Jū no ken



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Gun Sword


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  • Big O
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These Gunswords have been known to vary in size, being the size of an average katana to the average tanto. In some cases the barrels of the gun have been incorporated onto the top of the blade, giving a better chance to utilize the sword and bullets. O has also been seen carrying a brass knuckle version of this weapon, taking it with him on mission. These weapons also have special cases though they can normally been seen within a sheathe. The weapons have also been noted to carry some weight to them, though this seems to be no problem for O.
  • In the form of brass knuckles
  • The case used to carry most of the weapon


Known as a "gun without bullets" (弾丸のない銃, dangan no nai jū). Instead, it absorbs the user's chakra and crafts bullets which assume the properties of its user's chakra affinity. O, who has a Lightning Release affinity, then, can use bullets imbued with the super-piercing properties of lightning chakra. Regardless of what element the bullets assume the properties of, being struck with one is something not to be taken lightly: regardless of where the target is struck or how lightly they are struck. When shot they produce no sound, however, the bullet makes a small whizzing sound when flying through the air. Bullets can be crafted beforehand and imbued with other elements then be used as such.

  • Fire:
  • Lightning:
  • Wind:
  • Water:
  • Earth:


  • This idea is based on the weapons used in Final Fantasy
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