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  • Jay Nara
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The Lens of Lust formula is the illusionary alternative to its offensive, supplementary and defensive versions. At its initial activation, it can be described as a circular mirror composed out of ethereal glass, around the size of a full body mirror, 6ft tall and 2ft wide. Created from a circular motion with either of his hands, this particular mirror does not deal in the elements, instead choosing desire.


The Lens of Lust, being of an illusionary nature, is designed to initiate devastating illusions. Initiating the illusions can be done through many means:

  • The first, and easiest, process is the projection of the user's Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan onto the mirror. The sight of the Dōjutsu is a perfect attempt to force eye contact and put an opponent under a Genjutsu.
  • The second process is through the glint of light reflecting from the mirror's surface. This option is more subtle because its something that happens naturally on mirrors. The Genjutsu is more along the lines of an average rank, with low difficulty in breaking out if they're aware of the necessary steps.
  • The last, and hardest, process used by the technique is through the target's individual desires. This option is more fickle than the rest, because the desires of every single person is not going to illicit the same response.

No matter the process chosen, in the target's scrambled sight, the mirror will be present. Placed in an inconspicuous location, not at all the same as where it was originally placed. This is because, once the target is in the Genjutsu, the mirror is shrunken into the size used for makeup. Once the target manages to find and shatter the mirror in their false sight, they'll be broken from the illusion and the small makeup mirror is simultaneously shattered.


Because its being used by the black gloves of attack, the mirror can be mistaken for the other lens. The notable differences between the two can be noted by the lack of rings behind this mirror.

Another difference is the size of the mirror, definitely the biggest visual difference for those capable of seeing it from its initial creation.

Because of its inclusion in the Fūinjutsu category, the Lens of Lust is not fully considered to be apart of the Nara's Wicked Wonderland style of Genjutsu. While the properties can be there, more chakra would have to be consciously added for that extra bit of power.

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