Jhen Moran

[COPIED]The Jhen Moran was a leviathan sized earth dragon from the ancient world. This creature was awakened after thousands of years of slumber by Jaevon during his possession by an evil spirit. Throughout the ages his armor accreted onto his hide until he became covered in large accumulations of earth, ore, and precious minerals.

He was compelled to attack Sunagakure as part of the evil spirits plan to seek vengeance upon the descendants of the Al-Kahtar civilization, the spirit's hereditary enemies. The attack came during the week long festival to celebrate the swearing in of the Nanadaime Kazekage, Chusaki Takaharu. As such, visiting foreign dignitaries were also involved in the battle that proceeded. Currently the defenders include: Xiarawst Uchiha, Hagoromo Gitsune, Mioku Kaguya, Kage Uchiha, and native warriors: Chusaki Takaharu, Becquerel, LonewarrioroftheAbyss, Yomi, Murciélago, Kayenta Moenkopi.

This is event is currently in progress and will be edited to provide more detail upon the creature and those who fight to protect Suna.

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