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Dark Water


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Fluid Release Dark Water Release (ダーク・ウォーター・リリース, Honoguraimizunosokokara,Viz: Fluid Style) is the combined nature transformation kekkei genkai of the Naritoshi clan made up of techniques that combine water and blood-based chakra to create and manipulate the mixture into various forms. When the user releases their chakra, the air becomes thick with a black mist that increases density and pressure.


The exact origin of this style is unknown, as records of it's use date as far back as the Warring States Period. It was most likely founded by members of the Naritoshi or Chinoike clans, as they are the only two that have a genetic disposition for the dōjutsu Kerryūgan.


Although the technique is primarily unlocked through possession of the dōjutsu, it is possible to gain access to the technique through blood transfusion. However the amount of blood required to gain access to Fluid Style is vast and would result in the receiver replacing nearly all the blood in their body. Another drawback is that the donor would either have to give a large quantity all at once leaving them temporarily anemic, or store multiple bags of blood for a period of time until the required quantity is reached.

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