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  • 雪冬華


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20 December


Gender Female Female







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Kekkei Genkai

Nature Icon Ice Ice Release

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Yuki Symbol Yuki Clan


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General Info

Fuyuka is a Shinobi affiliated to the Iniciates of the White Fang. She is usually seen lurking on the corner, watching the others do their tasks normally. She is not an easy person to approach and tends to speak little, remaining a misterious figure. Her past is a mystery, even to herself. 

Her main skills are:

Master in Elemental Ninjutsu (Ice, Wind and Water Release),

Master in Basic Ninjutsu,

Adept in Taijutsu,

Novice in Genjutsu,

Master in Kenjutsu and Bukinjutsu.

She also uses some samurai techniques. 


Fuyuka stood in a good height, 175 cm, quite tall for a woman. Her smooth skin was as white as snow, and her body built was the slender type one, with discret breasts and good female curves. Her lips were rosy and heart shaped, giving life to the pale face, along with the deep black and fine ragged eyes, decorated by fine eyebrows and long dark eyelashes. The woman's nose was small and upturned, finishing the delicate and angel-like aspects of her face. Her hair was long, in a bright ebony color, straight and falling in cascades towards her shoulders. The woman weared a simple sky blue kimono, wrapped by a white satin strap at her waist, and had, along with the kimono, a snow flake printed on: the Yuki clan symbol. The 18 year-old kunoichi weared wooden sandals with white socks on, and at her back, the pair of katanas' hilts could be seen.


She doesn't have any memory from her past, only that she woke up into a drifting boat in the middle of the sea near Kirigakure. Dealing with bandits and missing ninjas to gather some money from bounty, the young woman only remembered her name and her techniques and skills.


In lack of a better adjective? Cold. Fuyuka's expression hardly ever tells her feelings, and the rarest thing in the world is to see her smile. Her voice tone is formal, low and sometimes harsh. Fuyuka is formal towards everyone, reserved and distant. A true ice hearted woman. Fuyuka is also deadly honest, sounding blunt and even arrogant sometimes.

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