Black Tortoise (玄武, Genbu)

  • Black Warrior of the North



Four Symbols



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Genbu (げんぶ, Genbu) is one of the Four Symbols, and is regarded as the Black Tortoise of the North. He is sometimes referred to as the Black Warrior.


Genbu's form is that of a yellow-skinned and black-shelled tortoise, with a slightly elongated neck. Two and a half meters in height when walking on all fours. Carved upon his shell are the Bagua (八卦, Eight Trigrams), one of his distinguishing features. The other being his unusual tail, which takes the form of a long and orange serpentine creature. This easily gives Genbu a secondary sight.


The most notable ability of Genbu is his solid and unwavering defense from his shell, which is able to resist the sharpest of metals and the strongest of forces. His serpentine tail is also known to have great strength and reflexes. These two notable abilities when used together, can allow Genbu to use himself as a giant flail. This earned him his nickname of the Black Warrior.

His jaw also bears great strength, being able to crush thick threes and metal pipes easily within it. Though he maybe slow on land, he can make up for it in a large enough body of water.

Nature transformation

Water is Genbu's main affinity, which seems very natural for himself taking the form of a tortoise. Genbu is able to expel water from either of his mouths, being able to use it in many manners that range from attack to supplementing his limitation in speed by filling an area with water.

Mitama Form

Genbu can make himself into a smaller and more dormant form as Nigi Mitama. While in this form, he represents gentleness and calamity, making him a living source of composure and clear-mindedness. Although he may be smaller, he can still spew out and swallow large bodies of water.
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