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Cursed Toys


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Anime, Manga and Game


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God-Killing Spear, Zantetsuken, Akarui, Thunder Breaker, Suzumebachi


  • Haishiro Enishi
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The Jugan (呪玩, Cursed Toys) was a special sword that was wielded by Yonjimbo and found in an abandoned temple on the outskirts of Uzushiogakure.

This weapon was supposedly cursed so that it wouldn't harm any living beings, contrary to that rumor the special properties that this blade possess does in fact allow it to not *harm* anything that is living. Non-living beings have everything to fear as the blade can harm those that are non corporeal, even if these beings had taken over living beings or manipulated those into doing actions that they normally wouldn't do; this means that the blade will free those that are possessed upon being slashed by the blade and otherwise leave the individual unharmed in the end.

This weapon also has special properties that allow it to heal living individuals upon being slashed by the blade, imbedding the individual that was hit a portion of the user's chakras and subsequently healing their wounds; those with major or even life threatening can be brought by from the brink of their death.

The only drawback that this ability has is the chakra retribution process, which can be life threatening on the user, depending on the amount of chakras needed to heal those that are slashed by the blade of the katana.


  • The kanji etched into the blade roughly translate into this phrase: "Since ancient times to the present, God is with those who serve with dignity and honor."
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