Kyōya's Scarf



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Kyōya's Scarf


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  • Kyōya Kaguya
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A specially made scarf created by Kyōya Kaguya to use as part of his staple outfit for combat purposes. A unique scarf woven from a special type of cloth capable of absorbing chakra from the user and infusing said chakra throughout the scarf. This augments the durability and combat effectiveness of the scarf, allowing Kyōya to extend the scarf across great distances, stretching the scarf much farther than one should normally be able to extend said cloth. The chakra infusion also makes the scarf highly flexible and highly resistant to damage, able to become harder than steel at a moment's notice, and capable of resisting even the most destructive of attacks while retaining it's elastic form.


GIF Image used here is anime footage from the anime "My Hero Academia" featuring Pro Hero, Eraser Head.

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