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Inu Yugure

  • Guardian of the Sands
  • Silent Killer



Gender Male Male




6 ft.


165 lbs


Chaotic Good

Kekkei Genkai

Kekkei Tōta

Nature Icon Blaze Blaze Release




  • ANBU Captain
  • Kazekage Bodyguard

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    Sunagakure Symbol Sunagakure
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    Mutsu Sabaku Sasori Symbol Mutsu Sabaku Sasori


Ninja Rank


Ninja Registration


Academy Grad. Age


Chūnin Prom. Age


Nature Type


  • Katana
  • Two Silver's custom made diamond swords
  • ANBU Tantou
  • ANBU Mask
  • Jato

Inu, ANBU Captain of Sunagakure, is well known throughout Sunagakure. A quiet individual who is always seen carrying at least two swords and wearing his infamous ANBU mask, never showing his face.


Classified Information


Dresses in a light brown cloak that wraps around his body with his ANBU gear hidden underneath. He is always seen wearing his ANBU mask, never showing his facial features. Hanging from his waist are two Katana swords, showing most that he is a Kenjustu user.

When shirtless, a bit of his past is reflected on his skin. On his entire back is a scar in the form of an 'X' that was clearly cut with a blade of some kind, his right bicep has the Kirigakure kanji tattooed on his arm but is slashed, signifying that he is no longer apart of that village. On the same right side though on the neck region is the unmistakable sasori tattoo. His chest is the most scarred portion of his body as there are long cuts at his sides, his lower abdomen, pectoral region.



Mostly a quiet individual, rarely talking to anyone and is only friendly with a selected few. Despite that, Inu cares deeply for the safety of Sunagakure along with the citizens within.


Is known for his complete control over sand and his mastery of Kenjustu. Being in Sunagakure for as long as he has, Inu has shown to be also using Jiton (Magnet Release); this possibly explaining why he was such good control over using sand. Being surrounded by sand constantly, he's been able to help his village in creating his own forms of defense to protect the people within, known to create sandstroms and a sand dome around the entire village when the need arises. Though mostly he chooses to use his art of the sword over using chakra at times. Inu baring the Uchiha trait of the Sharingan, his dueling with others is almost unmatched.

Extra Information

Inu, whom clearly seems to have a history with Kirigakure, is always searching for The Seven Swordsmen member who carries the Kiba blades. Though he doesn't prefer leaving the village that often, this ambition will likely never be complete.

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