Hanzu Shirasu



Gender Male Male




165 cm


45 kg

Blood type


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Puppet User
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Sunagakure Symbol sunagakure


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Puppet Technique


Hanzu's Puppet

His puppet is a twelve foot tall reinforced wooden minotaur which has been fitted with many tools inside including the mechanical light shield in both of the forearms. In its horns are two senbon launchers which are able to launch senbon in rapid succession which the ammo feed is located in the shoulders of the puppet.The chest cavity his hollowed out so a single person could be protected from projectiles, and can be controlled while inside the puppet. The fists of the are capable of sliding open to expose the explosive ball cannon on the inside of the arm. Each arm is capable of firing one of these explosive balls. The family symbol is located on the back of the puppet. The puppet is kept inside a scroll.


Hanzu is a young shinobi of Sunagakure, though his parents live outside of the walls of Sunagakure and run a puppet shop. He is the youngest of his two brothers, Vashiel and Rojikku, that moved into Sunagakure to become shinobi and more importantly puppet masters.


Hanzu is the most immature of the three brothers and is used to being watched over by his brothers, always ready to pull a prank or two. Despite this he is always willingly give his life to defend the lives of the people he cares about.


His parents are skilled puppet makers and retired shinobi that used puppets they began teaching Him and his brothers at a young age, when The boys left to become shinobi their parents gave them each a unique puppet. The family symbol present on all the puppets made by them is 神話 which translates to myth. Rojikku the dragon, Vashiel the angel, and Hanzu the Minotaur.


Hanzu's hair is a dark blue, and he also has dark blue eyes. The clothing he wears is a blue vest with a puce long sleeved shirt, which is usually rolled up at the end of the sleeves.  He is rarely seen wearing armor due to the fact of his puppet doubles as his armor. He carries a single kunai on his side for defense if he needs it, and he has a scroll on his back that is used to store his puppet when not in use.

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