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The Lens of Wrath formula is the purely offensive alternative to its supplementary, defensive, and illusionary versions. At its initial activation, it can be described as a circular mirror composed out of ethereal glass, around the size of a large beach ball, much smaller in comparison to the other mirrors. Created from a circular motion with either of his hands, an excess of chakra would leak out the back of the mirror in a cone of phosphorescent rings, with an invisible cap at the end. The rings would number in seven and representing the five nature transformations as well as the Yin and Yang energies.

Starting from the first and largest ring, down to the last and smallest ring, the elements would proceed as such:

  • Fire Release would occupy the first and largest ring, colored in a fiery red.
  • Wind Release would occupy the next ring, colored in a dull white.
  • Water Release would occupy the next ring, colored in an ocean blue.
  • Lightning Release would occupy the next ring, colored in a electric yellow.
  • Earth Release would occupy the next ring, colored in a dirty brown.
  • Yin Release would be in the second to last ring, shining in a bright white.
  • Yang Release would be in the last and smallest ring, colored in a midnight black.


The Lens of Wrath is designed to be used in a near instance. After creating the ethereal mirror, the user injects their element of choice inside. Depending on the element, the designated ring will shine brightly. From the mirror, with the high concentration of chakra flowing into it, the mirror will become visible to even the unaided eye and an elemental beam will immediately be fired from the mirror.

The element being fired will traverse at 50 meters per second, more so if more chakra is added or multiplied.

Employing Elemental Kekkei Genkai and Kekkei Tōta into the Fūinjutsu are possible, doing so causing two or three rings to shine brightly with the elemental beam firing from the mirror. It is also possible to create more than one mirror, the maximum being two, and firing a second beam, but this second blast is the last.

If Natural Energy is chosen for use, the beam of chakra will be completely invisible and will deliver a concussive blow to their person, with enough blunt force to fracture bones and cause internal injury depending on the location.


Because its being used by the black gloves of attack, the mirror can be mistaken for the other lens. The notable differences between the two can be noted by the presence of rings behind this mirror.

Another difference is the size of the mirror, definitely the biggest visual difference for those capable of seeing it from its initial creation.

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