Hana Uzumaki

  • Uzushiogakure's Strongest Medical-nin (最強の医療ニン)
  • Lady Hana



Astrological Sign Taurus May 3


Gender Female Female







Blood type
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Lawful Good


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  • Mother
  • Herbalist
  • Medical Consultant
  • Uzumaki Leader

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    Uzumaki Clan
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Uzumaki Symbol Uzumaki


Ninja Rank Jōnin (Retired)
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Ninja Registration


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age



Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Yin Seal
  • Mastery of Medical Field
  • One Handed Seals
  • High Vitality

  • Medical Ninjutsu Medical Ninjutsu Techniques

Body Pathway Derangement

Chakra Enhanced Strength

Cell Activation Technique

Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique

Healing Technique

Chakra Scalpel

Immense Network Healing

Delicate Illness Extraction Technique

Mystical Palm Technique

Chakra Sonar

Yin Healing Wound Destruction

Bandage Skill

Derangement Palm

Poison Mist

Strength of a Hundred

Creation Rebirth

Yin Seal: Release

Uzumaki Symbol Hiden Techniques (Uzumaki Clan)

Uzumaki Sealing Technique

Adamantine Sealing Chains

Adamantine Attacking Chains

General General Techniques

Chakra Transfer Technique

Chakra Suppression Technique

Body Replacement Technique

Transformation Technique

Shadow Clone Technique

Summoning Technique (Slugs)

Multiple Shadow Clone Technique

Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique (Variant- Senbon)

Body Flicker Technique

Rope Escape Technique

Icon-Fuinjutsu Fūinjutsu Techniques

Beast Sealing Technique

Taijutsu Icon Taijutsu Techniques

Chakra Enhanced Strength

Heavenly Foot of Pain

Cherry Blossom Impact

Early Sacrifice

Genjutsu Icon Genjutsu Techniques

Genjutsu Binding

Temple of Nirvana

Voice Mimicry

Voice Throwing Technique

Bringer of Darkness Technique



Hana grew up in a poor household, her origin in Kirigakure. Her mother was an Uzumaki woman with poor health, who Hana tended to while her father worked. Her father grew to resent medical personnel due to their failure to treat, or save, Hana's mother and yet the young girl grew to admire them. She studied diligently throughout her years in the Academy, though was put to work directly after graduation in order to help pay for the death expenses and hospital bills of her now deceased mother. Hana worked in the hospital of Kirigakure, learning under some of the medical professionals there when she wasn't out on a mission, or helping her father around the house. She came to believe that fighting was not what she wished to do for the rest of her life, and so focused her ambition toward a career in medicine and mastery of the field.

Despite her father's lack of support, Hana garnered the attention of the medical community in Sunagakure, where she relocated and began working. She later became a midwife alongside her duties as a medical-nin, and worked in Sunagakure for three years. During this time, she was sought by Kusagakure to temporarily fill in for a position at their hospital due to a shortage of personnel. Upon returning to Sunagakure, she sought the then-leader Zojin Tanaka for training to increase her competency in medicine. The Yin Seal is, perhaps, Hana's greatest achievement, and it took a great deal of time for her to form it even while under Zojin's instruction.

Hana was given a position as an instructor at the Medical University established by Zojin, but her abilities were steadily being deemed unneeded. Few casualties were entering into the hospital's care, and even fewer were signing up for classes at the university. Her father died during her stay at Sunagakure, much to Hana's grief. With her training finished and a new Kazekage stepping into power, Hana left to seek a new horizon.

She later became part of Uzushiogakue, whose people did not have a suitable hospital at the time of its establishment. She founded and built up their first hospital, of which she was in charge of as the Hospital Administrator. She took to her Uzumaki name while there and made several friends in Uzushiogakure. The Administrator took on several students during her lifetime, only one of which continued the training throughout its duration. During her time in Uzushiogakure, Hana also became the personal assistant to the Kage. However, the Kage soon went missing and the occupants of Uzushiogakure began straying from the island country in search of a more stable environment. She, too, left to pursue a position in Konohagakure, yet it wouldn't go according to plan.

While gathering herbs in the forest, she was stopped by Athos Uzumaki, who encouraged her to return and continue running the hospital under his reign. Once more, she found herself in Uzushiogakure, though left for a short time to sign the Slug Contract in Otogakure. She even convinced the Uzushiogakure leader, Athos, not to commit suicide and treated his injuries thereafter.

The Serean Attack was the most taxing event in Hana's life. Statistics showed that ninety percent of the island's population had been wiped out, either by being killed or being put in a comatose state. Hana was stretched thin during this time as she worked diligently to uncover a cure for the Serean-induced coma affecting so many of Uzushiogakure's residents. Under the temporary lead of Tobias, the comatose patients were "disposed of;" Hana is unaware what happened to them, but can only assume they were killed. She stepped down from her position on the Council and from her administrative position in the hospital. Isano, Hana's trusted friend and student, became the unofficial administrator as a result. To that end, Hana has retired from her shinobi duties to, instead, be a personal help to the people of Uzushiogakure by offering daycare services. She does, however, act as a medical consultant to Isano when necessary.

Recently, Hana has been made Uzumaki Leader in the absence of the Shiokage and the Military General. With famine encroaching on the village, Hana is seeking to restore balance while mending the wounds the village sustained.


Hana has been described as having a warm and genuine personality. She greatly cares for others and is borderline naive to some; however, it is a mistake to abuse her kindness. The woman is practical and realistic as opposed to her flighty and easygoing adolescent self, but she displays a child-like side to her when around children. Hana is incredibly loyal to her friends, but finds that many are not loyal to her in return. Nevertheless, she does not seem to hold grudges and happily attends to those that ask for her assistance, even if they are from other villages. As a medical ninja, she has seen pain in varying forms, even experiencing it herself over the years, but she does not seem hardened by it and instead adapts to it.

Her empathetic responses to others occasionally results in the woman getting hurt by people she trusts. Hana encourages everyone, however, to show some empathy for their fellow man, and she tries to understand everyone's unique point of view rather than making judgments. For that reason, Hana seems to have a friend in just about everyone, and some seek her out for comfort in times of need. Although she appears cheery and without a care, the former administrator has been known to be stern when the safety of others is put in jeopardy. Her secretary, Akamori, states that Hana's sense of duty blinds her more often than not; this is shown in Hana's bouts of insomnia, during which time she prefers to work rather than coax herself to sleep. The field medic will sacrifice her health in favor of saving a life, or attending to someone else's needs. Upon retiring, however, her focus has turned to her children, to whom she treats as her own in spite of having adopted them.

Hana's insomnia has since become less frequent upon her retirement, and she spends most of her time caring for her son, Kibo; Rida, on the other hand, has left for the mainland. One can often find her babysitting for military personnel, study various medical journals and books, tending to her herb garden, or visiting with neighbors. She will occasionally come to the aid of ailing civilians that may not have the funds to visit a hospital.

The former kunoichi tends to keep her opinions to herself unless someone's life or health may be in danger. If asked, she is willing to discuss her thoughts on a topic and remains polite even in the face of differences in opinion. Hana is somewhat of a proponent for nonviolence, but is known to resort to violence when necessary, despite not being a kunoichi anymore. She is logical and eloquent when spoken to, yet she retains an approachable air about her.


Hana- EvaBeeSmith Deviantart

Hana is a woman of modesty and simplicity, but her looks have garnered her attention from men throughout her life. The woman is said to be incredibly beautiful, hence her numerous suitors and admirers. With the telltale, long rose colored tresses reaching to her knees, she is easily noted to be of Uzumaki descent. These locks are generally kept in a staggeringly long ponytail, or even two well-formed buns on either side of her head. With a hairstyle like the aforementioned, she is said to closely resemble Mito Uzumaki. Hana has deep brown eyes, noted to be both warm and captivating. The physician as slim features, but is well endowed with an hourglass figure, and she stands at five feet and roughly eight inches of height. During her time babysitting, Hana wears a simple brown dress stretching just above her knees with three-quarter length sleeves, and her footwear consists of black, strapped heels. This simple attire is comfortable for her and allows her to move about freely. The Yin Seal is prominently displayed on her forehead, a proud symbol of her hard work in medicine over the years.

Hana's promotion results in her often donning a feminine, proper attire for meetings, visiting foreign lands, and other village-related circumstances. The attire is relatively plain, unlike attire worn by most officials in Uzushiogakure. She wears a black cheongasm, without any distinctive patterns, that reaches to her shins and is slit up both sides to her waist. Underneath the cheongasm, she has a dark red skirt nearly reaching her ankles, which is also plain in regards to patterns. Slip-on shoes, black in color, make her outfit a bit more tailored to comfort rather than propriety.


- Hana has had a total of ten students.

- Hana has been in numerous unsuccessful relationships.

- Hana has adopted two children, who are unknowingly the grandchildren of a former Shiokage.

- Hana's favorite food is Onigiri while her least favorite is curry rice.

- Hana is possibly the first non-Kage to enter the Uzushiogakure Grand Library's lower levels.

- Hana is the founder of Uzushiogakure Hospital.

- Hana's hobbies include babysitting, researching, and gardening.

- Hana's greatest skill, aside from medicine, lies in cooking.

- Hana's favorite word is "Kindness" (親切).

- Hana is competent in all forms of medicine.


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