[COPIED]Upon entering the streets of Sunagakure one is immediately inundated by a wide variety of sights, sounds, color,


and smells of the Main Bazaar. This is in stark contrast to the bleak environs of The Sand Seas in which the village is encompassed. This is precisely why the people of Sunagkaure had adopted such a rich and vibrant culture to counter the dreary nondescript sands.

Vibrant tarps, providing shade in front of shops, cover the wares of a variety of merchants each with their own unique style of attracting customers. Foods cooked there before the buyer's eyes send a melange of scent through the air, cries of sales and the splendors of what you can find only here create a din of music to assail the visitor's ears. Glass blowersutilizing Suna's greatest resource (sand), can be seen in competition one with the other dotted about the streets. Clothiers, and silk merchants, leather workers, and metals smiths all eke their living from the streets each day. The occasional merchant can be found selling the rare and unusual oddity, be it real or false.

During business hours the village seems almost choked with people, yet let nightfall and you wonder where the life in this desert abode has gone. Small wonder; nights in the desert plummet to chilling temperatures forcing most sensible people indoors to seek heat and rest. Still, life can be found at night, but it is a risky business to do so.

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