(ファナリス, Fanarisu)


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The Fanalis are a group of trained warriors under the tutelage of Taro, of the Uzumaki clan. Hand picked in the Academy, these shinobi are leagues and bounds above the average ninja residing in the village of whirlpools; each individual member able to defeat a group of jounin single handedly. This group largly bases their higherarchy off of a pack mentality; adressing themselves as beasts of prey, and with Taro as their pack leader.


The Fanalis are composed solely of the Uzumaki clan, thus they are largely redheaded by nature. Due to the vigorous trainings meant to mimic the strongest shield training, these warriors (Be they male or female) are very well built in terms of muscle to fat ratios. Their armors consist of romanized golden plating, to symbolize that they are of a higher status than the other members of the Uzumaki clan.



The Fanalis are a largely tactical group, using each member to their fullest capabilities. Being of the Uzumaki clan, they are masters of sealing techniques, Adamantine chains, and exemplary sensory techniques. Using this in conjunction with a violent taijutsu style, these golden clad warriors are nothing to be trifled with in the heat of battle.

Basing their fighting styles off of the Inuzuka clan, and the 8 gates formation, these fighters can deliver ferocious blows meant to damage not only the internal organs through blunt force trauma, but external wounds to the skin and muscle through Koton dipped nails that act as razors. 

With training that is remnicant of the Inuzuka, these shinobi have enhanced agility and sense of smell that when combined with the enhanced strength of the 8 gates training makes for a terrifying opponent on the battlefeild. 

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