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Giant Corpse Crab


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Presumed Deceased

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    Lands Between Land of Fire and Land of Lightning
Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Extreme Durability
  • Man-Eating Barnacles

  • Sharp Pincers
  • Hard Shell
  • Tentacle-like Appendages
  • Barnacles


This large crab was thought to have been killed many, many years prior to the present age, yet this was never proven, and its descendant lives on in the waters to prove otherwise. It is a summoning to Usotsuki, who once hailed from the Land of Fire and came across this monstrous beast when it attacked her ship during her travels to other lands.

Relationship with Summoner

This crustacean shares a bond with Usotsuki through its wish to live, being the last of its kind. When she and a few other ninja aboard the ship were attacked by the creature, he was nearly slaughtered, though offered to be the animal summon of the female if she allowed him to live. Agreement made, she keeps the belief that he is extinct alive while swearing to only use him in times of great need.


Being a reserved creature, it rarely is noted to speak, yet has the ability to. It aggressively defends its territory and thrives in large bodies of water, but can move even quicker on land despite its massive size. The giant crab has been noted to speak meekly when faced with its summoner, perhaps due to fear, or respect.


The Giant Corpse Crab is comparable to Shukaku is size, but perhaps with a wider frame due to its hard shell. It has a dusty red color to its shell, but is primarily a gray-white color. It has visible scars on its shell and even many barnacles can be seen. He has no other characteristics, other than his size, that make him stand out.

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