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editLava Prison Golem


(熔牢剛霊無, Yō Gōremu)


Kekkei Genkai

Nature Icon Lava Lava Release

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Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure

Dart Terumī


Terumī Clan

Nature Type

Unique Traits

  • Immense Durability
  • Immunity to Heat and Fire
  • Regeneration

  • Nature Icon Earth Earth Release Techniques

Earth Release: Fissure

Nature Icon Fire Fire Release Techniques

Fire Release: Extinguishing Curtain Field

Nature Icon Lava Lava Release Techniques

Flower–Fruit Mountain

This Lava Prison Golem (熔牢剛霊無, Yō Gōremu) is the personal summon of Dart Terumī.


It is a gargantuan molten rock construct with a huge body and limbs. It has specialized, sealed, heat-resistant metal bars that bind its chest, thighs, shins, and wrists shut in order to keep its power contained. Unleashing its bonds will cause its power to overflow and cause early dismissal due to power consumption.


Due to its large, molten rock body, the golem has immense strength that puts it on par with the Tailed Beasts. Due to its bulk, it is slow in maneuverability and relies on its extreme durability to endure most attacks. It has the ability to regenerate its form endlessly so long as there is earth present for it to assimilate into itself. It is capable of utilizing Earth Release, Fire Release, and Lava Release techniques.


Due to its size, the Golem is quite slow in its movements. An overwhelmingly powerful Water Release technique can cool this entity into stasis, but not dispel it. It requires being summoned on land. It cannot swim or traverse through deep water.


Dart can fuse into this entity after activating Susanoo: Lava Release Chakra Mode for a truly terrifying sight.

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