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Hōzuki Plant Weapon


  • Dart Terumī
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Crafted in his very own forge, with help from a master Steel Release user, and combining the steel with the Hōzuki Plant Weapon, Dart Terumī fashioned these twin blades to give him a permanent sword companion with the absorptive properties of the aforementioned weapon without the weaknesses.

The blades measure 26" in length, the cross-guard is 2" in thickness, and the hilt being 6" in length; giving the blades a total length of 34". They are wielded one-handed, solely. In the 'split state', both swords weigh just about 2 lbs. In the 'true state', Mahō-tō weighs about 2.5 lbs.

While stored, Mahō-tō appears as a set of twin katanas, but a section on each hilt comes off to reveal interlocking pegs, allowing the two blades to connect and form the sword's 'true state'- a single sword with parallel blades. The design's intent is to trap an opponent's blade between them and disarm him.

While in its 'split state', Mahō-tō is capable of absorbing any type of energy attack, thus the fire, lightning, and wind affinities are rendered useless against it. However, it does not affect the physical nature types.

While in its 'true state', all nature affinities are susceptible to the chakra 'cleave' though it taxes the wielder greater in this state.


MC Split

Mahō-tō's split ability

Mahō-tō has the ability to absorb an opponent's energy attack through the left sword and direct it through the wielder's body. The wielder is able to gain a slight reprieve from the chakra cycling but ultimately cannot absorb the entire technique. Thus, Mahō-tō reverses the attack's original course by firing the same attack from the right sword at full force, often times augmented with the wielder's own chakra. The entire process occurs so fast that the attack looks as though it originally came from Mahō-tō, and becomes neigh impossible to dodge outright.

When in its 'true state', Mahō-tō loses its ability to absorb incoming attacks but gains the ability to 'cleave' through an opponent's attacks by using reverse chakra polarization.

In either form, Mahō-tō can take on any properties of the wielder's current chakra flow technqiues.


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