Literal English

Hollowed Out Kettle



  • Otogakure
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Sabu's BFS (big f*cking sword) that was desgined to be used with senjutsu. It's massive shape allows it to be the base for gigantic blades that stretch hundreds of feet, using any kind of elemental chakra the user can wield, so long as Senjutsu is added as well.

The blade has it's own technique, Goyakan Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, which exactly what it sounds like. Up to 100 more full-sized versions of Goyakan can be produced, and if the user has the insane amounts of chakra required, the giant elemental chakra blades Goyakan forms can also be cloned along with the swords.

During Ōmagatoki's attack on Otogakure, a clone of Sabumaru weilding this sword was one of the attackers. During the battle, it was defeated and the sword was claimed by the village. It was in storage while it underwent testing until Sabu asked for it back and they handed it to him under the verbal agreement that Sabu doesn’t attack Otogakure.

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