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  • Maruki Takeda
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Gungnir, the ultimate spear. This weapon is a thing of myths and whereabouts were only spoken in whispers of the biggest treasure hunters. One of the few weapons made of Valaryian steel and has the ability to amplify the effect of jutsu that are passed through it.

Each element has a different effect on the spear. +Fire - The shaft turns a bright orange and the trident-like tip is covered in fire to make a single lance of harsh flames. +Lightning - The shaft glows a faint blue as powerful arch of electricity pass between each of the trident blades. +Water - The shaft becomes a solid crystal-like blue and the the tip makes a more dominant trident shape with barbed tips. +Earth - The shaft becomes a dust brown color and the tip is encased in hard rocks that make a singular point. +Wind - The shaft becomes a light green and the tip takes on the shape of a wind-cutting spear or elongated trident tips.

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