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The Loch Ness Beasts are ancient creatures that inhabited the depths of Great Lake Acuity, a massive underground lake that connects the Land of Flowers with the Land of Flames. They reside in their own plane, called the Hidden Oasis, that can only be acessed through reverse summoning or through the Ice Pillar, a passage created by one of the Beasts with Ice Release. Connected with the folklore and history of the Land of Flowers, the Beasts, despite their threatening appearance, are cheerful, docille and loyal creatures.


Lake Acuity

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The Beasts' meeting with Kaede

Powers and abilities

The majestic creatures have quite a handful set of skills that can be used at will: their draconian physique grants them power and might in battle, especially on water. Highly attuned with Water and Ice Release, they can use these elements to release powerful attacks or manipulate the field on their behalf. Another interesting ability, although not fully combat oriented, is the one to produce light orbs from their mouths. Granting their friendly and proud demeanor, they like beautiful things and can use this to start a firework show on the sky. The intensity of the light can be controlled by them and can be used to blind opponents. Because of their affinity with water and natural chakra, they also have healing skills. When incasing the target in ice, the water from the crystal protects them and heals their wounds.

Last, but not least, the last ability of the Beasts is to read thoughts and emotions of everyone around. As they don't speak, they communicate via telepathy, and that ability in battle proves most useful in predicting the movements of the target.

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Beasts in battle

Their Sage mode enhances the corresponding abilities attuned with the Beasts': Water Release, Ice Release, Sensoring skills and the efficiency of her healing techniques, benefits of the deep connection with natural chakra. Taijutsu-wise, the Sage mode grants the user a boost in strenght and speed, covers their body with purplish blue scales that give extra protection and sharp claws. The user's pupils become dark slits with bright green irises, snake-like eyes.

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