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Kazekage hat
The Kazekage (風影, Literally meaning: Wind Shadow) is the Kage of Sunagakure, a title bestowed on the village's leader. The Kazekage is generally regarded as the strongest shinobi in the village, responsible for keeping Suna on an even footing with the other villages despite its small size.

The village's affairs are decided by the Suna Council in the interim between Kazekage. Full-bodied statues of all the former Kazekage are kept in council's meeting chambers. Some are more 'full bodied' that others!

List of Kazekage

Shodai Kazekage

Radiant Eclipse
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Nidaime Kazekage


Moenkopi, the Second Kazekage.

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Sandaime Kazekage


CJ, the Third Kazekage.

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Yondaime Kazekage

Raijin Play

Raijin, the Fourth Kazekage.

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Godaime Kazekage


Zojin, the Fifth Kazekage.

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Rokudaime Kazekage

Silver Profile pic

Silver, the Sixth Kazekage.

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Nanadaime Kazekage


Chusaki, the Seventh Kazekage.

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