Jūysoku no Genka

Juuysoku no Genka




Literal English

Jūysoku no Genka



Rinnegan Kekkei Genkai, Dōjutsu




Offensive, Defensive


Short or Long range


  • Arashi Riku
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Jūysoku no Ganka: This jutsu is truly a marvel indeed. Composed of all five natural affinities one could call this the masterpiece of elemental jutsu. Using the 5 basic elements the user creates an orb around their body, which they can use for attack and defense at the same time.

Wind: The base of the jutsu itself. Allowing the user to control the air around him to fly at great speeds, and counter Lighting style techniques.

Fire: Allowing the user to attack with scorching flames, as well as counter any Wind style jutsu used against him

Water: Allowing the user to attack with high pressure blasts of water as well as stop and fire style jutsu throw him way

Earth: Allowing the user to attack with different forms of earth, as well as negate the affects of water style jutsu

Lightning: Allowing the user to attack the opponent with extremely fast lighting, possibly numbing them for later attacks, as well as destroy any Earth style jutsu thrown at them.

In order to use this powerful jutsu one must have mastery over all 5 elements through the usage of the Rinnegan, and is unique to Riku.

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