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Evil Eye


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The Jagan (精眼, Literally meaning: Evil eye) is an additional eye that can be implanted that allows its user to amass various capabilities. To obtain one, the user must first overcome and master the seed of the Jubokko.


A demon receiving this Dojutsu is known to drop considerably in strength, and it is not uncommon for an A-Class demon to become a C-Class. This is due to the Jagan needing so much energy to grow. However, as the user becomes more adept at using the Jagan, it grants them several mental abilities:

  • Telepathy: Allows the user to communicate mentally with others.
  • Mind Control: The Jagan allows the user mind control over youkai and humans, provided their Yoki or Chakra is low enough. It also allows them to cast illusions, transform people into mind slaves, create false memories and erase them too.
  • Mind Resistance: The eye also gives the user complete domination and control of their own mind, able to resist powerful mental attacks, such as Genjutsu.  
Remote Viewing
  • Remote Viewing: The main skill of Jagan is to enable the user to look vast distances. It can locate an object the size of a marble, miles away, regardless of location perfectly. It can see into houses, forests, and even caves with exact precision. This ability also allows the sharpening of his other senses, allowing a user to hear a conversation between others, from miles away.
  • Heightened Senses: All senses, to the wielder of the Jagan, increase to a supernatural level. This ability can see minimal movements, and predict the attacks of opponents even before they are executed.
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