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Jutsu Absorption Arm

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Jutsu Kyūshū Te

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Technique Absorption Arm



[[|Chapter #19]]

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The Jutsu Absorption Arm is a modified rehabilitation care tool that allows its wielder to absorb incoming Ninjutsu. It can be designed to either replace the user's arm or be worn over it.

In order to utilize the absorption ability of the arm, the user simply raises their hand to intercept the incoming Ninjutsu with their palm. The chakra is then pulled into the arm via a small opening in the palm.

From there, the chakra can then either be fired back from the palm in a counterattack, or vented from the sides or elbow of the arm.

While the arm does have a large capacity, it is still finite. The user must purge chakra absorbed into it (using either method mentioned prior) before absorbing more. Additionally, attempting to absorb a Ninjutsu that exceeds capacity can cause it to short-circuit and malfunction.

Because the arm does not connect to the user's chakra network, it can be used to absorb Senjutsu with no risk to those lacking Sage training.

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