Kiiro's Staff

Kiiro staff


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  • Kiiro Yuki
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The staff used by Kiiro Yuki, made from a special type of chakra absorbing wood, much like those used to make affinity testing paper. Because of this, Kiiro can channel his chakra through the weapon to create varies effects.

By channeling normal chakra through the staff, Kiiro can then store it to be released all at once as it strikes a foe, releasing the stored chakra in a powerful blow, much like the, Cherry Blossom Impact.

By filling enhancing his staff with Wind chakra, Kiiro can turn the blunt stick into a sharp tool. He can even project a blade of wind from the staff this way.

Finally by adding his Ice Release chakra through the staff, he can cause all sorts of weapons of ice to grow off his staff, such as hammers or blades. He can even project a blade of ice using this style.

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