(孤高, Kokū)

  • Renga (煉瓦
  • lit. Brick)


Appears in

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Gender Female Female





"Inariyama" is not in the list of possible values (Allied Shinobi Forces, Akatsuki, Root) for this property.

Hagoromo Gitsune


Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Capable of creating storm clouds
  • Her stomach is considered a pocket dimension
 Kokū (孤高 lit. Isolation) is one of Hagoromo Gitsune's personal summons. She is the second eldest, next to Resshin, of the three fox siblings of Inariyama .


She has the ability to shift to her human form and her true form, which is an arctic fox.

As a human, Kokū appears as thirteen year old girl, with pale pink hair, golden eyes, pale skin and her fox ears are visible in this form. Like Resshin, she possesses nine pale pink tails in this form. She often dresses in a white kosode with red trimmings and black hakama. She wears a violet arm sleeve on her right arm and has an intricate hair ornament.

In her fox form, she shrinks down to the size of a small horse and unlike her sisters, Kokū has brown-red fur which earned her the nickname of 'Renga' which means brick. While she possesses nine tails, she chooses to just show one tail when in her fox form. 


Kokū is a very lazy fox who prefers to sleep a lot. It is said that her power is on par with her elder sister, but due to her laziness, she tends to lose against her sibling. She has this habit of eating and drinking a lot when in her human form, saying that human food is much tastier than the raw meat they usually eat.

She loves her sisters dearly and nuzzles against them as a sign of affection. She gives little regard to Gitsune and often lets the female do what she wants, but willingly lends a hand to help her when needed.


Like her sisters, she is capable of using Ice Release and Wind Release techniques to aid her summoner. Although she is unique due to her being able to create small storms which can be considered as Storm Release. Instead of the usual rain pouring down from these small pockets of clouds, hail and snow fall down from Kokū's conjured storms.

She is able to regurgitate weapons like swords and kunai without much difficulty, saying that her stomach is considered a small pocket dimension for various objects. It is said that this is where Resshin stored Sanbi no Tachi before she gave it to Gitsune.

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