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Meretrix lusoria

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Otogakure Symbol Otogakure
Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Very Sturdy


This Giant Clam (蜃, Ōhamaguri) is the personal summon of several shinobi. Soya is the current contract holder.


Aside from its massive size, it resembled an ordinary clam. Several prominent dark lines encircle both the upper and lower portions of its shell.


The creature is capable of producing a mist with which its summoner can create a deceptive mirage that completely rendered observers unable to accurately locate the position of itself or its summoner, after firstly opening its shell and exuding a mist from its siphons throughout the duration of the technique. Its shell was very sturdy, being able to resist many attacks. The clam may also perform other Water Release techniques. Variants of this summon, such as Trev's are known to perform Poison Release as well.

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