Literal English

Illusion Eye



  • Kazuto

The Gensougan (Literally meaning "Illusion Eye") is a dōjutsu kekkei genkai, which appears in the members of the Kazuto clan. 


  The Gensougan is an eye Kekkei Genkai. It's primary use is to create powerful Genjutsu. A well developed Gensougan user can use any Genjutsu with no hand signs, except for the "True Illusion"  Genjutsu. The True Illusion Genjutsu is a technique brought out by the power of the Gensougan. This jutsu takes a very large amount of chakra, and makes the illusion, as real as the user. The possiblities for this ability is only limited by the user's chakra and skill. The Gensougan can also help fight other genjutsus. The ability to break a genjutsu depends on the skill of the Gensougan user. A skilled enough Gensougan user can even counter and mimic the Kekkei Genkai genjutsus such as Tsukuyomi. The Gensougan is normally awakened during a near death experience. 

The Gensougan also allows the user to bring another into the Nothing. It is described as a place in between memories. While there, another person can see flash memories of the gensougan user, however the user has no control over what memories are shown.

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