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The King's Sword is one of the swords possessed by Razvan.The sword was once held by a small monarch who recovered it from an old battle site. Razvan managed to get the sword from the monarch while traveling and called the sword the "King's Sword". Although the sword didn't get to be used to it's true potential due to the monarch being weak and not knowing how to use it properly.Razvan,however managed to unlock some of it's secrets while training with it.

The sword is 1.2 meters long, having a curved, single-edged blade and a rather large hand guard.It's made from highly resistant metal, as it was able to withstand a large number of battles without having a single scratch on it. Legend has it that the sword was forged by a great metalsmith, but thrown away into a large valley by him because of the hidden powers the sword held. It was found a few hundred years later by a shinobi that further enhanced the sword's powers.The sword main power comes from the fact that it's able to absorb and amplify the user's chakra and greatly increase the power of his jutsus. Razvan can use it in conjuction with all of his chakra natures and increase the power of the sword.He can also increase the durability of the sword,making it stronger than diamonds and increase it's cutting power to cut trough almost anything.

Another thing that Razvan trained to do with the sword is to use it as a medium for some of his Rinnegan jutsus.To launch a great gravitational shockwave from the Deva Path,absorb his opponent's chakra via the Preta Path,increase the sword's size and strength via the Asura Path and capture the user's soul via the Naraka Path.

A final thing is the words inscribed on the sword,although Razvan has yet to discover what they actually do,all he knows is that they glow in the dark and can increase in size depending on how much chakra Razvan channels trough the sword.

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