A snippet of the Farmlands with mountains far in the back.

Out west beyond the bordering walls of the urban Uzushiogakure is the rural and secluded area known as the Farmlands. Without much of an abundance on fertile soil, the farmlands was sculpted to be the perfect amount of area for the land of whirlpools to properly provide itself with natural resources. The specific quality of the soil allows for many of the secluded villagers to provide various goods to the city and island a whole. Known as a community of their own, the inhabitants of the Farmlands are a tight knit crew of old time settlers, having held distinct bloodlines and ties to ancestors of the land. Each holding their own substantially large sets of properties all produce and distribute their own distinct products and goods in order to adequately utilize the limited fertile land. Intricate dirt roads connect some properties to others as one main road guides a traveler from one end of the land to the other. By day, merchants and traffickers are seen hauling and shipping various goods too and from the farms themselves; either to the village or far out to the port and eventually out of the island on their end, signifying the direct shipment of goods straight from its source.
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