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Tier 1

This is another sealing barrier that is intended to restrict escape and movements of attackers. This sealing structure also serves two purposes. This barrier maintais an invisible orb around the village which acts to negate the usage of space-time manipulation. Any attempts to open a portal or summon anything will be rendered useless as the chakras would immediately be overtaken by a purple flame, absorbing it and eating it away. 

Tier 2

Devised by the Prophet himself, a large portion of his chakra was stored in order to operate this sealing barrier. Under the impression that hostile forces have entered the village, this barrier works in two ways. Through various networks throughout the village, various chains sprout beyond the boundaries of the village in order to encase its entirety in a barrier that physically prevents anyone from leaving or entering the village. This is more of a final measure, used to physically restrain anyone from ingress or escape. More commonly, this sealing structure is used to sprout chakra chains in a specific location in order to restrain a person or beast effectively. The intricate sealing formula, spread throughout the entire village, allows for the chains to sprout from underground in any area. Both measures provide the purpose of fully inhibiting the movement of attackers.

Tier 3

One of the more commonly used sealing barrier systems, used for hostile and threatening forces that cannot be subdued or restrained. This acts as an ultimate removal or cleanse of evil, incorporating one of the notorious Uzumaki sealing techniques. In conjunction with the Sealing Tag Barrier, the Uzumaki Sealing Technique is introduced into the formula. Once active, it spreads throughout the village and may target just anyone within the confines of the village. From the ground various hidden sealing tags will appear beneath the target and aim to ensnare them with many thin threads. Once the target comes into contact with the sealing threads, the sealing technique is then activate. This causes the bound victim to become trapped and taken into the sealing formula of the tag. Immediately the tag marker will remain in their place, indicating success. The sealed being may then be unsealed by performing the reverse sealing technique with the tag marker at hand. Otherwise the victim will forever become a part of the sealing formula.

Tier 4

The final barrier that protects Uzushiogakure employs Tobias' Blocking Technique Absorption Seal, projecting an invisible barrier that encompasses the entire village, including the passages running beneath the village. This is because the seal is stored underground in the heart of the village. While it is active, any ninjutsu that makes contact with it (from the inside or the outside) will be absorbed. However, the barrier does not absorb the chakra of those who come into contact with it. It may only be deactivated by those who know the technique-specific hand seal that Tobias crafted. 

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