Womens Enclave

Entrance to the Enclave

A location not disclosed to many, Haktyl serves as a sanctuary for female priestesses who have dedicated their lives studying the healing arts, both physical and spiritual. The site is about an hour's journey from Sunagakure where it is nestled within a rock formation that runs toward the east. The entrance to the sanctuary is carved into the stone and the cul-de-sac runs deep into the rock, though it can be easy to miss if a person does not look twice. It is even rumored that they have cast a Genjutsu at the entrance and only women can see it.

It is said that the priestesses were once orphans, victims of abuse and widows who came from all over the Land of Wind, though they do not speak of their past and had embraced the life they live right now, advocating peace over violence. However, these women are not without claws for they have also trained themselves in various fighting techniques, drawing inspiration from the quick, mesmerizing movements of the desert cobra and the deadly strikes of the scorpion. Poison is incorporated in the tools they use in battle.


Left to right: Leader attire, Spiritual Medium Attire, Normal Priestess Attire

Their attire are usually made of light materials in the colors of brown, red and dull green, with the occasional addition of tanned leather hide to be used as arm and shin guards. Their hair is usually cropped to reach on the middle of the neck. One class of these women who are capable of becoming mediums to the spiritual world don dresses of blue with intricate designs and red sashes with patterns. They also wear necklaces with precious stones which are said can help in tuning in with the spirits of the desert. They are allowed to wear their hair long and are braided. Both classes of women wear desert boots to protect their feet.

Given that they rarely venture out of Haktyl, save when hunting for food or scouting the area, the priestesses are very cautious of people. They do not allow males to set their eyes on them, often retreating back swiftly into their home to avoid being seen. However, they do extend their aid to females who need their assistance; whether they are lost or injured, they allow female strangers into Haktyl where they are taken care of. If ever they have nowhere else to go, the priestesses offer sanctuary for these souls, letting them stay for good if they wish.

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