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The Land of Demons (鬼の国, Oni no Kuni; English TV "Land of Ogres") is located two countries away from the Land of Swamps. Angra Mainyu and Bishamonten are known to have originated from here, and many of his summonings are affiliated with it in one way or another. The techniques that are passed down in this country, such as the Shrine Seal and the Shadow Mirror Body Changing Method, seem to use hand seals that are completely different from the standard twelve. Notably the concept of immortality also stemmed from the land, or more specifically, Angra Mainyu when being experimented upon by the resident scientists. However, the former wiped out the majority of the population, which to this day has barely recovered in numbers.

The name's origin in actuality, stemmed from the existence of the daevas, which remained secluded deep beneath the land, encountered by, and forging pacts with numerous native scientists, researchers and artisans. When Angra Mainyu massacred the majority of the land's population, the daevas' existence was quickly forgotten.

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