Incineration Technique




Shōkyaku no Jutsu

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Incineration Technique


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Fire Release, Hiden






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The Incineration Technique, is a technique developed by Bocchiere after observing a Hozuki's Suika no Jutsu. It is the same idea as that but allows the user to change their body and clothes into fire, so enemy attacks pass through them. This also allows Bocchiere to manipulate any fire he creates with his will and allows him to perform a multitude of fire techniques without the need for kata. The weakness of this technique is that in his fire form he is weak against water, and can be changed back to his solid form by being hit with a water attack. Although Bocchiere cannot normally manipulate fire created with others chakra, if he can touch it whilst in his flaming state he can inject his own chakra into the attack and then manipulate it himself. He can also combine with preexisting fire to perform large attacks without cost to his chakra. In addition to changing his body and clothes to fire he can also make them heat up without bursting into flames, a more subtle way to do damage as he can heat himself up to dangerous degrees (for others) and then physical strikes on him would result in the opponent being terribly burned. Bocchiere can heat his body up hot enough to melt rock or metal, needless to say he can do some real damage to the body of an opponent.


Since the technique turns one into fire the user is subject to the normal weaknesses of fire. If struck by a water attack while incorporeal the user would be forced back into a physical form. Thus if it is heavily raining or the user is soaking wet they cannot transform. Also, as fire needs oxygen to burn, the transformation cannot be used in a vacuum, or any other oxygen-less environment. Finally, if one turns their entire body into fire (or just their eyes for some reason...)  they would lose any bonuses granted by Doujutsu they are weilding. You can still see, however it would just be with natural human eyes. Jutsu cast via the Sharingan or Rinnegan are also unavaliable in this state.

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