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The entrance to the fault between the Great Cliffs

[COPIED] Created by the very earth itself, the Great Cliffs of Sunagakure form the cul-de-sac which Sunagakure rests within and protects the village as a natural defense similar to The Sand Sea. These giant cliffs reach around the entirety of Suna. Extending to heights high up in the sky, as well as providing the girth of an actual mountain range, unwanted trespassing is no easy endeavor. The entrance through these cliffs is a single narrow fault which cuts through the center of the formation. Guarded heavily by Shinobi, this path ultimately leads towards the village's main gate.

View of the cliffs leading high into the sky.

Within portions of the cliffs themselves are secret Dungeons of Sunagakure and tunnels full of traps and mazes which are traversed by Suna shinobi. In the Office of Registration, Utagai, an overly tall woman of the sands, is assisted by Shiyata, her junior officer. Despite the prevailing misconception, the walls of Suna are reinforced with chakra as they are not easily torn apart by even the strongest of destructive jutsu.