editGiant Multi-Legged Reptile

Giant Multi-Legged Reptile




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Amegakure Symbol Amegakure

This summon is a large creature resembling a lizard with a spiked back and a whip-like tail, as well as eight legs. Like all of Yasaka's summons through the Animal Path, it has a number of body piercings and Rinnegan eyes, implying that it is being controlled.


This summon could be thought of as a more defensive one than most of Yasaka's others. While it does not possess any significant offensive features other than it's hazardous tail, claws, and sharp teeth, the creature's back is lined with several hard spikes which even steel blades are incapable of breaking. These spikes may extend outwards upon Yasaka's command. The reptile's many legs also give it the ability to charge at fast speeds, and it may burrow underground.

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