Lalala Lance



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This is a unique lance that has multiple uses for both offense and support. When the flower is closed, it comes to a dangerously sharp point that allows it to pierce through stone and some metals. When it pierces a target, if it doesn't go all the way through, it can even siphon chakra from whatever its stabbed to store within. It does not hold a long charge, though, which means that any chakra that is not used within ten minutes will end up dissipating.

The flower that makes up the spear can be made to 'bloom' with a simple twist of the handle, which gives it a few additional abilities. When opened up, the flower is able to act like a satellite dish that can absorb any chakra attack launched at it and reflect it back as a beam from the center. It can absorb multiple attacks and use any chakra absorbed while in spear mode to fire the energy beam.

While opened up, the flower can also be used for transportation. Flipping a switch on the handle causes the petals to rotate and act as a propeller. This allows the wielder to hold onto the handle, extend out the base as a spot for a foot rest, and fly much like a helicopter. Flying in this mode is extremely easy to maneuver in and it travels at a relatively fair speed.

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