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  1. Techniques listed here are able to be claimed at any time by any body. Though keep in mind some techniques have certain requirements and conditions. It is highly recommended to read the entire technique's page before claiming.
  2. Table items should be listed in alphabetical order. Abide to the code etiquette, if you make a mess of the table, be it intentional or accidental, it is your responsibility to amend it.
  3. Any free claim techniques may be taken down for what should be limited free claim at any time. This means that only the creator and anybody else who learned it in the time period before its removal should only be able to use it.
  4. In accordance to the above, it is necessary to either add one's name to the "Users" section on the technique's page, or the technique itself on their character's page. This is to ensure that nobody else comes up later to say that they've always known this technique, without letting anybody else know of it.


Name Creator(s) Conditions Description
Dark Sealing Method Uchiha Kamui Sound Five See here.
Fire Release Chakra Mode Kage Uchiha Uchiha Clan See here.
Fire Release Chakra Mode: Ascending Step Kage Uchiha Uchiha Clan See here.
Four Black Fogs Formation Uchiha Kamui Sound Five See here.
Gunbai Sword Technique Kage Uchiha Uchiha Clan See here.
Incineration Technique Bocchiere Fire Release See here.
Natural Energy Transfer Technique Kage Uchiha Sage Mode See here.
Scroll Communication Technique Uchiha Kamui ANBU See here.
Steel Spawn Kyoko Sakura Steel Release See here.
Wave Transmission Technique Sharuto Explosion Corps See here.
This concludes the entries for the free claims techniques.