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Fire Elemental

Summoning: Flame Spirit


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Nature Type


  • Honō Uzumaki


Nigini first appeared when Honō Uzumaki attempted to summon The Sun Goddess, Amaterasu. In her place she sent her Granddaughter. She told Hono that he was in the favor of the Sun Goddess and that she wanted to help his quest to protect his village.

"Your love for these people touches my heart, though you may do things that are seen as evil. Your heart is the soft I have seen in any human. You give me hope." - Amaterasu, (spoken through Nigini)

Sun God Sage Mode Training

Nigini was sent to teach Honō Sun God Sage Justu. Much like Senjustu in which the user gathers nature energy from around them; a Sun God Sage does as well.

They are currently training hard on perfecting the balance of his chakra to unlock the full potential.


Nigini was made of the same materiales as the sun with her molten exterior and fox like ears that horned out. Other then that, it would be hard to tell she was the Granddaughter of the great Amaterasu.


Though being made of fire, Nigini is a very caring creature, especially on Honō, who she has a crush on.


In order to learn Sun God Sage Mode, you must be taught by the Sage of the Sun Honō Uzumaki; which if he deems you worthy he will have you first sign the Fire Elemental Contract.

Details about said Contract go as followed:

  • Honō Uzumaki is it's keeper and first Master; being said, he is the only person capable of teaching the Sage Art
  • At any point in time he may cross your name out and you lose the ability to summon Fire Elementals to help with your senjustu gaining
  • Since Contract Signers sign in blood, Honō Uzumaki could kill any single one with a single flick of a bloody thumb across their name
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