editKohaku Naota


Naota Kohaku (Kohaku Naota, 琥珀直孝)

  • Naota [ナオタ]
  • Ta-kun [タ]



Astrological Sign Scorpio November 1


Gender Male Male





Blood type






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Ninja Rank N/A
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Kohaku Naota was born under fairly uneventful circumstances in the Land of Fire. His parents were two of the last surviving members of the Kohaku clan, living in relative peace in one of the countries smaller villages.

Not wanting their only child to suffer the fate of their home village, the two kept him from the life of a shinobi. Instead, he was raised as a common child, attending the village's small school during the day, and helping on the family's farm in the evenings.

He knew nothing of the world beyond the small community, and thus wanted for nothing. His life was simple, quaint.

However, at age 10, Naota's parents received a seemingly random letter one day, with no indication on whom it was from. While Naota never saw the letters contents, he knew it must be important, as his parents headed out the next day, telling the boy they would be back within a day or so. Having no reason not to, Naota believed them, and awaited their return. 

It was a week and a half later when Naota decided to go looking for them, despite not having any idea where they might have gone. Searching through their belongings, though, he discovered a pair of headbands with the symbol of the Hidden Leaf village on them. 


Naota is a fairly average boy, if a little small for his age. At 10 years old, he stands only about 4 foot 3 inches, and is on the slim side. Despite his stature, he is in good phyiscal conditon, due to his daily work on his parents farm.

Naota has bright orange hair, which sticks up in random directions, regardless of when or how often he brushes or washes it. He has large brown eyes, usually full of curiousity, as much of the world is new to him. 

His clothing is ususally fairly simple, generally consisting of a white v-neck t-shirt under a black jacket, and black pants. Temperature doesn't seem to bother him much, as he will wear this jacket no matter how hot it becomes, and is even ususally colder than average to the touch.