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  • Nameless' Clan
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Kinetic Release 動的遁, Dōtekiton) is the advanced nature Kekkei Tōta which is created by combining the Lightning, Wind, and Yang natures allowing the user to manipulate the inertial properties of objects. It surrounds the user in a "inertia field," which absorbs, stores, and redirects any kinetic energy coming in contact with it. The stored kinetic energy can then be manipulated for a number of varied purposes, the most famous being the ability to change the inertial properties of objects of objects. By coming in contact with an object the user can transfer kinetic energy to it which alters its state of motion, changing both speed and direction.

This "inertia field" that surrounds the user spreads an inch or so away from the user's body but can be extended to greater distances depending on the user's own proficiency, though an average user can at most extend it to a around two feet away from the body. The field is normally invisible to the human eye, but can be seen as a ripple in space when it is exposed to any object or wave with any amount of kinetic energy. The objects will only be affected when they reach that distance. Also at the rate at which the field absorbs kinetic energy there is a limit, meaning something with sufficient kinetic energy can breach the field and hit the user.


The user is not impervious from all physical attacks, without sufficient time to put up the "barrier" they can be harmed. Another drawback is that the user must be aware of an incoming attack to counter it. For instance, if an opponent gets behind the user and lands a punch without the user noticing, then the inertia of the punch will not be affected and will strike the user and do as much damage it would do to any normal person.

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