Fūton: Rasengan Kousen



Fūton: Rasengan Kousen

Literal English

Wind Release: Spiral Sphere Beam





Nature Icon Wind Wind Release, Neutral






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Normal Rasengan Version

After creating a normal Rasengan the user infuses the spinning ball with wind chakra, similar to the beginning stages of the Rasenshuriken, though Shape Manipulation is not used. The user then chooses to either aim the blast or set it off after contact with a physical object. Upon detonation, the blast fires at the same size of the source ( in this case the Rasengan) and extends forward with such piercing force that it would rip through the bones of lower kaguya and most chakra armors. The blast is meant to die out shortly after being fired, but if more chakra is poured into the attack it can be changed into a continuous beam to wear down the opponents defenses.

Concentrated Beam

[This version takes an extremely high level of chakra control] On any of the users ten fingers they create a condensed Rasengan and infuse it with wind chakra. Once fired it can not only decimate the bones of weaker Kaguya but also pierce the bones of higher tiers. Chakra defenses and metals are useless against this attack as well. Continous use of this attack isn't viable as it drains the user's chakra quite quickly. Due to this, use is limited to one or two attempts in a fight.

Yondaime Hokage Version

A variation of the Rasengan technique, Rasengan Kousen once more relies heavily on prowess in chakra shape manipulation. By forming a Pumpkin sized Rasengan, generally hands or fingers, Tomi will further condense the spiraling sphere, into the size of a baseball, briefly adding pressure to the technique. Upon such, the rasengan collapses into a directional beam of highly concentrated chakras and super heated air particles. Within a matter of milliseconds to seconds, this jutsu will impact a target, piercing straight through them. The results cause vaporization to almost all that the Rasengan Kousen comes into contact with. This is due to the chakras within the beam causing intense friction within the air particles within the chakra used in the technique into instantly heating them to the point of being able to burn through most substances. Athos uses this variant as well as its creator Uematsu Tomi. The wind element can be added into it to ease the process/give it slightly higher piercing ability.

Note: Yondaime Hokage Version can be used without chakra nature and was developed independently from other claims.


Shinkō, Uematsu Tomi

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