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Dragon Roar


Kokuryū (黒龍, lit. The Black Dragon) is a top-tiered dragon contracted under Yūmei Luenah, and serves to be one of his most powerful summons.


Kokuryū appears as a mastodonic dragon whose entire upper body, is covered in black, round scales, which in turn are decorated by spiraling, blue markings. His lower body, specifically its belly, inner tail and legs, is grey in color, and seems to be rather smooth. He possesses a blunt, rounded head with four large and elongated plates extending backwards, and has white beady eyes. His mouth is full of sharp teeth, and below it is an elongated protrusion pointing downwards. Kokuryū’s gargantuan, multi-layered wings are composed of the very same plates covering his whole body, which take on a formation reminiscent of a bird’s feathers. His massive tail splits in two at its end, where the black plates disappear, and adopts a dual stinger-esque appearance.


Kokuryū possesses a negative disposition towards humans, deeming them a weaker existence, and no more significant than insects. He however holds a quantifiable amount of recognition towards Yūmei, however, to who he made a contract with, and was just able to gain the upper hand in battle long enough for him to acknowledge his existence as 'something worth noticing'. That being said, Kokuryū doesn't communicate with other humans, and rarely even to his own species.


Kokuryū possesses an immense amount of durability, courtesy of its massive scales of which even the famed Sword of Kusanagi would have a difficult time piercing, and can shrug off a multitude of attacks otherwise augmented to slay a human upon impact. He also possesses an immense amount of raw strength, easily reducing an area to rubble upon landing in it, and generating shockwaves (on the ground) and, or even powerful gusts of wind (in mid-air) whenever flapping his wings. Kokuryū however opts to restrict usage of his utmost caliber when in combat, as a result leaving the extent of its power entirely ambiguous, even to Yūmei. In regular cases, he instead prefers to 'play' with his opponents. As a top-tiered dragon, Kokuryū possesses a cataclysmic reservoir of chakra.

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