The shop interior

The Hōzuki Sweets Shop (お菓子店の鬼灯, Okashi-ten no Hōzuki) is a very famous store in Kirigakure. It is located near Ramen Ichiraku and is often visited by people, especially Academy Students, because of its wide array of sweets and pastries. It was originally owned by a Hōzuki couple and the ownership has been passed on from one generation to the next. The current owner of the shop is an old woman named Kaede Hōzuki (affectionately called Kaede-bāchan) while her son and daughter-in-law help in managing the store. 

It is said to be the largest sweets shop in the village, and probably in the whole shinobi world because of how often it expands to accommodate more room for newer types of sweets. The shop does not cater just to kids, but also to teenagers and adults as well; the shop has recently put up a "coffee and tea corner" where people can order different blends of coffee and tea while being served with cakes and pastries. 

Kirin Nectar (麒麟蜜, Kirin Mitsu, lit. Unicorn Nectar), the specialty of the Land of Water is available here in the shop.


  • The owner's name "Kaede" (カエデ) means "Maple" in English. It refers to the maple tree though it can be a play on maple syrup which is a sweet syrup poured over pancakes.
  • Kaede-bāchan has a cat she calls "Awa" (泡, lit, Bubble), probably named after bubblegum. Awa the cat loves to eat sweets.
  • The artwork is originally made by Conronca and is posted in DeviantArt .
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