Akiko Nakano (中野秋子)

  • Natsuye (夏いぇ; summer painting)
  • Hinagiku (雛菊; doll-chrysanthemum)
  • Nikuya (肉屋; butcher)



Astrological Sign Sagittarius November 29


Gender Female Female









Kekkei Genkai

Nature Icon Crystal Crystal Release





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Majo ("Son")




Ninja Registration


Academy Grad. Age


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Unique Traits

  • Mastery of Genjutsu
  • Cannibalism

  • General General Techniques

Shadow Clone Technique

Nature Icon Crystal Crystal Release Techniques

Crystal Armor

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Flower Petal Escape

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  • Senbon
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  • Explosive Tags
  • Genjutsu Pills
  • Smoke Bombs
  • Scrolls
  • Odorless Poison Mist
  • Medical Supplies
  • Carving Knife


Natsuye is apathetic, generally sporting an expression that displays such, yet a form of muted anger can rise to the surface if her progeny- a kidnapped child with the moniker of "Majo"- is harmed, or harm is threatened. Motherly bonds could hardly be used to describe this protectiveness, rather it is her possessiveness that encourages her to act maternally; the aforementioned proprietorial nature extends to those who attempt to be affectionate with him, and in examining her actions Natsuye has decided such is due to causes unknown. Whether it is due to his likeness of her, her attachment to him as a mother figure- the likes of which she has never known-, or her desire for human company is all debatable. Her affections, however, are scarce and expressed only when she feels called to be kind, or when he directly asks for attention. Ruffled hair, the one-sided hug, or the more common, though highly unusual, biting of his cheek are her "go-to" expressions of maternal love, as she is seemingly incapable of properly expressing herself.

The woman is a studious and hardworking individual, for her work comes before all else. She occupies several positions in the hospital as a medical examiner- though it is not unusual for her to act as a mortician when bodies go unclaimed-, a medical ninja, and a researcher; unbeknownst to others, however, she also does extensive work with viruses. She is motivated by gains in knowledge, hence her love of science and other knowledge-based pursuits, which shows in her intelligence. Her curiosities extend beyond the norm into morbid fascination, such as cannibalism; albeit she would not call herself a cannibal, she has feasted on flesh more than once. With poor social skills, she often isolates herself from her workmates unintentionally, yet she is as professional as any doctor. Her stoic demeanor oftentimes will ease worries, but it also does not assist her in her bedside manner, as her lack of expression unnerves patients, some of which call her "intimidating." She has never gotten a complaint to her face, however, as she is quick in serving patients their medicines, food, and so forth.

Since establishing herself in Kumogakure, she has displayed leadership capabilities and a level-headed nature about herself. Though employed in a helping profession, however, Natsuye can be callous and cruel to others effortlessly. Experiments on the dead and living are performed with a calculated and unsympathetic mindset, that of which has been viewed by Majo. Those who have come to know this side of her fear it and her capacity to inflict excruciating pain without allowing another the bliss of unconsciousness, or the release of death. Most people to enter under her experiment do not live, and those that do are mercifully and humanely killed.

Natsuye carries herself with regality and confidence. She is not ashamed of her body, though she does not dress with the intent to flaunt her assets; she dresses in that which makes her comfortable. In spite of her outward appearance being benign, she states that she has an "ugly personality" if complimented for any reason, thus it is often incorrectly assumed that she has a low self-esteem; quite the contrary, such a statement is merely a warning.


Missions Completed

Total of 0.

Favorite Food is Curry of Life, or Spicy Food/ occasionally feasts on People

Least Favorite Food is Sour Food

Favorite Flower is Beauty Under the Moon (Cactus)

Lives in Kumogakure no Sato

Clan is Unknown

Origin is believed to be Konohagakure no Sato

Favorite Word is Wraith (生き霊)


Natsuye was born in Konohagakure, though was raised by her grandfather rather than her parents. Since she was young, the elderly man knew something was a little off, but because she was all he had, he treated her like a princess rather than the degenerate she is. Though a bit off, she managed to make a few friends along the way, including her squad mates; unfortunately, the bond would not last when they attempted to become Chunin and entered the Forest of Death. No one is quite sure what happened to her team, but she was the only one to make it out alive. Every effort to locate the bodies has been met with failure. As she grew older, she became more withdraw, though more conniving as well. She could turn people against one another with the simplest of words and make herself out to be an innocent. This crafty child soon left after the death of her grandfather, who she occasionally returns to visit and pay her respects, signaling that she may not be all that wicked.

Natsuye fled to the outskirts of Otogakure for a time, even having set up a base of operations there, which is where she picked up her snake companion. Natsuye remained here researching in secret, withdrawing from the world for so long that she seemed to have forgotten what it was like to converse with others; albeit one never forgets, getting back into the motion proves difficult for those who barely had any skill from the beginning. Her research consisted of the chakra virus and Juinjutsu, the former being so due to her fascination with its symptoms and how quickly it could wipe out a numerous amount of people that relied on chakra. In the Shinobi era, such as this would prove to be deadly. The woman could be considered an antagonist, but at the same time she is currently harmless enough, more so just skirting about in secret rather than openly displaying any power.

The female has been interested in science, as well as medicine, for as long as she can remember, and picked up most of what she needed to know while she was in Konoha. Many of the staff there commented on how helpful and well-equipped for the job of a medic she was, but Natsuye was more interested in using her medical skills for other purposes; she even learned to fight with her Chakra Scalpel primarily.

Natsuye has been in disguise for several years due to having accidentally released a virus in the midst of a village. She is currently located on the island of Sakurashima and raises goats for money, as well as having a canine assist her in herding them; she rarely speaks to others in the village unless making a trade or bargaining. She did a lot of traveling during her time escaping from the villagers and Shinobi that hunted her during the fluke that brought much despair to their village. During her time in a small, isolated village that she had never even heard of until arriving to it, she met a widow and her young son. Interestingly enough, the son had her same hair and eye color, as well as some of the same features. She was drawn to him, but kept her distance since she was a stranger. The child was actually a distant relative of her father's, who also shared her appearance to a striking degree. In any case, once the accident occurred, she was compelled to rescue the child, even striking down the ailing mother in the process and fled with the young boy she deemed "Majo".

Natsuye left the island by boat, having been taken back by a girl named Rena, who was supposedly the ruler of the island. The island is now under quarantine and Natsuye resides in Kumogakure. After having blown up her hideout in Otogakure, she made her way to the mountains and became the primary medical ninja of Kumogakure's hospital where she was viewed saving the lives of three heavily injured ninja with the help of the staff at the facility. While employed there, the village came under attack by Serean, though they were able to fight off its minions with some difficulty. Natsuye attempted to seal 'hosts' of Serean's influence within crystal, yet was unsuccessful; however, she did garner a sample of ash from a few of the remains after the manifestations fled their hosts' bodies. She intends to observe any abnormalities by comparing it to the ashes of those not possessed at some point during the event. Seeing as her duties at the hospital increased tenfold and supplies began to diminish, she has pushed all side activities, such as virus experimentation, onto the back-burner. The medic is also considering lobbying the the administrator for more supplies and staff, as they are grossly underfunded in both areas, leading to preventable casualties during a crisis. Although she cares little for other human lives, she despises being hampered by lack of resources that would otherwise permit her to perform excellently; besides that, the staff members are overworked, making it difficult for her, as a full-time employee, to advance with other research and experimental projects.


From Left to Right: Casual/Kunoichi Wear; Lab Attire with Coat; Lab Attire without Coat.



Natsuye is a very intelligent individual who throws herself into her work with passion. If she cannot locate exactly what she is searching for, she breaks down the process, or object, she is studying to locate particular points on it so as to possibly discover some previously unknown, or barely researched, information. She is known to have an immense amount of books stored in scrolls, as well as many more being located in her lab back near Otogakure. She plans to return there and gather her remaining things before burning down what's left of it. She discovered the chakra virus this way and is currently searching for a way to turn it into a biological weapon. She's prone to experimentation on others when discovering the effects of a virus, poison, or just when observing human behavior. "Majo" is not exempt from virus experimentation, though she is sure to keep close tabs on him at all times. With this in mind, it is not uncommon for Natsuye to perform experiments on herself. Although she has no qualms with using someone else as a test subject, it is often easier and more effective to use herself as a guinea pig so that she may experience the effects of a poison or drug for herself. The challenge of finding an antidote, or developing an herbal remedy for some toxin, is something she enjoys doing. Nevertheless, she can fall ill and may suffer weeks with an affliction if it means she may observe the stages of sickness. Steadily, she is increasing her resistance to poisons and venoms of varying kinds, but she has not yet gotten around to contributing large amounts of time to this pursuit.

Physical Attributes

Natsuye is said to have notable durability in combat, but not exceptional physical strength, which is average at best. She is, surprisingly, a close-quarters combat individual, but this is primarily due to her Kekkei Genkai. Since her physical strength is not overwhelming, or even surprising, she needed some durability in order to make an impact. She can take a direct hit with Chakra Enhanced Strength and not simply die from the impact, though that is not to say she would not have broken bones, or be thrown across the map. The medical ninja also has high tolerance for several types of poisons and venoms due to her work with them; however, she has a longer list of poisons she is tolerant to than venoms. Toxic substances, such as alcohol, still have a negative effect on her unless she is boosting her immune system.


Medical Ninjutsu

Natsuye is a skilled medical professional that specializes in disease and surgery. Her prowess is noted in how she fluidly battles others with, mainly, the Chakra Scalpel over most other forms. Her capacity to use such a medical tool is great, seeing as she has been able to slice into wood and flesh with ease, and can even damage the surface of a boulder to some degree. She's even able to take control of dead bodies to make them appear as if they are living, and will alter them significantly to advance their capabilities. Though she mainly uses the destructive forces of Medical Ninjutsu, Natsuye is plenty capable of healing the sick, dying, or injured is she wishes. With high anatomical knowledge, as well as experience diagnosing ailments, she's a very capable medical-nin, if she chose to be one at all times. She has also shown the ability to create various medicines, such as painkillers and Genjutsu Pills. She also developed an herbal concoction that can be smoked, which she uses as an immune booster during her work with viruses, for any accident can result in exposure and the resulting effects of the disease. Furthermore, it assists when working with poisons and venoms, as there are some of which she is not durable against and stands a real chance of dying if she accidentally comes into contact with them. If producing enough smoke, the remedy can boost other people's immune systems, making them less susceptible to illness or toxic substances, which she can do by manipulating her chakra and increasing the amount of inhaled smoke upon exhaling (similar to how a Poison Mist can be exhaled in large quantities).

Tumblr n23jg9806T1rqkem3o1 1280edited

Natsuye with kiseru.

With her skills, she has also demonstrated the ability to attack a person's Nervous System and cause a variety of problems, whether this system include their senses or their general network usually depends of where the person was struck. Her skill is one to be feared rather than praised due to her disposition. She is also apparently highly knowledgeable on various chemicals, some of which she uses in smoke bombs, which she color codes to be sure she uses the right one (WIP-- will expound on types below).

Odorless Poison Mist- Packed into the blue colored smoke bomb is a poison that slows the reaction time of those that inhale it, and can be used to initiate a Genjutsu, which makes identifying the technique more difficult and countering it just as hard. The toxin affects all five senses and Natsuye seems to be highly tolerant to it, perhaps due to working with it. It will take a much larger dose for her to feel symptoms than it would the average individual, who would be unfamiliar with this toxin.

Oleander- Injected into the red smoke bomb is the toxic smoke from an Oleander shrub. It is mixed with the dark properties of a common smoke bomb, thus it is much easier to poison the individual and is lethal if even a small amount is inhaled. The affects are immediate, beginning with sweating and increased heart rate that will steadily decline as other symptoms join in, including vomiting, abdominal pain, excess salivation, seizures, coma, and eventually death. Due to the immediate affects of the plant, it is assumed death occurs within 24 hours, or sooner. Severe eye inflammation when exposed to the smoke can also occur and hinder the person's ability to continue battling. Natsuye is not tolerant of its effects.

Sleep Powder- Within the standard gray smoke bomb is a powder that induces sleep within a target over a short period of time. It will cause unconsciousness within a minute of inhalation and keep the target asleep for well up to three hours. One of few non-lethal bombs owned and created by Natsuye.


The twenty-three-year-old excels in this field of combat, being a very Genjutsu-oriented individual with the intelligence to immediately identify most types. Her ability to use different types makes her even more formidable when utilizing this skill. She uses two types of activation: auditory and olfactory. These two provide good advantages for her since she can be at a distance with either of them when the Genjutsu becomes active. She has also been noted to be able to 'store' Genjutsu within pills she's made herself. Her Genjutsu are powerful enough that ninja need to be equally as skilled in Genjutsu as she is to be capable of releasing themselves. Due to her work with Genjutsu, Natsuye also seems to be able to identify and combat, or release herself from, most any Genjutsu- with some exceptions. Although her heritage is largely unknown, her prowess in Genjutsu is incredible, leading some to believe that she is a member of the Kurama Clan; however, she has not been noted to be capable of inflicting wounds within a Genjutsu, nor has she displayed a beastly form.


Crystal Release

Natsuye is an advanced user of the rare Kekkei Genkai Crystal Release. She has developed nigh-full mastery of Crystal Release, but she has found that it yielded to Serean's powers during his attack on Kumogakure. In attempting to restrain subjects within a crystal structure, black masses escaped from the burning building and the crystal with little effort; they simply passed through unhindered, yet were not attached to physical bodies. She intends on pursuing higher levels of the techniques associated with Crystal Release, but has not yet found the time to do so. Because she does have Crystal Release, it's believed she may have access to Earth Release, but that has not yet been proven and no one has ever seen her use it.


Natsuye acquired the ability to summon serpents, and her favored snake is the Spitting Cobra. The largest of her summonings is Akane, who deems herself the "Mother of All Snakes" and is incredibly vain. This serpent frequently verbally abuses Natsuye and finds the woman's lack of a response irritating, but the two seem to have a working relationship, however abusive. Not only is Akane able to spit venom, she is also capable of acting at a shield in battle, for her scales are incredibly durable, though not impenetrable. Her abilities are limited due to her side, but she is able to swallow her summoner and her companions for safety purposes. She is roughly the size of Manda in thickness, though is somewhat shorter in length, yet she manages to retain a somewhat sleek look to her. Her reddish-brown scales earned her the name Akane while her prideful nature resulted in her giving herself the nickname "Hebi no Haha".

Natsuye's second largest largest summonings are Kohaku and Kokoro, a Black Mamba brother and sister duo with brown-green coloring and sharp golden eyes. Kohaku, as well as Kokoro, is known for his collected and calm approach to a situation and gets along well with Natsuye due to their similar attributes. Much like his sister, however, he has a hard time retreating from battle in spite of his much weaker durability. He and his sister are the fastest of the summonings, able to travel at high speeds for extensive periods of time and over vast distances. Kokoro's attacks are often deemed the "Kiss of Death" due to how frequently she kills a target after injecting venom into them. They will sometimes mimic Cobras in order to intimidate opponents and are incredibly accurate, delivering multiple strikes to their opponents in rapid succession to anywhere available.

Art Credits

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