Mahō Shōjo (魔法少女; Literally meaning "Magical Girl") is a special rank granted to kunoichi of Amegakure that are skilled and very proficient users in Steel Release. They are the most elite of those who patrol the village, being even above the rank and authority of ANBU due to their abilities. This is in due part of many of Amegakure's buildings being made completely of steel. One of their signature skills is the Steel Release: Hiding in Steel Technique, which grants them very fast travel through the village, and can help further extend their presence within it.

Due to their constant appearance and disappearance throughout the village, they have gained a sort of fame within it. With some small groups going as far as to having an infatuation with them. In due part of this, the Amekage had decided to capitalize on their fame, and commissioned for figures and merchandise to be made of them, with the former being the most rare and valuable. Royalty fees are of course paid to the special kunoichi, at a rate of fifty percent of the profits made. This also played a role in giving them a special rank name, to further increase their hype and fame.

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