Utayo (歌詠み, Tanka Composer)

  • Kuro (黒 Black)
  • Kokumu (国務 National Affairs)
  • Ikari (怒り Wrath)
  • Yūdokukin (有毒菌 Poisonous Mushroom)
  • Gōjōganko Anaguma (強情頑固穴熊 Bullheaded Badger)

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Kekkei Genkai


  • Sensor
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  • Clinician
  • Researcher
  • Mycologist
  • Toxicologist
  • Business Owner
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Sunagakure Symbol Sunagakure

Senju Symbol Senju

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Ball of Light Technique

Nature Icon Poison Poison Release Techniques

Poison Release: Poison Needle Technique

  • Poison Release: Corrosive Mist
  • Contamination Technique
  • Poison Release: Rain of Toxins
  • Poisoned Knife Technique
  • Poison Release: Caustic Venom

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Mystical Palm Technique

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Chakra Enhanced Strength

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Divine Wind

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Water Release: Water Encampment Wall

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Earth Release: Double Suicide Decapitation Technique


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As a Shinobi, you aren’t famous until you’re considered a monster.

— The Belief of Utayo



These yellow irises with undefined pupils are not at all natural. Created through intense experimentation by accidental means, this woman is able to not only record what she sees, but relay the information to a specific person. A conscious transfer of the memories specifically gathered by her unique optics is performed in order for another person to view them; by creating an electrical field with her chakra (Body Pathway Derangement), but instead of cutting off their electrical pulses, Utayo can touch specific points on the target's head (temples, or base of skull) to directly link her electrical signals to theirs, creating a pathway for the memories to flow through following the activation of her eyes. It is uncertain if she uses Lightning Release with this ability, or if it is merely an application of medical ninjutsu that enhances the natural electrical signals a person's body gives off. The original version was displayed with eyes that were almost entirely yellow with very little white sclera. After the implantation of Kokumu's genes into Utayo's body, black sclera formed during activation, indicating some sort of mutation; however, it still appears to function the same.

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Active Dojutsu- black sclera/yellow irides.

Physical Strength & Endurance

Utayo is a very strong and durable woman, who has even shattered the ribs and ruptured the organs of the Kusakage, nearly taking her life in the process. Her feats of strength, including hauling lumber that weighs thrice as much as she does, have been seen time and time again. Her durability, on the other hand, is not something often noted, but Hazama took this particular strength of Utayo's and pushed it to its limits. He introduced her to what is known as an "Animal Cursed Seal," which can kill a person just as easily as it can grant them power. As a researcher, she was naturally interested in the subject and agreed to be subjected to a seal for herself, which resulted in excruciating pain. Her own body attempted to fight off the seal while Utayo retained her consciousness throughout the process, and eventually was able to steady her breathing in spite of the agony. This feat alone shows great endurance on her part, but a further testament to this was the surgery she was subjected to by the same man, who was attempting to save a dying woman known as Kokumu. Utayo not only survived the surgery, but was able to move about freely within a couple weeks, which is an impressive accomplishment for even the most hardy of shinobi.

Though not yet on par with those that can be granted the title "Strongest Shield," she seems to be headed in the right direction for it. Her age, however, may eventually prove to be a problem, for even shinobi can succumb to the drawbacks of an advanced age.

Poison Release

Poison Release, or Dokuton, is an Otogakure Hiden that was taught to her by Hazama during her time as his apprentice, and technically his prisoner. She has learned some techniques and created her own. Being a researcher, she has also used these abilities to help grow immune to the effects of this particular type of poison, and other users of Poison Release. Her form in particular is somewhat corrosive in properties, but also quite potent, as many other forms of this ninjutsu. The poison, once in the system, attacks organs and blood vessels with the attempt at ceasing their function and forcing the individual into a comatose state, which leads to death shortly after. The poison acts quickly, but the extent of its damage done is dependent on the location of the wound it entered through, and some techniques can harm the user (marked with a ~).

{Poison Release: Poison Needle Technique}- A technique that, when hand signs are formed, allows the user to spit poison from their mouth that is shot fast enough to nearly seem solid. It can pierce flesh easily, though cannot pass through bones. Once it makes it into the flesh, it can easily poison the body. Since multiple shots can be made, an individual will have difficulty evading the senbon-esque liquid projectiles, and the toxicity levels in their body will increase as more shots are allowed contact.

~{Poison Release: Corrosive Mist}- By gathering poison in their mouth after forming the necessary katas, the user can spit out a mist of poison that burns and irritates the skin and eyes, and stands a chances of being inhaled to contaminate the lungs. This can be an incredibly potent technique and extremely difficult to escape fully from. Due to the sensitive nature of eyes, however, the user's eyes can be irritated by the mist as well; although, their skin and internal organs will go unharmed. The lungs can actually be 'corroded' away and cause the victim to cough up blood. Removing the toxin is difficult, but it also causes more damage the longer it remains in their system.

~{Contamination Technique}- Focusing chakra to the surface of their hand and molding it into poison, the user's own flesh becomes a medium for the toxin. They can poison a water supply easily, or they can use their toxic skin and latch on to an opponent in order to cause an extreme burning sensation as well as whelps, redness, and blisters. If the blisters form and rupture, then it can allow the poison on the skin to seep into the body. Should the user keep the technique active for too long, it can cause blisters and open wounds on their own hands.

{Poisoned Knife Technique}- By applying minute chakra control and using the Chakra Scalpel as a medium, the user can funnel their Poison Release chakra to the blade, making it dark purple in color and extremely dangerous. On its own, the Chakra Scalpel cannot guarantee a death blow, even for the most skilled of medics, but in combination with this technique the possibility of taking down, or killing, an opponent is nearly doubled. The poisoned chakra is somewhat corrosive, for coming into contact with it will agitate the skin and cause it to itch, but also cause the skin to 'peel away' from the open wound caused by the knife-like properties of the Chakra Scalpel. This, in turn, expands the wound and allows more poison into their system. The poison itself is very potent, much like all other ninjutsu associated with Poison Release, and it uses its minor corrosive properties to break down organs upon entry into the system, including blood vessels, which can cause a bruise to form from blood surfacing under the skin, and if enough damage is done, the poison can seep into muscles and harm them as well. The extent of its damage to organs depends on its point of entry and the severity of the cut.

~{Poison Release: Rain of Toxins}- By combining Water Release with Poison Release, the user can create a rain cloud that acts similar to acid rain. Though water dilutes the potency and killing effects of the poison, it allows the toxin to more easily enter the opponent's body if they have any opens wounds. It can also enter via the eyes or mouth, which can cause burns in or on either organ if entering in this manner, and open wounds will burn as well.

~{Poison Release: Caustic Venom}- With knowledge over human anatomy and her competency in Poison Release, Utayo has created a custom technique that allows her to make her body entirely acidic. By lowering her pH levels through the application of Medical Ninjutsu and Poison Release, Utayo's very being becomes a toxic substance (0.8 pH balance), making her body liquids the equivalent to battery acid. Sweat, blood, tears, saliva, etc. all become extremely corrosive, thus touching her for any period of time would result in horrible damages to the flesh of the opponent. If even a drop of bodily fluid makes contact, it can burn through just about any clothing item, as well as flesh and bone; this makes Utayo's Taijutsu quite fearsome in turn. She, however, cannot keep this active at all times, for an improper pH balance can render her useless with headaches, low blood pressure, disorientation, internal bleeding, and fatigue. She is building up a tolerance for this technique, however, which grants her longer periods of time for use, though still suffers from its after affects as if it were a hangover.

Toxin Prowess

Utayo is incredibly knowledgeable of every common poison and most uncommon poisons, though she does dabble a bit in venom from various conventional snakes, spiders, and flying insects that produce it. Her intelligence in this area extends to the creation of antidotes that require precision and quick actions to treat, but it also demands the creator be knowledgeable enough on the effects of the poison to actually create a working antidote. Instead of creating her own, however, she tends to use natural poisons and venoms that are developed in the wild, such as hemlock for her kusarigama. She also understands poison that can be created by bacteria, but doesn't necessarily delve into this form very much. Her extensive knowledge is believed to be unmatched, for not only can she identify most poisons and create their antidote, she can also develop her own toxins through chemicals, indicating she may have some prowess in chemistry as well. Since her own body can even excrete a corrosive, lethal, or paralyzing poison, she could be considered a true master over toxins.

Her tactics for distributing these different poisons are somewhat expansive. If not creating it via chakra and using her own body to produce it, she can grind the poison into powder (if using a plant), create a gas bomb with the fumes of the poison inside, imbuing her weaponry with it, and even slipping it into another's beverage or drink. The tactic seems to change depending on the situation, but all seem equally effective.

The types she is seen using primarily are all able to be accessed via her hip pouch, which contains a case that holds vials and are labeled accordingly. Most types are extremely toxic, so it doesn't require much to harm an opponent.

Senju DNA

Utayo was implanted with the DNA of Kokumu, who was of Senju descent, yet her inherited Kekkei Genkai had been stifled due to extensive experimentation performed on her throughout her childhood and into adolescence. Upon receiving her DNA, the Kekkei Genkai Utayo had inherited was abruptly lost due to the cells she had been implanted with. Though imperfect, she does have some access to the Wood Release Kekkei Genkai, but can never achieve mastery of it. She is, however, quite creative with the few techniques she has, and prefers to use it only when absolutely necessary. She does not seem to have garnered any other advantages from the cells, such as extensive reserves and stamina. Both of the aforementioned were not present in Kokumu either, but this is assumed to be a product of the experiments performed on her; however, in this particular case, Utayo does not have these attributes due to an apparent 'dilution' of the quality of the Senju DNA she received. Since it is being mixed with Utayo's blood, who is essentially a mixed-blood of lesser clans, and the DNA had already been suppressed, it caused very little of it to show through after the implantation.

Medical Ninjutsu

Utayo has proved on multiple occasions that she is a proficient medical ninja with exceptional skill. Though she does not harbor the telltale Strength of a Hundred Seal that is many master medics' claim to fame, she is still considered a worthy rival in medicine. She has been shown to take precise action when healing others and has a steady hand. Utayo's minute chakra control allows her to appear superhuman in strength, though already has naturally powerful brawn, and she once displayed this aptitude by crushing Hotaru Ito-Yuki's torso with an attack that could have ended her life. Due to Utayo's quick action and knowledge in the area, even at a much younger age than she currently is, she was able to save her life and have her functioning back to normal within a few weeks.

She also healed the wounds of the legendary Tessuhai Tsuyo after he was made a jinchuuriki and assisted in helping him regain his strength after the ordeal not even two days later. Not long after, Genesis Uzumaki came to her for the restructuring of his back after it was horribly injured, which consisted of a surgery to implant a metal device that would straighten out the spine and permit it to heal on its own. She, of course, sped up the process to some degree so as to relieve him of pain, then later removed it. Doing this on her own could have resulted in the death of the redhead, but with her precision and knowledge in surgery, she was able to not only keep him stable while implanting the device, she was also able to remove it a few months later on her own as well.

The Sharingan sported by Hotaru Ito-Yuki is a product of Utayo's surgical competence, as she inserted the eye under the Kusakage's request. As far as she is aware, it currently functions as normal and without any major side effects other than the intense strain of chakra it puts on its user. Her ability to flawlessly cure others and perform dangerous procedures on her own suggests masterful control over medicine and medical-oriented techniques.

She is known for her high intelligence, which was seen when she created a genetic copy of herself that was half her age; however, the imperfections caused the child to have some deformities (no heterochromia, no growth, differing signature), and she did not have the same skills as the original did. Eventually, the copy's physical age began to reverse, causing it to grow younger, its mind fading away and its abilities ceasing altogether. The creation passed away, but the very notion that Utayo was able to create a genetic copy of herself that walked and talked for several years is quite a testament to her intelligence and knowledge over medicine and science. She has even shown the ability to raise her pH levels to make her own bodily fluids extremely caustic.

The woman is even capable of performing the Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique on her own and is also known for being able to heal psychological damage done to people from Genjutsu and the Sharingan. Through her abundance of research and medical knowledge, Utayo is also knowledgeable of herbs, which she goes hunting for outside the Wind Country when supplies are low, or when she cannot purchase them in the village. She occasionally made tea from homegrown spices and herbs for the Kusakage whenever she visited.

{Water Release: Healing Mist Spray}- Molding healing chakra and Water Release chakra into one within the body, the user can then expel it out from the mouth in the form of a dense mist. The mist has healing properties and reaches a wide range, which can heal all surface wounds. The downsides are that enemies can also be healed if the user does not use this carefully, and it can heal only surface wounds.

Mushroom Control

Utayo has the unique ability to control living organisms of the fungus family. She is capable of not only growing the mushrooms, but also competent enough to make them release spores with varying effects (paralysis, unconsciousness, poison). She was creative enough to develop her own means of utilizing this, which seems to be a branch off of Wood Release. The woman does have a few techniques in her arsenal and tends to resort to them long before Wood Release.

{Forest of Mushrooms}- This is a simple technique that proves to be similar to Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees, but on a slightly smaller scale. The mushrooms can be grown on any surface and can tower above enemies just like a tree. This is a base (supplementary) jutsu that needs a secondary technique to be of any combat use. It's only use as is would be the user's ability to cause them to dissipate when finished using them, which results in a cloud of spores to be left behind in a vast range. This can produce unconsciousness in the opponent, or even stick to their clothing and act as a tracking device should they otherwise fail to put the target to sleep.

{Powder Disk}- By causing mushrooms the size of shuriken to grow at their feet, the user can reach down to pluck off the heads and proceed to throw them in a manner similar to shuriken. Upon coming into contact with any surface, they will explode into a cloud of spores, whose affects can range from sleep inducing to paralysis inducing; some special mushrooms can even create a weak visual Genjutsu. The disks used by Utayo are never meant to actually harm the opponent, but rather incapacitate them for follow up attacks, or a retreat.

{Dust Cloud}- Certain kinds of mushrooms that Utayo can grow act as mediums for Genjutsu. Utayo is not a powerful Genjutsu user, thus uses the abilities of the Muscarines found within the mushrooms in order to constrict the pupils of the eyes and use the dizziness caused by inhalation to induce a visual Genjutsu. Normally the Genjutsu is simple enough, such as a completely black scene or blurred scene, to cause some minor panic and confusion in the individual; whether it is a Genjutsu or not becomes unclear, but the toxins produced by the mushroom go beyond weak Genjutsu, eventually causing death if not treated. The mushrooms' caps can be thrown as disks, or they can be grown so that they just explode upon command, releasing the spores, and thus the toxin, into the air for a greater chance of contact with the target.

{Biting Spore Dispersal}- Slamming her hand on the ground, Utayo can create a mushroom the size of an umbrella and, in comparison to another technique, tosses it into the air while simultaneously causing it to spin. Its gills, which hold spores, are detached from the head of the mushroom and form spear-like projectiles that spread out over a vast range and can pierce human flesh like Senbon. It also causes the pollen of the mushroom to be released into the air, causing hallucinogenic effects if inhaled. The altered state of reality the individual has a potential of entering in to can cause the opponent to view the projectiles of the mushroom as another object, or that they cease to exist altogether, which makes them harder to dodge.

Animal Cursed Seal

The first stage gives her a more intense boost in chakra and power while only slightly transforming her appearance. Her teeth become equally as sharp as a bear's, as well as her teeth, and her muscles will bulge slightly due to the mass of muscle a bear normally has. This further causes her to appear intimidating.

The first stage offers a large boost in speed, allowing her far more agility and flexibility to couple with her large stat boost. Her strength, as incredible as it is currently, is nearly doubled without the need for chakra enhancement. Her sense of smell is also heightened in this form, though not to that of a true animal's; she could easily lock on to and track a human in this form if the scent is recent and the person has not gone too far.

This stage comes with a high price, so it is rarely used for this woman. With all the other physical characteristics given, the woman also has dark brown fur that engulfs her body almost entirely (minus her head). It drastically alters her abilities to the point where she is nearly untouchable in regards to speed, and her power is beastly; monstrous no longer covers this raw power and chakra enhancement is not necessary for decimating an area. Her auditory and olfactory senses are heightened to that of an actual bear's senses, making her hard to elude and even more difficult to control. This animalistic portion of the seal does alter how she behaves, including the tendency to run on all fours, bite, and swipe rather than punch and kick. It seems to be the most comfortable for her, and she apparently loses most of her humanity while in this form; however, it can erode her body's natural state and thus is a hefty price to pay for a brief improvement.


Utayo has shown the capacity to be very skilled with the Kusarigama. Though she has yet to actively face someone in battle with it, she has been using it since regaining her strength, thus could be considered fairly skilled with it. Adding to her physical prowess, which allows her to rotate either end of the weapon at high speeds and to the point of being able to slice through rock if Wind chakra in funneled into the ends. The blade is also imbued with a poison that has a delayed effect and will cause the opponent to collapse some time after being exposed to it. They can easily be paralyzed for several days due to the toxin, and cause death within a few hours after contact is made. Imbued with Hemlock, the Kusarigama becomes a weapon that has the potential to be fatal with even a single scratch.

Utayo's competence with a Kusarigama is shown in that she actively wields it in battle, even before utilizing Taijutsu. This displays not only her aptitude with it, but also her confidence in using it effectively. She seems to primarily wield it by the chain, though switches to holding the kama's handle when getting particularly close to a target.


Utayo's summoning, Badgers, are versatile creatures that not only help track opponents, but also assist in battle, or for distraction purposes. The primary summonings of Utayo are Aoi and Mao, both of whom stand at roughly the height of a half-grown brown bear, though are longer in body in comparison; getting hit by one of the two is the equivalent of being in a car accident. Aoi is the largest of the two, but they are equally powerful; however, neither likes working together and they tend to clash when it comes to strategy or attack collaboration. Unless specifically ordered to perform something in particular, they will most likely act on their own. The duo can produce a suffocating musk that can subdue an opponent if they are exposed to the scent long enough, and it can cause eye irritation, which can make it more difficult to focus on the battle. They are just as strong as they are quick, and both of the creatures seem more fond of biting rather than swiping, though either method can easily break bones with enough force applied.


Utayo, even before integrating Kokumu into her personality, was always cold, distant, and abrasive. She has been described as cruel and angry, but a more appropriate term would be 'hardened.' The medic is very reclusive and seems to have a strong distaste for the ignorant, or those she deems an imbecile, as well as authority. Her temper has slowly become more manageable over the years, particularly due to the integration of Kokumu's personality traits, which were more submissive and docile than her own. Utayo, though, earned the moniker "Bullheaded Badger" for her stubborn, determined, and obstinate nature, thus has not changed as dramatically as one may have hoped. Utayo's temper was once described as legendary for her violent tendencies, but in recent years she has displayed the habit of simply scoffin at that which annoys her and walking away; pestering her, however, is ill-advised. Being serious and straightforward, most insults are lost on her. Insults to her physical being are, however, known to make her glance down at her own figure as if scrutinizing it. She does not seem so much perturbed during these times as she does confused or slightly frustrated.

Nothing is more mad than replying to the Fool's inane rambling.

Utayo, Descent into Madness

Some traits have surfaced that were not there before, but she retains her blunt attitude and informal nature; such is seen when conversing with Kage or other high ranking officials, who she often calls by their first name, if any name at all. Utayo is very intelligent, though not very well mannered due to her personal preferences, and is also inclined to secrecy, as noted by her former manner of dressing, which consisted of mostly black clothing and a cloak that hid her form entirely. She is not known for lying, however, and faces consequences for her actions, or behavior, head on. In comparison, she is much more like a badger than a human, and even has a persistent quality about herself much like they do. Albeit hard to get along with, and normally a quiet individual, she does have some good qualities that a very select few have come to admire, or even notice.

Utayo's loyalty and her resilience are two of her most powerful attributes. It has been noted that her will is nearly unbreakable, perhaps this being the result of her stubborn attitude and unwillingness to let herself be made a fool of. Utayo tends to do what is necessary rather than what may be morally correct, and she even displays a tendency to be extremely protective. The latter feature has been noted on more than one occasion, which usually involved the safety of the Kusakage. As ironic as it may seem, her semi-friendly relationship with a power figure was built primarily on a sense of trust and a clear understanding of one another; albeit Utayo detested Hotaru Ito-Yuki's inquisitive nature, it never seemed to hinder their ability to converse.

It is thought that Utayo may have some sort of decency to her due to her usage of Medical Ninjutsu and her occupation as a Medical-nin, which requires her to behave more appropriately when facing the sick or dying, and yet she's never been known to "sugar coat" bad news. It has also been observed that she helps only when it is necessary, or when she happens to be present in an area. Utayo has also been known to walk a fine line between right and wrong, despite her loyal personality. Though this could be seen as a contradiction, she does in fact remain loyal to her country, but the woman has made it a business of selling 'illegal' poisons and venoms to foreign and local shinobi. What started as an accident became her means of living comfortably. She is not an evil entity, at least for the most part, but she saw the opportunity and went for it, as most people would.

Wrath is the last thing in a man to grow old.

Utayo's Wrath

Although not particularly fond of conversation, she seems to be eloquent enough to hold her own in a debate, or even a casual discussion, but she primarily sticks to silent observation or avoids interaction altogether. She is also known for her ability to adapt to just about any situation with relative ease, and this is displayed in her apparent alliance with the madman known as Hazama. Due to her multiple experiences and knowledge about the world, Utayo can be described as wise, which is a trait not many people take notice of.


Shroud of Darkness

No loyalty no honor by zweihander k-d97v3a1

Start of the Descent

She does not remember much. In fact, she can safely say that most of what happened a few weeks prior to the forced operation is a complete and utter blur. Colors and shapes are there, but the events themselves are just brief flashes. She does not recall falling from a cliff and having a bomb go off on her torso, nor does she remember hitting the water at close to sixty miles an hour, but she does know that she blacked out. Utayo also knows that when she woke up a few weeks later, she was different. Prior to the surgery, she had eyes of red and gray, a Kekkei Genkai for Explosion Release, and an affinity for Lightning Release, but that was suddenly gone from her. Upon sitting up from the hospital-esque bed she had apparently been asleep on, she found Hazama to be within the room with her. She had never been on good terms with the man, nor had she ever wanted to be, but for a reason she was unclear of at the time, she simply remained there on the bed and stared at him. The woman was angry, there was no denying that, but the urge to attack him was not there; something in her mind was preventing her from performing the action. It was then, as he smiled at her almost pleasantly, that memories that were not her own came rushing back to her at full force and she nearly fell unconscious once more. She managed to restrain the urge while a pain rampaged in her skull, making her teeth ache along with it; it was as if she had experienced amnesia of some kind, and yet the memories were almost in a third person perspective.

His explanation was no more comforting. She was no longer a single entity, but two that were meshed together in order to form a new one. He did not give his reasons for saving the other female, but he made sure to mention that the only reason he had saved her own life was so that she could serve as a base for rescuing the other, who had been dying from unknown causes. After a heated debate over whether or not Utayo could have survived without his assistance, she was informed that he wished for her to serve him as repayment for what he had done. Her bullheaded nature wanted to murder him for such a suggestion, yet there was another part of her that was restraining her; an internal battle had begun between her and the female, known as Kokumu, that inhabited her body. It seemed that there would be some issues associated with the near literal combination of two different people. Albeit they shared similar traits, according to Hazama, their natures and alliances differed, which resulted in a conflict of interest. Kokumu had no concern with allying herself with the green haired man, but Utayo was loyal to Kusagakure and thus resisted any 'logic' offered by the part of her mind that was altered by Kokumu's traits.

The mental strain was brought to a sudden halt as Hazama informed her of a proposition that she would have been a fool to refuse; although it was a threat to her and someone she called a friend, she knew very well that in her current state, she was no match for him and needed him in order to even be able to properly walk, which she was incapable of doing at the time.

Dreamless State

Training was an awful thing. It was as if she had to start from the bottom again. Albeit she retained her strength and durability, as well as her medical ninjutsu and her basic techniques in ninjutsu, she practically had to be taught how to walk again. Her ability to function had been hindered somewhat by the long sleep and the integration of a new person into her body; how they functioned was attempting to merge with her own functioning, thus she had difficulty with basic tasks for the first while. Before she was put in that state, she was a thirty year old woman, and by the time she finished acquainting herself with the changes of her body, but also the new affinities and abilities she had, she was thirty-five years old.

It took five years to get back to where she was originally in terms of skill, and though Hazama's training helped speed up the process, she still has to continue her training with abilities that even he knows nothing of. Utayo, before going under surgery, was beginning to learn of a unique branch of her newfound Kekkei Genkai. She figured that it would be useful in the future in some form or another, thus began to train in it; she could grow and control mushrooms as an alternative to wood. She has very little she can currently do with them, so is constantly attempting to perfect what she knows and develop new skills, but only so much can be done at once. Once regaining her control over her muscles and general functioning, she was easily able to slip back into her previous physical prowess with little to no loss of muscle mass after the operation.

For a time, she wandered and trained her newfound skills, but was always on call by Hazama's orders and she could never go near Kusagakure, or its Kage, again. For a while, she had no purpose, as those she once served were no longer her kin in combat. It took some time, but she eventually made her way to Sunagakure.

Desert Vipers

Utayo became integrated in the life of the desert dwellers in Sunagakure no Sato. The process of becoming a kunoichi in the area was fairly straightforward, but it was difficult to establish herself. Initially, she wished to re-join a hospital and help the people of Sunagakure, yet was hesitant. Learning how a new hospital worked, at the time, seemed to be a challenge she wasn't up for. Fate seemed to play a hand in her decisions thereafter, for she had enough coin to purchase a building with two floors that was situated near the edge of the village- seen shortly after walking into Sunagakure from the main entrance. Originally intending to be a clinic, Utayo set up shop to primarily treat those first coming in with heat stroke, dehydration, or sun burns; however, this didn't last long. The researcher had used poison and hallucinogens for years prior to her arrival in Sunagakure, so continued to use them both and even sold some of her creations to ninja in the village when she was specifically approached on occasion.

At the time, it seemed benign; shinobi of Sunagakure were known for using toxins on their weapons, so who was she to deny them? She had not expected, however, to attract the attention of others. Utayo would have called them "corrupt" or "immoral" people of the slums, but they were eager to purchase her product. At the time, Utayo hadn't been making toxins for the purpose of selling them, so had nowhere near the amount necessary for them. They persisted until coming to a compromise: they would pay half of the amount, which she manufactured out of air at the time, she would get their order ready, and they would pay the remainder when they arrived to pick it up in a few days. Although the men that showed up were of a lesser quality of decency than she would usually associate with, Utayo suddenly found herself in the business of creating toxic substances for distribution. The medic had to keep in mind, however, that every individual that came in to purchase her product could be using it for less-than-honorable reasons. In most villages, selling poison and venom is illegal, so she keeps her business hush; however, she isn't alone in the business.

Some patrons, she found, are eager to share their reasons for purchasing her creations, whereas others either need to be coerced, or trailed. The latter is difficult in some situations, unless the patron promptly leaves Sunagakure- considering the positioning of her store, she can more easily keep track of those who come and go. Of course, not all mishaps can be prevented or avoided. In one unfortunate scenario, however, Utayo was approached by a woman that was furious. Her husband, a Jonin member of Sunagakure, had been unfaithful to her and she wanted to make him pay. Though the medic generally couldn't care less about the marital affairs of others, she was not going to permit the killing of a Sunagakure official. Instead of giving her a poison, she gave her a vial of sleep-inducing liquid, and she later found that the woman had used it with the belief it would kill her husband. Instead, he slept for twelve hours and resumed his unfaithful ways, much to the wife's chagrin. Furious, she confronted Utayo, who chose to brush off the madwoman's ravings of getting revenge on everyone that dared embarrass her.

True to her word, she apparently found another supplier willing to help her. This resulted in a "delivery" being placed on Utayo's doorstep that, when opened, released a cloud of noxious gas into the air. The medic was required to used Wind Release to force the creation up and out of Sunagakure before it caused harm to civilians, who scattered at the sight of the moderately-sized cloud. How no one of higher security level noticed, she may never know. Nevertheless, she did become infected and suffered for nearly two weeks with the poison in her system. Due to her study in Toxicology, which and her own body's high-resistance to foreign bodies, she was capable of withstanding a lethal, powdered dose of Belladonna after inhalation. fatigue was her most prominent system, as well as difficulty breathing. She had created an antidote within the first few days of infection, but an inhaled drug is more difficult for the body to get rid of.

After recovering from her encounter, Utayo set out to stop the woman's rampage, having assumed she purchased enough of the toxin to poison many people. She was not successful, however, in finding the woman; although the medic was able to locate her residence, the female never showed up and two weeks worth of reconnaissance revealed that she hadn't been back home since the attack on her husband's life. The husband came and went, but the woman was nowhere to be found. Desiring to put down the other vendor, whose distribution of the poison could have killed a regular civilian, Utayo continues to search for the traitorous woman as well as any sign of other distributors in the Sunagakure area.


Utayo's appearance is a striking one, being described by some as intimidating while others claim she is beautiful. Her body is toned and muscular, though this is difficult to note given her preference for modest clothing, and she is quite tall. She towers over most women, being six feet and four inches tall, and some men are even shorter than her, thus making her appear more intimidating. She sports black hair and equally as dark eyes with fair and unblemished skin; however, on her cheeks there appears to be faded yellow paint of some sort, a color which mirrors her eyes in hue when in their recording state. The importance and uses of this paint are unknown, but they seem to be in the shape of nearly upside-down Vs.

- With her presence being located in a place of intense heat and unforgiving desert winds, the kunoichi has altered her choice of clothing since first visiting the nation. A semi-tatter brown, hooded shawl rests upon her shoulders and head, obscuring the outfit below from curious eyes. In plain view are a pair of light gray pants, black gloves that lack fingers and disappear beneath the sleeves of a dark gray, short-sleeve shirt, and dark brown boots of shin height. On her back her kusarigama rests and a dark brown medical pouch sits above her rear.


Sunagakure Attire


  • The name Utayo is Kuro's real name while Kokumu was born without one, thus the latter two became aliases.
  • Kuro and Kokumu are two separate people, but were combined via multiple surgeries and experiments to form Utayo.
  • Utayo is thirty-five years old, but looks to be no older than twenty-three; a positive to having two strands of DNA with differing ages.
  • Kokumu was a Senju, whose Kekkei Genkai was stifled after extreme experimentation by her parents. The Kekkei Genkai, Wood Release, was uncovered after Kokumu became fused with Kuro.
  • Utayo dislikes sweets, curry, and alcohol.
  • Utayo likes tea, Ochazuke with tsukemono, and most vegetables.
  • Her favorite past times include conducting research, training, and reading.
  • Utayo's favorite color is gray.
  • Utayo has several monikers, three of which are used commonly amongst patrons and business partners: "Kuro," "Ikari," and "Anaguma."
  • She is Asexual.

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