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Gender Male Male







Blood type


Kekkei Genkai

Sharingan Triple Sharingan

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Uchiha Clan

Uchiha Symbol Uchiha


Ninja Rank Missing Nin
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Nature Type

  • Nature Icon Dark Dark Release
Lightning Release
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Ica Uchiha is a rogue shinobi, formerly of Konohagakure and a descendant of the infamous Uchiha clan.


Of uncertain parentage, Ica was raised communally by the Uchiha of Konoha. He was enrolled in the village's Ninja Academy at the age of six, graduating by ten. Going rogue soon after, Ica fell in with the Akatsuki under the leadership of Bocchiere. After years of training under the various criminals the organization attracted, Ica would eventually be recognized as a power in his own right, being given the San ring. Ica left the Akatsuki after the death of its leader, striking out on his own. He was nearly killed a short time after this, and was forced to enter some sort of stasis to recover from the wounds he had suffered. Awakening a few years later, he spent a few years roaming and training before deciding to return to the village of his birth. 


Ica is quiet, almost unnerving so. He seems to drift away during conversation, his eyes revealing an active and industrious mind. He rarely displays any intense emotions, preferring to keep his sentiments to himself. Fiercely loyal, intimidating, and sometimes cruel, it is a wonder that he has any friends at all.


Fūinjutsu (Sealing Techniques): Ica possesses significant knowledge of and is surprisingly proficient in sealing techniques. Movement restriction, entrapment, and paralysation are all strategies he has been known to use. He freely combines sealing techniques with his Dark Release, allowing for a free-flowing and adaptive combat style that has garnered the approval of Konoha's finest.

Inton (Dark Release): One of the few of the Leaf whose primary elemental affinity is Dark Release, Ica has instigated mass speculation as to where his ability in this area comes from. While his techniques in this area are quite varied, there are two which stand out due to their uniqueness. Ica's shadow step enables him to shift in and out of shadows, reducing movement time and increasing speed. He also possesses a rather complex ability to shatter shadows, using their fragments as a basis and medium for the majority of his abilities. 

Raiton (Lightning Release): As a secondary affinity, Ica prefers not to use his Lightning Release unless he sees a very specific tactical advantage in doing so. While he does not possess a significant repertoire of techniques in this area, he performs the few he knows excellently.

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