough food for them and the dragons. They didn't worry about their weight, The Enterprise + (122d9h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay was a sturdy mistress and could muscle through a storm without taking much damage. Not to mention the extra protection from dedicated pirates that wished to plunder their shipmate. No pirate would be daft enough to take on a ship with two dragons on it. The Captain grew a bit thoughtful, how + (122d9h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay would they even broadcast such a thing? Well if it did happen, it'd be like releasing the kraken, bad for the other guys. Of course, quite some time would pass during this exchange, like three minutes in which case the two would have been comically making faces at each other for some reasons + (122d9h) <未来> Kayenta 吸血鬼 Jay before ending the debate and looking back towards the Uchiha. "You got yourself a deal sir. My name's Toshimaru and that there's Daichi. Welcome to The Enterprise. The absolute finest ship to ever be under my leadership." "She's the only ship under your leadership." "Exactly."

After these negotiations, the ship set sail, and after some time and careful navigation, the group arrived at Uzushiogakure. However, Uzushiogakure was not what they expected to see, with overbearing darkness concealing the sky, bodies floating in the water, and the general appearance of a traumatic event having ransacked the village's prestigious and pristine aesthetics. Upon arriving at the harbor, it was clear that the damage was more visceral than that, as the theme of death and confusion seemed to permeate throughout the village.

Knowledgeable in the mystical palm technique, Eric lent his sage-enhanced healing abilites to aide with the bodies of the various afflicted, with Karie, Rani, and Itachi aiding in the transportation of the wounded throughout the village. After some time in aiding in the devastation, they inquired more directly to Keito regarding Yujo; being informed that he had had no connections to the village itself any longer and for the most part would not be found in Uzushiogakure, the group elected to take their leave. Requiring escort, the group flew out of the village and went their separate ways.

The Nara Order (current)

Upon departing from Uzushiogakure, Eric would found alongside Krisnys Nara the Nara Order, an organization dedicated to bringing together the various Nara of the world in an effort to keep the clan from near extinction. Based upon morally self-balancing principles, the Order would set up base in Jisiegakure. Among its ranks at the founding already were Nara from various parts of the realm, with different histories and varying areas of expertise.

With a base of operations established, Eric went on to conduct the very first Initiation ceremony, using Jisiegakure's branch of the Ichiraku Ramen shop as a starting point, and advancing onward from there back to the hideout. Having initiated Alucard Nara and Robin Nara, Eric ventured out to the plains, where he would run into the Yondaime Hokage who, despite all of the years, did not seem to have aged a bit.

Neither had Eric, and eager to avenge his loss from last time and catch up, challenged the Yondaime to a spar. The Yondaime complied, and shortly into the match, the sage enhanced dragon man managed to curse the Yondaime's shadow. Naturally the Yondaime responded by using a strange seal to temporarily render access to it null, exponentially increasing the difficulty of the fight, which eventually was declared a draw. Realizing that both of them had grown somewhat rusty in their fighting, the two agreed to an exchange; Eric would learn the basics of the seal that had inhibited his shadow imitation, and Tommi would have the curse removed from his shadow.

Of course, Tommi had gotten to witness Eric's sage mode transformation, his Inner Beast Spirit Transformation, his shadow sealing technique, and his shadow cursing technique; as Eric catching Tommi off guarrd was how he had cursed him, it is safe to say that it is unlikely that the man will fall to the same trick twice in the same environment.

After this exchange, the two parted ways on a fairly friendly note, contrary to Eric's expectations when they began their spar.


Eric Nara has a relatively large amount of connections, both family, friends, and acquaintances.


Uchiha Rares- Originally he met the shinobi at a different time, when he called himself a different name, and was less prestigous and dangerous than he is nowadays. Nevertheless, as Eric has signed the dragon summoning contract, of which Rares currently possesses, the shinobi has a tendancy to go to Rares whenever he needs something.

Recently, however, with Rares view towards those which he summons, he had been more reluctant to pay Rares a visit, particularly since their views on how to treat their dragon companions were almost polar opposites. That, of course, coupled with the fact that Rares was a most secretive shinobi concerning his organization, something designated as ROOT, and has an entire task force devoted to carrying out his deeds. Not wanting anything to do with such a thing, Eric steered clear usually of the shinobi unless he had to, although it is safe to say that the two were still on rather good terms.

Rares comitting suicide in the public of Konoha highly upset Eric. In fact, the ninja mourned the loss of Rares as a student would mourn their teacher, attempting to maintain a sort of honor regarding their relationship. Alas, all in all, Eric could only hope that Rares had fulfilled himself before his tragic death.


Nidaime Kazekage, Kayenta Moenkopi

Kayenta Moenkopi- To put it shortly, Eric's relationship with the former active Nidaime Kazekage can at best be considered friends. It has not come to a worst, as the two villages respectively have been very close in general ties, so the two have had little reason to fight themselves. The sand worm hunt, amongst other things, brought the two to a different level of understanding, as Eric before hadn't quite understood fully the madness that was Suna nin when they decided to attract the giant worms to them. It is a respectable element of madness though, as, based on what he has seen in the village, he can tell that apparently, she as active Kage was apparently not a very bad thing. They maintain friendly relations, partly due to Eric's semi-frequent travels to Sunagakure.


Sunauto in battle attire

Sunuato Inuzuka- The rebellious Inuzuka who defected from Konha, Eric has recently established a relationship with the Inuzuka Clan in general. As the new leader of his clan, Sun has a certain amount of responsibilities that, as Eric has ascertained, he hasn't yet grasped. Wanting to help out another 'minor' clan in the realm, particularly a former leaf nin (though he questions the cost if his village were to ever go to war with the sand) he decides to propose a pact. Sun agreed, and the two clans are currently linked as such. As a result, Eric has improved his relations with Sun, though by no means has he forgotten that Sun is a former leaf ninja.

Alucard Nara

Alucard Nara

Alucard Nara - His most recent student and a relatively new addition to the Nara clan of Konoha, Eric mentors Al whenever he can, although for the most part he is restricted in that duty as he is often times off on various other assignments. However, the two have a somewhat close relationship, as Eric branded the Nara with the shadow seal, officially accepting him as a member of the Clan branch. Teaching him some of his own jutsus, he has come to think of Al as a personal student, rather than a clan member to be taught. In fact, he has come to rely on Alucard almost just as much if not more than Jestar in order to accomplish certain tasks in his absence. Al has certainly become a highly trusted and beloved clanmate, Eric almost adopting him unofficially as his son-in-law.


Lightning "Razgriz" Takeda

Lightning Razgriz (LightningX)- Eric's relationship with Lightningt started shortly after he founded the original Shadow Force. In an attempt to jumpstart the organization, he required a vigilant, untied shinobi to help increase their numbers and get the word out. Lightning proved to be just that shinobi, and very shortly became Eric's right hand man and student. After the incident regarding the molten dragon, Eric saw very little of Lightning, and even today does not meet with him very often. In fact, the two are on a distant relationship term, although it can be presumed that the two are still friends. In most cases, Lightning was probably the first male comrade in which Eric put significant trust in.

Minato s pissed by Sabbaru

The Fourth Hokage, Tomi Uematsu

Tommi Uematsu (Tomi)- The Fourth Hokage was actually far more familiar with Jestar than with Eric, but the summary of their relationship mostly tied into the fact that it was the fourth that "convinced" Eric to return to Konohagakure. The Fourth is also the shinobi who helped him understand technique formulas and such, is a large reason that Eric could formulate many of the new techniques that he added to the Nara clan arsenal, such as the shadow curse and flying shadow techniques. However, shortly afte the Fourth's presumed death, it can be said that Eric was, at the very least, saddened by the death of the 3rd's successor, especially when Yumei became Tomi's successor. Their relationship status up to the point of the 4th's "death" can be said to have been familiar yet formal. However, when running into him years later, most of the remaining bad blood (mostly on Eric's part) was worked out in a spar, which ended with the two recognizing each other's strengths and common interest of being defectors from Konoha.
New Jestar Avatar

Jestar "Holrew" Nara

Jestar Holrew Nara- Jestar is Eric's biological son, and as such, the two obviously share a relationship of sorts. Keeping an eye out for the young adult ever since Jestar was a child, Eric maintains a relatively strong relationship with his son, especially since the boy is officially motherless. The two had strained relationships shortly after Eric's molten dragon incident, but ever since being re-instated into Konohagakure, the two have re-built and upkept their close relationship. When Eric defected from Konoha a third time (maybe third time is the charm?) the two once again became estranged, though Eric left the Konoha branch of the Nara Clan under Jestar's leadership.

Mushizo, the Aburame Abstract


Mushizō Aburame - Eric's second non-Leaf employer after Bocchiere's mystery diappearance, Eric originally had a great disdain for the man. He was spindly, buggy, the Nightmare Before Christmas' Oogie Boogie without the sock puppet covering. However, as time passed the man grew more fond of Mushizo; compared to Bocchiere he was much more willing to work with the Iwa locals, to a certain extent, and save for a few incidents, tended not to take the mass genocide approach to solving problems that Bochiere so loved. While these traits made Mushizo more likeable to Eric, to the point where the two might could have been called friends, this was a tragic flaw in a village that had been kept under wraps by the genocidal tendencies of the previous. The two lost contact when Eric had been nearly killed by Neala and The Akatsuki had been kicked out of Iwagakure.

Bocchiere 2016



Bocchiere - It's a love-hate relationship; his first non-Leaf employer after his second defection, Eric still had fresh in his mind the work that Konoha had to put in to keep the man from destroying their village, and their civilization. Even still, having him as an employer and leader was not as terrible as Eric imagined, and though he would still not agree with many of his methods, he did come to have a respect for the man's methods in keeping those under him in line. Though little love was lost when the man suddenly vanished, Eric had expected Bocchiere to make him his successor in Iwagakure; when instead Mushizo had been chosen, Eric felt once again turned over, hinting that perhaps he did have some level of loyalty towards Bocchiere. His encounter with him later at Kirk's funeral would lead to the description "dear leader", though the sarcastic North Korea reference would of course not be said directly to the man, for Eric, like many of Bocchiere's former associates, is all too famaliar with the dangers of provoking the bloodthirsty Jashinist.


Uetto Senju, otherwise known as Kirk

Uetto "Kirk" Senju - Eric's relationship witht he Brute was largely occassional prior to the latter's ascension to Hokage. They knew each other and had met on several occassions, even shared the same rank, but rarely did the two interact for extended periods of time. When election time came for Hokage-ship after Yumei's disposal, though Eric had a fair chance of acquiring the position then, he ultimately backed Uetto, a decision tantamount to political suicide that coincided with the overwhelming vote decision to elect the man Hokage. Eric expected the next vote, if there was one, to go in his favor with Uetto out of the race; however, the man chose Nathan as his successor before retiring, causing Eric a particularly large amount of anger, especially when he learned that it was politics and not merit that had prompted the decision. The relationship was severely damaged until Uetto came out to Iwagakure to request that Eric return to Konohagakure, abandoning The Akatsuki and Iwagakure in the process. Eric refused and rather coldly rebutted, but ultimately grew more fond of the one man willing to trek out and offer him a place back. This being well matched as the source of the grievance in the first place, when Eric learned of his death, he rushed to his funeral and swore vengeance on the killer, Yujo, suggesting that he had finally come to peace with the man's actions. Inheriting his headband, a very lofty symbolic gesture among the Leaf, may have had a part in that as well.

Rita the Dragon

Rita Drago

Rita Drago (Rita)- Words are hard pressed to describe the relationship between Eric and Rita. The two have been together for an incredibly long time, and as such, it is easy to understand that this is Eric's strongest relationship. Even through weddings, Rita was always like a second wife, fulfilling many of his emotion requirements while his wives were supplement for his carnal and physical demands. The trust between the two is incredible, as is their bond, and the two are nearly inseperable most of the time.

Rita is his dog in inuzuka terms, their ability to rely on each other in battle beyond that at times. No man, woman, child, or even power can take Rita's place in Eric's heart, especially since she can sometimes be something of a guiding figure for him. If Rita tends not to like something, then Eric closely follows suit, shown by Eric's avoidance of Rare in modern times. She is also one of the very few who knows of Eric's dragon transformation, which, when compared in standard, Rita once dwarfed him at her full size (that is not quite the case now that he has incorporated sage mode with his dragon transformation ability). As a wind dragon and Eric's natural affinity being wind, it would not be short to say that the two are incredibly compatible.

Pyro Hito- One of Eric's newer dragon summons, Pyro and Eric get along particularly well. This may be due to their fire-wind similarities, as they are able to very easily compliment each other in ninjutsu. However, at the same time, Eric respects Pyro, and likewise, and the two are very easy-going on almost all matters. Rita originally was a conflict of interest between the two, as Pyro wanted to mate with her against Eric's wishes. 

After their explosive battle with each other, the two have a new level of understanding to each other. Pyro recognizes Eric's claim to Rita as a friend, however odd it may be, while Eric respects Pyro's independence to attempt to woo her. While this may seem like an odd trade-off, as Eric is usually not very restrictive anyways, it apparently seems to work, as the two are back on very good terms.

Marked in his belly is the curse seal of the Nara clan; though Pyro believes it to have been removed, Eric merely de-activated it, just in case he should have to restrain him quickly again. The two have since become more trusting of each other, particularly seen when Eric summoned Pyro in his spar against Tommi.


100px-Nature Icon Wind.svg

Wind Release Techniques

Fūton: This is Eric's primary elemental nature. This allows him the availability of a wide range of wind styled attacks, particularly ones requiring a high-level of proficiency and control with element. Capable of manipulating the winds around him, Eric's mastery over the wind is far greater than any other individual in his arsenal, rivalling his clan's shadow manipulation techniques. Since wind style is such a versatile style, it also provides Eric with a method of support and combination, as many Fire-Wind style combinations exist, since the two elements compliment each other so very well.


Sword Techniques

: The art of the sword is an art Eric is quite familiar with. While he would not call himself a master, his profiency with his own sword, the Blade of Shadows, is commendable, as he is capable of performing various sword technques. However, he raraly uses his sword in battle for sword-fighting, although he is trained to do such if needed.

Katon: This is Eric's Secondary elemental nature. He frequently uses fire styled techniques becuase of their
Nature Icon Fire

Fire Style Techniques

offensive implications. Fire Style allows Eric to counter enemy wind techniques when his own main methods are not available, as wind has a natural weakness to fire. This can be overcame with fire augumentation, effectively making countering a wind styled technique with fire a suitable alternative than counter it with another wind technique. Fire style is also the signature element of Fire Country, and thus is known by most all Leaf shinobi. Eric is adept at its usage and application.

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Shadow Manipulation

: Shadow Imitation techniques are the fame and glory of Eric's clan; as their self-appointed leader, he was required to understand fully these techniques. He has even gone beyond that, establishing a space-time ninjutsu that will make his Clan well renknown throughout the land. In fact, his mastery over the shadow manipulation is unrivalled among Nara clan members, and amongst nearly all shinobi that Eric has encountered since claiming mastery of the styles. His battle style, however, sometimes causes him to rely too much on shadow imitation to give him an edge over other specialty opponents, often allowing his enemies to predict his movements. When he does employ these techniques, he utilizes them to their fullest, often making use of large shadows created by natural occurences (clouds in the sky, tall grass in a plain, etc.). He is also very skilled in Yin release techniques in general as well, especially if merged with his shadow imitation or inspired by them.

Nature Icon Earth

Earth Release

: Eric possesses the least skill in Earth Style techniques, and with relative good reason. Earth style is an uncommon style for those whom he is around the most, and tends to be more for defensive purposes than offensive ones. That is the main reason Eric picked it up, as he needed a means to defend himself in emergency situations. It came in handy greatly when his own technique backfired during his spar with Jestar. However, his interest in the Earth Style began earlier than that; currently, he would admit that he is still an amateur in comparison to most in using it, and only has a few techniques in his arsenal that incorporate the element into his arsenal.

Taijutsu Icon


: Eric possesses skill in hand-to-hand combat, although quite honestly he cannot declare that he has mastery over it. This is primarily due to the fact that in many of his most recent fights, his opponents have resorted greatly to using Ninjutsu and tools against him. The times he does get close enough for this sort of combat, he uses his Nara techniques. While his actual hand-to-hand combat, as a result, is questionable in effeciency, he has noteable physical prowress, capable of wielding his Blade of Shadows with ease, and can swiftly move through the battlfield. His reflexes are also well-toned, though against a true taijutsu master and specialist Eric would be out-classed overall in this field.

Senjutsu: Eric is a practionier of the Dragon Sage arts (SL, western style). Although he is a novice compared to his late friend Rares Uchiha, he has already shown an interesting amount of experience in it, his dragon transformation ability strongely linked to natural energy already giving him an edge on learning the sage arts. He has incorporated senjutsu into his arsenal fairly well, and at this point can be considered an expert.

Dragon Transformation- Eric can transform into a wind dragon, with similar abilities to that of Rita. Since he transforms into her species, conviently enough, it can be said that when transformed, he and Rita are at their maximum effectiveness as a combo. Capable of using Wind Style techniques with just a flap of his wings, the shinobi has increased taijutsu capabilities and defensive abilities, each of his senses greatly enhanced while in this form. Few have seen this side of him, and even fewer know precisely why this developed within him.

"Battle Info"

The following is information regarding the SLS technique information; I finally decided to post it here, partially due to convencience, but largely becuase the SLS page I had been storing it in had been running out of space. I guess I got carried away at some point. Some it may seem slightly redudnant, however.

Battle Information: Eric is a half dragon Nara clan member who is a master in the user of futon techniques, and proficient in Katon and Nara techniques; though it is rumored he has some skill in Doton as well, and has been taught a typical medical ninjutsu by a fellow Leaf villager since his return. He tends to be at his strongest when cooperating with his companion and comrades.

Consistent Weapons: Kunai, shuriken, explosive tags, flash bombs, smoke bombs, and spike bombs are all included in Eric’s personal arsenal of weapons, and his Christmas gift (2011) from his son, the Blade of Shadows, which was technically his to begin with.

  • Has signed a summoning contract with dragons from Rare.

Eye Scope: A small, detachable telescope-like device that allows Eric to view his targets with ease even at long ranges. He can operate and adjust the device either manually or through the use of his chakra. Although bought in a Konoha marketplace, its origins seem to stem from a foriegn land. The usage of this device, however, particularly when viewing targets at extremely long distances, can prevent Eric from being able to view his immideiate surroundings, since he is literally looking into the device and focusing on the target within it. The added crosshair-scope seems to line up with Eric's mouth, making it an assumption that this additional scope was added for users emitting jutsu from their mouths.

Sound Filtering Earbuds - These earbuds prevent the passage of harmful sound waves into the ear canal by reducing the frequency and volume of the sound to a level tolerable (and adjustable) to the ears of the wearer. These buds also can filter chakra from the waves, making most sound ninjutsu useless on a wearer. Eric attained these from the Yondaime Hokage, Tommi.

Blade of Shadows: Blade of Shadows: The double edged blade has the appearance of a Katana at first glance; the midnight blue metal has an almost hypnotizing appearance to it. It always seems to retain a glossy sheen to it, and is highly resistant to rusting and breakage, but can be much more easily attracted through magnetism (noticeably more than other metal materials.) Both sides of the blade's blade are permanently sharp. However, to channel chakra through the blade, it must be done only through the hilt to the blade, it can not be done the other way around. The bloodpal embedded into the very bottom seems to glow an extreme red whenever chakra is channelled through the sword, and the name "Nara Eric" can be seen engraved within the stone. The fiery pattern also, when looked into, seems to emit a dim glow, as if there is a willful fire within. The Shadow Blade's hilt is styled like a Katana's, with a dark green and blueish color to it. The sheathe is a forest camoflouge green.

Using the sword, Eric can forge a variety of energy-based attacks that seem to have a dark affinity, being incredibly capable against most save for Raiton and it's branched fusions. Not only that, when combined with his shadow imitation techniques, the sword lives up to its name and becomes his most powerful shadow imitation extension tool.

Jutsu Types: Katon, Fuuton, Doton, Nara, “shadow”, basic Ninjutsu, and a single medical ninjutsu

Note that these are Eric's 'special' jutsu. Basic ninjutsu such as clone jutsu and the likes are not included despite Eric knowing how to use them.

Raika Hōrai no Jutsu; Coming of the Lightning Fire Phoenix Technique- (Collaboration Ninjutsu) – A Raiton user traps the opponent with an electrical current while a Katon user [Eric as he has no Raiton abilities] uses Katon to increase the damage, eventually resulting in an explosion.

Daibakuha Shinkūgyoku; Super Explosion Vaccum Sphere- (Collaboration Ninjutsu) - A technique requiring a noteable amount of chakra manipulation between the individual users. User 1 transfers katon chakra into user two, who then mixes the katon and futon chakras. Once this is done, user 2 exhales a particularly large wind bullet at the target. Upon this "bullet" coming into target with something or at the discretion of the two users, it then bursts. The resulting explosion expels a large amount of slicing wind and fire, slicing through the blast radius (dependant on the amount of chakra used) and burning anything in range. While this technique lacks the ability to penetrate many barriers, it does have a widespread effect, allowing it to set aflame surrounding terrain and damage unprotected targets. The nature of the "bullet" when it is first released gives it the appearance of a fire infused wind bullet attack, allowing the users to create a certain element of surprise.

Fūjin Chakka no Jutsu; Dust Cloud Ignition Technique- (Collaboration Ninjutsu)- One user uses a fire technique while another user uses a wind technique. Used in unison, the two techniques amplify the power of each other, the wind technique increasing the durability and range of the fire technique while the fire technique adds flame attribute to the wind technique. The order of the techniques merging are not important.

Mushū no Dokugiri; Odourless Poison Mist- - By using an explosive tag, the user disperses an odourless powder that, when inhaled by the target, hinders the five senses, slowing down their reaction times. This allows the user to slow down  opponents considerably with large amounts, allowing them to gain a speed advantage that they may not have had at the beginning of the fight.

Although odourless, the powder is very much visible as a purple mist, which would flare as a dangerous warning sign. In combination with Futon, the user can increase both the range and the resiliance of the mist. Although Eric is a novice in the usage of poison, the relatively straightforward application makes this a useful tool in his arsenal, albeit it is the only poison in his arsenal.

Ryūkan: Nento; Dragon Fire Release: Sticking Spit - The user combines a mixture of Katon chakra, their saliva, and certain other components to create a sticky solution. The solution is slightly denser than water, except when it is on fire, where its density decreases, allowing it to float atop water while burning. Also, due to several components, the solution is very sticky, sticking to practically any solid or liquid with an almost chemical bonding hold, disallowing victims from removing the substance with ordinary methods. Depending on the other components, the solution can be either offensive or defensive in nature, though the incredible longevity of its burning potential makes it more useful for offensive maneuver. The liquid also can be corrosive, corroding biological material with ease, potentially burning through the victim's skin and bone. With enough, it could even burn through a Kaguya's bone and through metal. This base solution is what is used in all Dragon Fire Release Techniques.

Ryūkan: Nento Endan; Dragon Fire Release: Sticking Spit Fire Bullet- The user ignites the solution as it leaves their mouth, turning the liquid into essentially liquid fire in the shape of a large bullet, threatening to engulf a target. The fire will not immediately incenerate, but upon contact, will begin to burn away anything that it comes into contact with, sticking to the surface. Water does not mix with the solution, and due to the aforementioned characertistics, is not a garunteed way of extinguishing these flames.

Ryūkan: Kasumi Enbu; Dragon Fire Release: Mist Blaze Dance- By combining the solution with a flammable gas, the user exhales the mixture at their opponent. Delayed for a few seconds, the mixture will eventually release the flammable gas, giving the solution a very similar function as refined gasoline, being incredibly explosive. However, only the vapors, or parts of the solution still with the gas within, are explosive, the rest retaining the same flammable properties of the original solution.

Ryūkan: Nento Haisekishō; Dragon Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning Sitcking Spit - The user combines the solution with a sort of chakra infused gunpower. When released, the ash cloud that results is greatly saturated with the solution. When ignited, the cloud itself explodes, sending flaming droplets of the solution in every which direction, making it a dangerous technique even for the user to utilize in combat, and is often times more useful as a trap. On the contrary, when used at higher altitudes, the user can not ignite the technique and in essence cause the ash cloud to rain a torrent of the dragon fire solution upon a specific area. When completed, the gunpowder cloud would remain to slowly float down in portions, raining down as ash.

Katon: Zukokku;Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work- The user compresses a noteable amount of katon chakra into a small space. The user then fires the small fireball, which, upon coming onto contact with a space, erupts into a giant firestorm, causing widespread destruction to the area. Since the flames travel along the ground, and cover such a wide area, this is a difficult technique to evade. Combined with the usage of certain wind release techniques, the range and strength of the technique can be greatly amplified.

Katon:Onidōrō; Fire Release: Demon Lantern- The user creates many floating fireballs. The fireballs are then changed into the shapes of ghosts and launched at the enemy, the large number of fireballs making the technique more difficult to dodge as the range between the user and target decrease.

Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu; Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique- The user compresses a large amount of chakra built within their bodies, and then changes it into a dragon-shaped fireball upon releasing. Even outside the general attack range, it can damage an opponent, because the flames create an upward movement of air currents that can aide in the creation of potentially deadly fuuton follow-ups. Anyone caught directly in the technique could potentially be reduced to ashes within seconds.

Katon: Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu; Fire Release: Mist Blaze Dance Technique – After performing a set of handsigns, the user creates and blows a flammable gas from their lungs. Upon coming into contact with fire or sparks from Raiton attacks, the gas ignites into a rather large fireball. By adding Fuuton chakra to the process, this technique’s range can be greatly increased.

Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu; Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique- By kneading chakra inside the body and then converting it into fire as it is expelled from the mouth, the user can create a powerful and rather large orb of roaring flame. The flames can engulf a target, and upon landing can leave a crater on the surface of the ground.

Katon: Haisekishō; Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning – user spews out a stream of chakra infused gunpower ash from their mouth, which surrounds the region. As the gunpower is composed entirely of ash, it stays in the air around the victim like a cloud. After surrounding the enemy with this potentially lethal gas, the user can ignite it using sparks or another Katon technique, creaeting a powerful explosion that can potentially burn and kill the target upon impact.

Katon: Hōsenka Tsumabeni; Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Flower Nail Crimson - The user hurls shuriken (or some other ninja tool) and imbues it with fire style chakra. This causes the shuriken to burn, even after impacting, allowing the user to add a burning edge to almost any basic ninja tool. 

Kaze no Yaiba; Blade of Wind – A blade of wind is created from the user’s fingertips, and can be lashed out at an enemy.

Fūton: Suiran Reppū; Wind Release: Verdant Mountain Gale - The user wraps a bladed weapon or tool in wind chakra, giving them the ability to manipulate it from a distance. 

Shin Futon: Kazekiri no Jutsu; True Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique- By rapidly spinning the air, the user blends in Futon chakra, spinning and compressing it to the point where the blades become sharpened enough to give off a white glow. The sound is similar to that of a thousand shurikens clashing, and has the capabilities of "cutting" through the wind and wind style techniques entirely, allowing it to reach almost bullet speeds depending on the shape of the spinning mass. The blades can cut down to the cellular level, and have been proven to be able to cut through even earthen barriers with great ease. When used on a mass scale, it could even potentially destroy an entire battlefield when the compression is released, though this would obviously present a sort of danger to the user.

Jūha Shō; Beast Tearing Palm – The user summons fuuton chakra to their designated hand, then swipes a slicing chakra wave that can be controlled by the user's will. This powerful wind natured technique can slice through nigh anything, making it a lethal force.

Jūha Reppū Shō;Beast Tearing Gale Palm - The user summons fuuton chakra to their dominant hand, upon which they afterwards compresses a large amount of wind, potentially another wind technique, infuses and condenses the wind to form a massive demonic-like claw extending from the user's said hand. They can use this hand to grab object or greatly damage their opponent, although its range is quite short. The claw, carries tremendous force behind it, allowing it to devestate anything in its path without damaging the user.

Jūha Reppū Shō no Yoroi; Beast Tearing Gale Palm Armor- This technique’s primary usage has primarily been classified for offensive due to its parent jutsu, but has been shown to also have many defensive properties. By surrounding the user’s body in the gale palm’s “cloud”, the user can shape and form the “cloud” into various shapes. In its purest form, it is much like an aura around the user, matching the color of the user’s chakra. However, when the air used to create and strengthen the technique include other elements, ranging from fire to water, the technique’s color can vary. While the composition of the air the technique utilizes often determines the precise use of the technique, the high manipulation of wind natured chakra required makes this efficient for moving through the air and defending and countering against a wide range of attacks. This technique can also be used as a springboard and enhancer of other wind styled techniques, and can be built and maintained cooperatively for a stronger and longer-lasting technique.

Fūton: Kamikaze; Wind Release: Divine Wind - The user releases a gust of wind that forms several small tornadoes. Combined with Fire Release: Running Fire that forms a circle on ground level, this creates a massive flaming hurricane.

Fūton: Senpūken; Wind Release:Whirlwind Fist - the user delivers a punch that releases a giant, adaptable whirlwind capable of dissipating through some fire techniques without empowering them, such as the fireball technique.

Fūton: Shinkūgyoku; Wind Release: Vaccum Sphere -The user takes a deep breath, then exhales several small blasts of wind chakra in expelled blasts with an expansive range, giving them the capability of piercing into and potentially tearing through an opponent's flesh with ease when they collide, similar to the function of bullets. Due to the speed of the technique, it is difficult to particularly dodge.

Fūton: Shinkū Taigyoku; Wind Release: Great Vaccum Sphere- Rather than releasing the breathe taken for the regular "wind bullet" technique into seperate, small bursts, the user compresses the chakra furhter to the point where they release it in a giant, crushing sphere of air that can rip through even strong armor with ease through sheer size and force.

Fūton: Shinkūgyoku Ansatsusha; Wind Release: Vaccum Sphere Assassin - The takes a deep breath, and combined with the inhaled air and compressed futon chakra, the user expels a single blast of wind travelling faster than the speed of sound. As a result, the intended target will likely not hear the resounding blast this technique makes, particularly if they are struck and killed by this high velocity bullet of wind. However, due to the precision and power behind the technique, only a single bullet can be fired at a time, and the resulting recoil can potentially send a user flying back if improperly stanced. Due to the technique's noise, it is usually not a preferred technique if the user does not want to give their position away to others beside the target, although the target is included in this if they dodge the technique.

Fūton: Shinkūha; Wind Release: Vacuum Wave- The user takes a deep breath and begins spinning, exhaling the air at the same time as a solitary blade of wind that can cover a substantial area around the user, due to the circular motion. The injuries caused by getting caught into this technique range from grievous to absoultely life threatening. The technique has a relatively wide range of attack with this sharpened blast of air.

Shōsen Jutsu; Mystical Palm Technique -A useful medical technique that, when used to heal, speeds up the body's normal healing process. However, if excessive chakra is applied than is needed, the technique could potentially be used as an offensive technique; by sending an excess amount of chakra into the target’s body, the user can overload the victim’s normal circulation, trapping them in a comatose state.

Kagemane Konoha no Jutsu; Shadow Imitation Hidden in the Leaves Technique- The user imbues their shadow possession chakra into leaves, allowing them to paralyze opponents indefinitely. Once trapped, the victim is covered completely in the leaves, immoblizing them, and preventing them from performing any further techniques or movements, as the leaf coating acts as a chakra suppressant. The time it takes for the foe to be completely trapped varies.

Kagemen Hokō no jutsu; Shadow Surface Walking Technique- The Nara connects their feet to their shadow using their chakra, effectively grounding themselves to the shadow. This technique utilizes the shadow's unique properties of constantly being on a surface of sorts in order to aide in maintaing one's footing. The terrain may oddly shape the shadow at times, so this technique ranges from as simple as the tree climbing technique (relatively) to as difficult as the walking on water technique when a storm is constantly changing the water beneath you.

Kagemane no Jutsu; Shadow Imitation Technique - After doing the needed hand signs, the user extends their shadow as far as it has sufficient area. Once it makes contact with an opponent's shadow the two shadows merge, and the opponent is forced to imitate the movements of the user. Time is the enemy of this jutsu, as it requires chakra to maintain and activate, and becomes less effective after successive uses.

Kagemane no Kanchi; Shadow Imitation Sensing- A technique only useable to bloodline Naras. As a Nara has a natural sensory connection to their shadow, then whenever the shadow connects to something, then the Nara can determine this without visual confirmation. This technique extends this ability to the point in which the user may use other shadows that they connect to in the same manner, whether they are connected via standard or curse shadow methods. This allows Naras to also track opponents, objects, buildings, etc.

Kagemane Shuriken no Jutsu; Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique - The user channels their chakra into an object, usually a throwing weapon such as shuriken or kunai. The weapon is launched into the shadow of the enemy, and paralyzes them.

Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu; Shadow Neck Bind Technique - Once captured with the Shadow Imitation Jutsu, the user then further extends their shadow up to the target's throat in the shape of a hand. This can also be used to bind the opponent to restrain them. This jutsu is best suited for close range, because as time passes by, the strangle itself becomes weaker. It requires chakra to use and sustain.

Shin Kage Kuri no Jutsu; True Shadow Seizing Technique- The user sends their shadow through extension towards their opponent. The intent is to be able to crawl up the target's body and snap their neck, though the damage to other parts of the body is also possible.

Kageyose no Jutsu; Shadow Gathering Technique - This jutsu requires no handsigns to perform; once activated, the user's shadow is stretched into countless, thin tentacles that can be used to strike opponents, restrain them, and even throw items. It is controlled and directed by the movements of the user.

Kage Nui no Jutsu; Shadow Sewing Technique- Similar to the Kageyose no jutsu (Shadow Engame Technique), this technique requires a constant handsign to remain in effect, although unlike the endgame technique this jutsu can be used to actually pierce opponents and restrain them, "sewing" them with the shadow.

Kuro Higanbana; Black Spider Lily- After trapping a victim with the shadow sewing technique, the enemy can be brought closer using this technique, its namesake derived from the fact that when used on multiple opponents surrounding the user, when the shadow returns to the ground and draws them in, it resembles the black spider lily flower.

Kage Asshō no Jutsu; Shadow Pressure Palm Technique By having an incredible source of light project his shadow indefinitely over a region, Eric can bind his opponents merely by closing his hand, the strength of the technique capable of restraining anyone and anything caught within the large shadow. The light source must be considerably bright and relatively close to Eric in order for this technique to be used to its highest extent. This technique does not require handsigns to perform.

Kage Enmaku no Jutsu; Shadow Smokescreen Technique By surrounding the enemy entirely with tangible object(s), the user surrounds the said region with their shadow. They then use their shadow to violently compress the region, likely greatly damaging opponents within the region from the implosion. The size of the region and Eric's proximity from it determines the time needed for this process to occur.

Hiei no jutsu ; Flying Shadow Technique – Considered by Rita the completion of the shadow migration series of techniques, this jutsu dramatically increases the effectiveness of the aforementioned technique by allowing the user to teleport at great speeds, similar to Hiraishin. This is accomplished in a similar manner as hiraishin.

First, the user must have a shadow under their control, be it either through cursing or special seals. Secondly, the user performs a specific handsign. Once performed, the user temporarily enters the shadow dimension, before re-appearing at a specified shadow gate. The shadow gate(s) through which they pass through is noteably less permanent than that of the Shadow Migration series, and collapses shortly after the activation, meaning that they cannot use this technique for transporting anything other than themselves. Despite this, this is an incredibly useful technique for the sake of transportation, though slightly redundant, since if the Nara already has his victim under his shadow curse, then the fight would essentially be over anyways, though the necessity for this technique can’t be overlooked in a world of sheer speed.

Yamigakure no jutsu; Hiding in Darkness Technique- This technique creates a shroud of darkness around the area. This is accomplished by the user using their chakra to absorb light, rather than allow it to be reflected. In its weakest state, it merely creates a thin veil of shadow over an area, perfect terrain for a Nara. At its strongest, the victim or user is completely encased in darkness, as if on a moonless, starless night in the countryside. Producing light does no good, as the light itself would be absorbed by the technique, the heat conversion eventually being recycled into the technique allowing for a degree of self-sufficiency, though the technique is not completely independent of the user, and would collapse without some input. This technique is useful for disorienting foes, as the moment the lights ‘go back’ on, the victim may be startled by the sudden return to light.

An important thing to note, in this day and age, is that while the technique is largely composed of chakra, absorbing the technique is not as simple as turning on the chakra sucker. The technique can be just as effective out of the reach of the opponent as within the reach, depending on the circumstances, and does not have to be within a certain vicinity of the user in order to work.

Kagewana: Mugen Hōyō ; Shadow Trap: Infinite Embrace- A barrier technique that is more useful as a defensive or preventive tool than an offensive weapon. The user imbues a series of commands into a scroll, into which they release a large amount of chakra. Once released from the scroll and actually activated, the barrier springs forth, covering a pre-determined amount of surface area. The barrier is sustained by chakra, with this initially be supplied by the chakra within the scroll. The barrier itself, once erected, generally has a cube or rectangular prism shape. Used to prevent access to an area, the surface area of the barrier is designed to prevent entry by binding the opponent’s shadow immediately upon entry. Additionally, the barrier also drains chakra from both jutsu and potential casters at an accelerated rate, partially to maintain itself, and partially as a defensive mechanism. A second layer persists, presuming the first were to fail, that would trap objects, jutsu, or even enemies within the shadow realm, essentially doomed as they do not possess free movement within the realm (without a shadow seal), or the ability to escape using conventional means (including space-time ninjutsu that do not have a pocket dimension directly attached, such as hiraishin no jutsu and the summoning technique).

Ultimately, if the second layer is penetrated, then the third layer is simply a hardened wall of black chakra with very sharp points that protrude upon the second layer being dismissed. They protrude, in no coincidence, in a fashion similar to the shadow sewing technique, intending on going through the quarry and rapidly absorbing their chakra, increasing in strength both rate of absorption and hardiness. A consequence of this is that a greatly condensed pack of chakra could penetrate this layer with relative ease compared to other methods of penetration.

Nara-Ryū no Sairento Kiringu; Nara Style Silent Killing- By covering the prospective victim in their shadow, the user quickly executes an attack with the intent of killing. The technique was dubbed as much simply because it was intended to be used in combination with the hiding in darkness technique, to quickly and stealthily take out an opponent with little to no warning using the shadow.

Kagemane: Kagewana; Shadow Imitation: Shadow trap- Eric channels his chakra into a shadow, and a particular command. When disturbed by a pre-determined conditions, then the trap will spring, generally causing the shadow to respond to the command originally given.

- One variation causing shadow spikes to emit. As they are quick and usually unexpected, they are capable of doing serious damage. -A second varient wraps the shadow quickly around the opponent, quickly both binding and suffocating the opponent if left unchecked. -A third varient is an entirely new technique, and traps the victim inside the shadow hell prison. -A fourth varient merely binds the opponent for a certain amount of time. -A fifth merely communicates the motion back to the original technique user, allowing it to also be used as a detection system.

Shadow Tree Binding Death; Kage Jubaku Satsu - Eric captures an opponent in her shadow. Once this is done, he surges chakra through his victim via this connection, trapping them in a tree composed entirely of shadows. The victim will be unable to move as long as the two shadows are connected. As Eric forms a direct chakra connection with the victim, he can prevent the quarry from surging chakra or physically breaking the hold in their attempts to escape the technique.

Kage Naraku no Jutsu; Shadow Hell Technique- After the connection of a Shadow Possession jutsu to a designated target, the user performs a single extra handsign to activate this jutsu. The victim is dragged into the connected shadows, after which they are unable to escape via ordinary methods or techniques. Typically, the victim is released from the world of shadows seconds after being dragged in, confused, disoriented, and soon after, within the stage of passing out. However, the victim can be kept in there longer and released at the user's discretion.

Fūinjutsu: Kage Naraku Rō; Sealing Technique: Shadow Hell Prison- A Nara Clan fuinjutsu designed specifically for the sealing of those trapped by the shadow imitation technique and its varients. This sealing technique utilizes the shadow hell technique to drag an object or person into the shadow of a particular object. This seals the victim quite literally into a shadow. The strength of the technique is greatly enhanced if the target is shadow possessed first.

Once the sealing is complete, a "marker" of sorts will appear, and may be placed on an object for the sake of convenience.

The user may use shadow migration to "visit" the sealed person or object in the shadow imitation pocket dimension. The object in question will be surrounded and held down by shadows, with the kanji for "shadow seal" (Kage Fūin) upon it. Once trapped, the realm is inescapble from, even with space-time ninjutsu, unless the seal is externally removed or destroyed.

Fūinjutsu: Kage Naraku shuriken Rō; Sealing Technique: Shadow Hell Shuriken Prison- The shuriken/kunai varient of the Shadow Hell prison technique. Largely designed as a trap of sorts, the technique immediatley actives once an unidentified shadow crosses the path of this kunai, the technique will active. The marker, logically then, will be on the kunai.

Noroi kagemane; Cursed Shadow Manipulation- By applying the user's chakra into the Shadow Manipulation Curse juinjutsu technique formula, then when the user connects shadows with another, even for a moment, then the formula is applied to the victim's shadow, allowing for the user to effectively manipulate the victim's shadow from a distance, without their shadows being connected. This portion of the technique is dubbed as a jujutsu of sorts.

Kagemane no noroi; Shadow Manipulation Curse - The juinjutsu invented by Eric Nara designed to cripple his opponents once and for all when he applies his shadow manipulation just once by planting this juinjutsu, allowing for the user to effectively manipulate the victim's shadow from a distance as if the victim's shadow were their own, using the "cursed" shadow as a meduim. The juinjutsu's effect also carries over to other shadows that were connected to the afflicted shadow at the time of application (A sword that was afflicted, then separated into two different, smaller shortswords, both shortswords are afflicted, regardless of method of separation); the technique itself can only be removed by the user eliminating any and all shadows that are cast by their body, including miniscule ones that would normally not be noticed (eyelashes upon a cheek, shadow within an ear with lobe).

Level 2:

The victim, once temporarily or longly paralyzed, can then recieve another version, dubbed "level 2". Instead of being applied to the user's shadow, this time, the technique is applied to the victim's body, optimally areas of high energy 'creation', such as the digestive organs or the heart. Either way, when applied, the juinjutsu will begin to seemingly "sap" at a sudden rate the users's physical energy. However, the drain is in fact the juinjutsu's disruption of the body's physical energy. This further decreases the opponent's mobility and ability to use their chakra. Within time, this juinjutsu by itself has the potential to kill, by preventing the body from using any of this energy to sustain itself. This is similar to literal starvation, but it takes at least a week for an average shinobi to be killed by this effect. This technique becomes more devestating when combined with the Physical Extraction technique.

This juinjutsu, physically applied typically through burning into the skin, can be removed through the same method as the previous, if caught before it takes root. However, much of the time, this will not be the case, and the victim must either overwhelm the technique with incredible physical energy or seal it via powerful fuinjutsu. Removing entirely the applied area, while temporarily stunning to the victim from the sudden shock of having the technique disconnect with their chakra network, is just as effective, though not recommended for most.

Doton: Doryūheki; Earth Release: Earth Style Wall – The user creates a solid wall of Earth for defensive purposes. Chakra is either converted to earth within the body or spat out in the form of a wall or pre-existing earth is used (the latter more efficient chakra-wise). Due to the chakra affinity added to the wall, it is strongely resistant against Fire and Water (techniques and non-techniques) and it’s overall strength varies depending on the skill of the user. Eric can create a eight foot high wall in front of his person.

Doton no jutsu; Earth Release Jutsu- Versatile in nature, this jutsu allows the user to manipulate the earth to an extent lesser than specific earth styles, but to a much wider range than using specific earth style techniques. Allowing the user to burrow underground is an example, along with the creation of earthen barriers and additives even to one's body.

Shadow Field: Tate Kage; (Kenjutsu) - A barrier of black energy is created, having a dome shape if on the ground, and a spherical shape in the air. A powerful defense against physical attacks like Taijutsu and explosions, but permeable to Genjutsu, and possessess a weakness to Raiton.

Shadow Burst: Uverworld Kage; (Kenjutsu) - Fires a thick, black beam of energy with a rather wide range using the Blade of Shadows. The damage varies with the chakra used and the target's defensive tactic, although if completely unblocked it can completly rip through a designated target.

Gate of Shadows - Once activated, the user can pass through shadows and use them as portals to a "Reverse World" accessible only to Shadow Seal wearers. By popping from this "Reverse World" and back into the normal world, this process takes merely seconds to complete, allowing the user to quickly evade powerful techniques that cast a large shadow. The user must be within either a shadow or nigh complete darkness to use this technique. The user's movements cannot be tracked by even the byakugan. In recent times, Eric has even incorporated the technique into various Nara and Blade of Shadow combinations, making this one of his most versatile techniques.

Kage Idō; Shadow Migration (space-time ninjutsu)- Eric's most complex jutsu, combining elements of: shadow control techniques, his gate of shadows, and fuinjutsu. Eric designed this technique for use during stealth missions quickly moving from place to place without being detected for extended periods of time. Once a remote gate of shadows is activated bearing Eric's chakra signature and the minor shadow seal, Eric can activate and use his own gate of shadows to, instead of returning through his own, return via the remote one. This removes the Gate of Shadow's original weakness of an enemy attacking precisely where Eric had vanished for prolonged periods of time and eventually hitting the emerging Eric. While slower than most other space-time ninjutsu, as a few seconds are taken all together for sinking into and emerging from the shadow "gate" and therefore is not instantaneous, it does provide the advantage of both being cheap in chakra use and time saving.

Chameleon Jutsu; Meisaigakure no Jutsu (Ninjutsu) - This technique allows the user to control how light reflects around their body, allowing them to almost seamlessly blend in with their environment.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu; Summoning Technique – After signing a contract with a certain species or a private contract, the user delivers an offering of blood (biting a finger usually does the trick) and performs a set of handsigns. Once finished, the user slams the hand they signed the contract with onto the ground. The amount of chakra used depends on the size of the summoned. *Currently has signed a contract with dragons.

Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu; Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu – From a single weapon or tool, the user creates thousands of them, typically of shuriken, and hurls them at the enemy. As each created clone is real, it possesses the same lethality as the original, and since the clones are created and launched almost instantly with chakra, this is a difficult technique to dodge at close range.

Konoha no jutsu; Hidden in the Leaves Technique - The user creates a flurry of leaves, coating themselves and the surrounding area in them. If pre-existing vegetation exists, then this jutsu requires less chakra, but if not, then the user must create them using their chakra. In either instance, the leaves surround the region in such a fashion that a victim will be incapable of easily manuevering or even seeing the user, and since the leaves, regardless of shape, are coated in the users' chakra, then this also reduces the effectiveness of chakra sensing and many doujutsu, including the sharingan.

Yōton:shintaishutsu; Yang Release: Physical Extraction Technique - This ninjutsu, invented along with the Nara juinjutsu, can be used in direct conjunction, and is labelled kinjutsu by its creator, Eric Nara. By connecting the user and the target through their through a meduim (a juinjutsu connected to the victim's network is sufficient, as are extensions of the victim's chakra still connected to the victim's chakra network, such as constant emission) the user may extract the physical energies of the user, even if it is already molded into bodily chakra. While it's usage on elemental techniques is limited, on certain techniques composed entirely of chakra, the user can absorb the physical energy, dissipating the technique altogether. It is highly effective against stationary targets and seals, since usually ninjutsu techniques will damage the user, as physical contact with the meduim is required. This technique can literally drain the physical energy out of a victim, replenishing the user's own vitality with it. This is not to be confused with complete chakra restoration, as chakra is the combination of spiritual and physical energies. This extracted energy can be used to greatly augument the body in a variety of ways, including regeneration and increased physical prowress.

However, Eric has labelled this technique kinjutsu for its clear unnatural properties and major flaws. The user is merely draining the physical, not mental, energies of the victim; as a result, the victim can still perform Yin energy based techniques that require absolutely no physical movement, including of the eyes. If the absorbed Yang energy is of a certain nature (bijuu) then the user will begin to take on attributes of said energy physically and, if not stopped in due time, may even become possessed or a pseudo version. Lastly, due to the high level of concentration of such a powerful technique, the user is inable to perform any other technique while extracting.

Shadow Seal- Located on the nape of the left side of his neck, it is shaped like a compass. Allows the wearer to pass through the gate of shadows by intimately connecting the bearer to their shadow. This also allows for additional ease of use of the shadow imitation techniques. Another version of lesser effect, dubbed "minor" is based on this original "master" design in shape, although it gives a bearer less capablilites than the "master" and is typically found on weapons of Eric's choice, which he uses to open remote gates of shadows.

Shintai enerugī fuinjutsu; Physical energy sealing technique - The user may seal either their own or someone else's physical energy within this seal, storing it for later use. Typically this seal is located somewhere near the user's heart, and may contain up to the user's own maximum supply of physical energy before becoming full. Mulitple seals upon a single person are incredibly dangerous, as they coincide with and are connected to the users body. Only those with mulitple hearts can utilize more than one at a time.


Black kunai

Kunai varient

Black Kunai-
These are relatively ordinary kunai; save for the fact that they
Black shuriken

Shuriken Varient

have been modified via Eric's minor Gate of Shadows Seal and are infused with his chakra. As a result, the abilities of these kunai (and sometimes shuriken too) vary wtih the type of chakra Eric put in, typically shadow manipulation and the gate of shadows abilities, in order to extend, even temporarily, his capabiltiies in trapping his opponents in his shadow possession techniques.

Scope Nara Eric

Eye Scope, to be worn over one eye

Eye Scope
- The main purpose of this eye tool is to extend Eric's vision, as extremely long distances, while rare in chance, are a possiblity on the battlfield. It was considered a neccessity in order to be able to perform his assassain's bullet from a relatively safe distance. Bought from an Iwagakure merchant, this tool is rarely seen on Eric's person, as the majority of his foes are within relative seeing range, and thus do not need to be magnified with his binocular-like tool. It only covers one eye, however, and lines up with the mouth at default, requiring adjustment in order to use it to throw tools at an extensive range.


Sound Filtering Earbuds- Worn at almost all times, these small, self-powered (through batteries) devices are capable of reducing harmful sound, including sound infused with chakra, into harmless, tolerable, "clean" sound. Essentially, turning noise into a less disdainful frequency, allowing the user to still hear things. Although they came in many variations and styles, Eric uses a dark green color, as to not "clash" with the rest of his outfit or draw uneeded attention.

Blade of Shadows- Eric's signature tool, the Blade of Shadow resembled leadership within both his Clan and his organization at certain points of their history. This sword is approximately 5'1 (feet'inches) with a blade about 4'8

(coloration is a bit... off)

and a hilt of 5 inches in height. The blade is also about 2 inches in thickness. Resiliant to rust, cleavage, and stains, the sword is very durable, capable of withstanding high temperatures without melting. This is due to the substance that the blade itself (not the handle) is made of, allowing to perform a number of Kenjutsu-based techniques just by channeling chakra through the blade and changing the use of the energy, to barriers to large blasts of energy. Additionally, it enhances all of Eric's Nara technqiues to the point of being able to bind almost any living thing with it. In the pommel is a bloodpal that seems to have a living flame within it, all the time enscribed to "Eric Nara". This was a gift made, given, and "installed" by Amai into the sword. The sword is relatively linear, with two curves to make a sort of triangular tip. The sheathe for it is dark-green forest camo colored. The sword's blade is midnight blue, despite the fact that more than a few have mistaken this color for black, due to their similarities. It is strapped to Eric's back on normal occassions, and is a valuable family heirloom that Eric holds quite dear, with good reason. The shadow imitation techniques are greatly enhanced with used in conjunction with this sword, allowing Eric to bind even the strongest foes (albeit for a limited time) using it. He doesn't seem to use it to this effect as often as one would think, most likely due to to the blade's large size.


  • Despises Self-Righteous people, regardless of whether they are in the right or not
  • Dislikes overly used, to the point of cliche': phrases, techniques, and abilities.
  • Dislikes the sharingan
  • Dislikes the use of "God" to describe any mortal person or creation
  • Disbelieves in the though of immortality
  • Disbelieves that hatred is the true path
  • Disbelieves that love is the true path
  • Disbelieves that what is "good" and what is "right" are the same thing
  • Distrusts systems he has no partaking or participation in
  • Dislikes vegetables
  • Dislikes Rita eating his Clan deer
  • Dislikes the pedestal standers and their spotlight
  • Dislikes non-humorous trolls
  • Dislikes Mist ninja due to their affinity for Water Release, a crippling flaw in Eric's arsenal.
  • Hates the Mist Chakra Drain Rain Technique
  • Hates those who either love the world or hate the world becuase of their own expereinces
  • Hates to be corrected, but hates even more not to be corrected and laughed at as a result
  • Hates to be erected on a pedestal
  • Loves the middle ground of things
  • Loves honesty
  • Values modesty
  • Values situational transparency
  • Values patience
  • Values understanding
  • Wants to fight: Kayenta, Takahashi, Tomi, Gyrururu, Uetto, and Bocchiere


"If the king could defend himself, then why would he bother with the likes of us?"

"If I had a nickel for every time a shinobi went down that cliche' path of revenge or ultimate power, I'd be a very rich ninja."

"I hate the heaven's eye! I hate everything about it! I have nothing against your eyes, son, just that I hate the damn sharingan!"

"Mist ninja never play fair."

"Leaf ninja never fight right."

"Sand ninja shouldn't swim. It isn't natural!"

"The over-powered suppress the rest of us. I guess that's why democracy failed till one of the beaten down over-powered decided to do something about it."

"Fight fire with water, women with [censored]!"

"So what if I like her? At least she can set me straight twice this year."

"Just when I thought I was going to stop belieiving... I was given a reason to start believing again."

"Close... Too close. But then again, that's why we live on the edge of this realm!"

"Sorry! I'm bumping your ass back to the start!"

"I'm bringing legit back. That's why I'm here."

"Seriously?!" (Most famous one)

"I'd rather die a coward than die a fool. My ego couldn't take the latter's implication!" "Crazy? You must mistake me for a philosipher when you say that."


"The price of onself is the most desired..."

The Force of Shadows

Hidden in the Leaves, the great shadow

master of the wind, cool breeze

enter the forest and he will show

what they mean when they say "freeze"!

Binding bonds upon the ground

each shadow is just as lethal

if you're lucky you will reach the mound,

otherwise meet the kage chapel!

Shadows bending at the wills,

leader of his kin, the great Nara

Uchiha got their heart chills,

Shadows reign nigh tomorrah!

Everything will be just fine,

just so long as the shadows stay,

the king will be amongst thine!

No matter how faint be they

Still lethal as the assassian's blade!

Forest green his companion flies,

any life in that path is forbade

by the fires, fruitless they tries

to escape, just with no gain.

Just when they think it is all over

Here comes lightning like a crane,

cunning as a fox, red rover,

many rose without thinking

and fell at the bow of archer,

then there's the son, white lightning

he's the nerve wracking, mind assaulter

Force of the shadows, Shadow Force,

Led by one man, though humble,

knows about the force, of course,

never too loud, just a mumble.

No matter what says thine widows,

the hardest are cast in his shadows!

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