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Feng Shui Art: Rupture of Genesis





Fūsui Geijutsu: Sōseiki no Haretsu

Literal English

Feng Shui Art: Rupture of Genesis


Appears in

Manga only



Ninjutsu, Barrier Ninjutsu


Feng Shui Art, Nature Icon Yin–Yang Yin–Yang Release




Offensive, Supplementary


All ranges

Hand seals

Monkey → Horse → Dog → Sheep → Tiger → Snake → Dog → Dragon → Clap Hands


  • Yūmei Kokūzō
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At the end of the hand seal utilization sequence the caster slams both of their palms flat on the ground, causing a relatively large-radial (25m) to appear beneath the targets, immediately immobilizing their physical movements.

Kanji forming along the barrier's outer layer of the circumference.

Whilst active kanji begins to form alongside the circumference in the barrier's outer layer at a rapid pace; while although they act as an indicator as to when the final stage of the technique takes place, they have one additional effect: Should the victim(s) attempt to break free from the barrier by channelling a massive amount of chakra around their person(s), the kanji seals act as conductors, rapidly absorbing the chakra (when physical) and speeding up the first stage in the process. There also appears to be no limit to the amount the barrier can absorb.

The only notable way to break out of this technique would be to successfully cast a Genjutsu on the caster and force them to remove their hands from the miniature barrier beneath their palms, which is formed upon summoning the larger version.

The second and final stage of this technique takes place after the outer layer of the barrier is completely inscribed with kanji seals, causing the barrier to emit a bright purple glow before violently exploding in a cloud of magenta-shaded chakra. Everything caught within the blast radius is immediately incinerated without a second's notice; its killing potential increased by the amount of kanji generated along its circumference. The aftermath resembles nothing less than the result of a natural disaster. Notably should any additional chakra be absorbed into the seals (as a result of the victim(s) attempting to channel chakra whilst entrapped within), the blast radius may be expanded depending on the amount.